April 28, 2017

Spring Sweater for Date Night.

     Choker sweaters are definitely a trendy item, and one that I didn't know if I could pull off for awhile. But I'm glad that I decided to give this one a try- it's a fun and sassy outfit that would be perfect for a spring date night! 

Photography by Deeana Kourtney Photography

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     Trends can be a weird thing. Sometimes I find a new one that I jump right on board with and fall in love with. Other times it takes me a bit longer to warm up to one, but then I end up liking it (such as the off-the-shoulder trend). And sometimes, there's a big trend that just isn't me. Like the lace-up dress and body-suit trend from last fall into this year. I tried on many of those pieces in various dressing rooms and it always just felt too edgy and risque for my style. And you know what- that's okay! I think fashion is true a balance between stepping outside of your comfort zone and also knowing when to stay inside of it. 

     But in the case of this trendy choker sweater, I'm glad that I took a step outside of my comfort zone and tried it! It's a sassy piece for sure, and feels more northern city style than "southern belle" to me - but maybe that's fitting for the big move that I just made from south to north! I've been wearing it quite a bit, but for this blog post look I decided to dress it up a bit, because I think it would make a fun spring date night look. I paired it with boyfriend jeans to dress it down, but then finished the look with a dressier curly ponytail and a favorite pair of pumps to dress it back up! Wouldn't this be a fun spring date night look?! 

     Speaking of date nights... that reminds me about my Relationship Monday blog post series that I started a few months ago. I had hoped to post 1-2 of those a month, but with traveling and moving my editorial calendar got a little bit changed. Would you guys like to see more of those posts again on upcoming Mondays? (If you aren't sure what this post series is, check out this intro to it!)

     Wishing you all a wonderful weekend! Thanks so much as always for reading. More blog posts from Italy coming next week! 

    God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese (or Charlotte XO on the radio!)

April 26, 2017

Midweek Ramblings + Recent Purchases + Current Wishlist.

{Two weeks as a "Vermonter" and already doing Vermont things! This will definitely not be my last visit to the Ben and Jerry's factory. Follow me on social media @miss_alk!}

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  • Successful first day off: My first full week at my job was not only huge success, but as was my first day off! I work weekends, so my "weekend" is on Mondays. (It is an odd schedule- but I love my job so I can't complain too much at all!) I spent my first day off getting my nails done, and then one of my new Burlington friends took me on a really fun day trip. We went to visit the Ben and Jerry's ice cream factory in in Waterbury, Vermont! I always knew Ben and Jerry's was from Vermont, but I didn't realize how much of the ice cream was still made right here in the state. It was so fun to see the factory and I think I'll definitely be going back when I have out-of-town visitors.  
  • Getting back in touch: This is a bit of personal note from my usual ramblings in these posts, but I wanted to share anyways! Back when I was a freshman at my first college, one of my best friends was a girl named Becca who was actually one of my very first friends there. We met during the first week of school at orientation activities! Becca and I drifted apart a bit after I transferred schools... not due to anything bad between us, life just kind of got in the way and it was harder to stay in touch being at different universities. But a few months ago we randomly got back in touch, and now we text or talk multiple times a day, every day! I seriously can't even remember at this point the years that we weren't as close. I'm sharing this because it just goes to show you that a truly good friendship will survive distance and time apart, and when it picks back up it will be like no time has passed. I hope this might inspire you to text an old friend this week and maybe get back in touch with a gal pal that you miss. 😀 
  • My fav blog post this week: Comes from Caitlin of Southern Curls and Pearls! She celebrated SIX years of blogging this week and wrote the sweetest recap post to celebrate her blogiversary. Caitlin has been one of my biggest role models in blogging, especially because she is from North Carolina so I love seeing NC girls killing it in the blogging world! I was able to meet Caitlin a few times over the years that I lived in Charlotte, and I can say 100% she is one of the kindest and most humble people that I've ever met. She's a true girl boss and I love following her successes! 

