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May 13, 2019

Results of My 2019 Blog Reader Survey!

     Thank you so much to all of you who took last week's annual blog reader survey! It's been so helpful to for me to go through all the responses, and learn more about what y'all like and don't like seeing on the blog and social media. Each year I love sharing the results of the survey and which ideas I'm going to implement- so let's dive into that today!

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2019 Southern Belle in Training Reader Survey Results:

Demographics of followers:

     *Hello East Coasters! Almost 55% percent of you live in the South, with an additional 20% living in the Northeast. That's 75% of you that are on the East Coast, just like me! (That's helpful to know most of you are in the same timezone as far as posting times go.) Something else fun to note is that almost 10% of you are international readers- which is so cool to me! Crazy to think that this little blog is reaching people around the world. 

     *Hello also to fellow millennials! Over 60% of you marked your age group as 25-34. That is just slightly older than I am (24), so finding out this info was a good reminder to me that overall I'm writing to a slightly older audience than I am, instead of a younger one! That's helpful to know as far as things like fashion trends go.

     *50% of you follow and support both my blog and Instagram- which is so great! 16% of you only read the blog, and 18% of you just follow on Instagram. This is helpful to know too- which means I should continue to promote all blog posts on Instagram and vice versa! And the remaining percent of you said you follow me on all social channels as well as the blog- so kind! 😀

Your thoughts on Southern Belle in Training:

    *Your favorite blog content is split about equally between affordable fashion posts, and personal posts/Midweek Ramblings (38% voted fashion as their favorite, 36% voted personal posts). Coming in third was travel content. I'm so glad I asked this question! While I still have been posting a few outfits a month in 2019, I've definitely scaled back a bit on fashion content in compared to years past. These survey answers were a great reminder to me that I still need to be doing at least one fashion/outfit post per week,. since that's what a lot of you visit my blog for! Also glad to know that y'all still love the Midweek Ramblings post. Those are very easy for me to put together, and sometimes I wonder if anyone even enjoys reading them- y'all definitely do! As far as more longer personal posts, the hard thing with that is I don't really "plan" when I can write those. For posts about topics like faith, relationships, etc, I write them when I feel inspired to share. Inspiration for deeper topics doesn't hit me every day, or even every week! But the good thing is y'all seem to really like those, so I will continue to share them as I get inspired to this year. The best comment from this question came from someone who wrote that my Midweek Ramblings "gets them through the rest of the week" - lol I love that! 😂

      *Almost 65% of you do not use on Instagram, or the LTK app. Some of you don't use it because you don't understand how it works, but more of you don't because you don't like it. This was great data for me to know! Even though I myself am a blogger, I do use the LTK app as I find it convenient to find product information for things that other bloggers share that I'm interested in. I personally do recommend getting the app! Anyways- while I will continue to use LTK on my own Instagram for those who do like it, I need to be actively providing other ways to shop my content as many of you don't use it! I'm currently working on building up the Shop pages here on my blog, where I'll be linking more things that I buy/wear to provide another option to see them that doesn't involve LTK!

     *Over 50% of you find out about new blog posts from me sharing them on Instagram! Both swiping up in my Stories, and the link in bio. I would've guessed that more of you followed on Blog Lovin' or Facebook - so this was surprising but helpful for me to find out!

Other bloggers you like + your insights for me:

     *One new question I asked in this year's survey was who your other favorite bloggers are to follow! The responses were very varied, but the blogs that came up most frequently were Southern Curls and Pearls (Caitlin is my blogging idol- so lucky to have gotten to meet her a couple times years ago!), Carly the Prepster (I love how often Carly posts and her varied  lifestyle content),  Lonestar Southern (one of you said I reminded you of Kate- BIGGEST compliment!), Covering the Bases (Krista's blog is an everyday read of mine), as well as Loverly Grey, and The Sweetest Thing.

     *Another new question I asked this year was if you've ever purchased anything that I've worn or recommended on my blog. Most of you said no! A lot of you included in your answers that you tend to look at blogs like mine more for inspiration, and then try and recreate looks with things you already have, or by shopping in-stores (either clearance or consignment). Many of you did say the items you're most likely to buy from a blogger's recommendation are beauty products!

     *A few of you requested blog post topics that are things that I've already written about, so I wanted to share those links here!

    *By far- the most popular piece of feedback that I got from this year's reader survey is that y'all want to see Instagram try-on hauls! (If you're not familiar with this, it's when a blogger literally "tries on" several pieces of clothing that's all from the same retailer- whether in the store dressing room or in their home by a mirror.) Personally, I don't watch other people's IG try-ons. I'd much rather read a detailed blog post about clothing from a certain retailer instead of watch someone try it on. But- clearly I'm in the minority! So many of you requested I do these. I'm going to try and do at least one a month going forward- I just posted the first last night!

     *A lot of you also want to see more posts about my weekly routine, and my time management tips. I have shared this before, but it sounds like a lot of y'all want this to be regular content!

    *I also noted in the survey that I've definitely increased my travel content on the blog this year, and wanted to see if you liked it. Most of you said yes! I love writing travel guides, and am looking forward to doing more in 2019. I actually just gave the Travel page on my blog a little refresh to make it more navigable too- so check that out!

     Thanks so much again to everyone who took this! I hope you all enjoyed seeing the insights. I'm looking forward to the rest of 2019 with Southern Belle in Training!!

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese 




  1. What great feedback that you got! I will have to do a survey as well. I would be interested to see what mine would say. Keep up the great work, I love following your blog.

  2. I love love love how you're using your (awesome) feedback to craft content going forward! This really empowers your readers too which is great :)

  3. This is such wonderful feedback! I feel like I need to do one of these surveys to get to know my readers better.

  4. First of all I love that you're sharing the results of your survey on your blog!! I'm nosey so I like to know who else is reading haha! I can't wait to see what comes next for you on here, on Insta, and in life! Also obsessed with those earrings you're wearing!

    The Classic Brunette

  5. That's awesome that you're sharing your feedback. I feel like I need to do this too!

  6. I love that you’re sharing the results of your survey! I really love your mid-week ramblings and also agree that try-on hauls would be great. Your blog is one of my favorites. 😀

  7. Great feedback! That’s important info to use as you create content.

  8. You got a ton of great feedback! I should do a survey for my readers. It's been a couple years since I have done one.


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