  • I did a fair amount of shopping this week! So you might remember a few weeks ago I bought the cutest iPhone case ever. Well- that case is still super cute, but unfortunately it really only protects the back of the iPhone and not the front at all. I tend to drop my phone face down a lot, and after replacing my third screen protector (and one full on iPhone screen replacement as well) in three months, I decided it was time to upgrade to a heavy duty iPhone case as well. This is the one I went with and it just arrived thanks to Amazon Prime!
  • Sticking with the theme of tech gear... after several months of debating which type to go with I finally bought a new Macbook case during my first weekend work shift this week! If you follow my Instagram stories than you might know the ones that I was debating on. A lot of you DMd me and asked me to link them all, so I will at the bottom of this post! This is the gorgeous one that I ended up purchasing though- can't wait for it to get here so my laptop can be both cute and protected!
  • I went to check out the shopping scene in downtown Burlington after work a few days ago, and I was happy to discover a LOFT store! (Shopping is kinda limited up here in Vermont so the more stores I find that I had in Charlotte the happier I am!) They happened to be having a 50% off sale the day I went in so of course I had to snatch up this wardrobe staple top! 
  • I also bought my mom's Mother's Day present... but since my mom is a SBIT reader I won't be sharing her gift right now. 😉 If it's still available after the holiday I'll definitely share it then with y'all! 

  • Vermont is sadly one of the least practical states for having the excuse to grow a Lilly Pulitzer collection... but I saw this new dress on Instagram this past week and I think it's one of my favorite Lilly numbers that I've ever seen! So hoping it'll be in an upcoming After Party Sale.
  • Had I been able to attend my broadcasting school graduation in person next month, I think I would've sported a bright and bold dress like this one
  • Since my workplace doesn't have a dress code for radio personalities, I'm taking full advantage of that during my weekend shifts and "Casual Fridays!" These adorable leggings are perfect for springtime (and they match the color on my nails right now!).

     And here are all of the Macbook cases that I shared on IG stories, as well as a couple extra cute ones: 

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese (or Charlotte XO on the radio)

April 25, 2017

Rome Outfit: Floral Midi Skirt.

     Here is the much overdue start to sharing blog posts about my trip to Italy that my mom and I took in March! I'll be mixing up my Italy travel guide posts with the outfit posts that we shot while there, and kicking everything off today with this pretty floral midi skirt outfit from Rome. Hopefully it will warm up in Vermont soon so I can re-wear this!

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     As a lover of all things floral, this is a print that I wear year round, but the arrival of spring makes me even more excited to break favorite floral print items out of my closet and also purchase some new ones! I wanted to have a couple of semi-dressy options for the trip in case we went to any nice dinners or had any other occasions to dress up on the trip (plus- who doesn't want to wear dressy and extra girly outfits in EUROPE?!), but whatever I packed had to be something that was lightweight and packed well. This floral midi skirt came to my rescue! This skirt specifically was actually an amazing bargain find from Ross in Charlotte right before the trip- it was under $20, and made of a soft fabric that didn't wrinkle at all, so it was perfect to pack in my checked luggage. Even though my skirt specifically isn't online, this one is almost identical and at a similar affordable price point! 

     These pictures were taken in Rome's Ludovisi neighborhood, which was within walking distance from our hotel. Ludovisi is right by the famous Villa Borghese park area, which is a gorgeous park filled with lovely public outdoor areas, as well as museums (think a really nice European version of Central Park!). My mom and visited Villa Borghese park almost everyday of our time in Rome, and we would often take different routes back to our hotel, and sometimes we would walk through Ludovisi. The buildings and architecture are STUNNING in all of Rome- but I thought this neighborhood was very charming, and made the perfect backdrop for this outfit and these photos. Can you spy some of the cute little European cars parked behind me in some of the photos too? 

     I hope that you enjoyed the first post about my trip- sorry again for the delay in starting these post series on the blog!! Normally I love blogging about my trips right after they happen, but as I've said in some other posts in the past few weeks- being in a wedding party and then moving across the country for a new job right after an international trip as big as this one was ended up being a lot crazier than I anticipated, so I am now playing catch up on the blog! 😉

    Here are some other great floral midi skirt options at various price points:

     Hope that you're having a great week and thanks for reading as always!

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese (or Charlotte XO on the radio!)