April 20, 2018

My Sephora VIB Sale Picks!

     Calling all fellow makeup lovers! Sephora's biannual VIB Sale opened today to VIB members and Beauty Insider members of the Sephora rewards program. VIBs can save 15% on any purchases from now through April 23rd, and Beauty Insiders can save 10%. If you need to replace an empty product, or have been wanting to try something new from a high-end beauty brand, now is a great time to do it!

     Do you remember your first experience with Sephora? Mine was when I believe I was in 9th or 10th grade, when the first one opened in the Maine Mall (the mall where I'm from). I had heard about Sephora from magazines and online, so I was so excited to finally have one in my local mall! I remember that my first purchase there was a quad of turquoise eyeshadows. Hey- I've always like my bold and bright colors, even in makeup! A couple years later, Ulta also opened in Maine, and then my loyalty in makeup shopping kind of shifted. I know, I know... this is a Sephora focused blog post, but I'll admit it, I'm more of an Ulta girl! (Hence why I'm still just a Beauty Insider, and don't have VIB status!) But with that said, Sephora does sell a few things I love that Ulta doesn't, and I do still enjoy Sephora as well.

     I wanted to share some of my high-end beauty favorites in today's blog post in case you're looking for some new products to pick up during this edition of the VIB Sale! Happy shopping beauties!

Sephora VIB Sale Picks!

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     *IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Makeup 3-in-1 Makeup Cleansing Balm: I use a few different products to remove my makeup, but this is one of my holy grails since I first discovered it a couple years ago! It breaks down everything from facial makeup to the toughest waterproof eye makeup, and it will all rub off after applying into a tissue. I will say that this isn't the best to use on your eyes for days in a row if they're sensitive- I usually prefer to use a different makeup remover directly on my eyes specifically. But it works amazingly well to get off all types of makeup! It's pricy- so the VIB Sale is a great time to purchase! 

     *IT Cosmetics Je Ne Sais Quoi Hydrating Color Awakening Lip Treatment: I've tried this product in both shades, and I love it! These are the ideal lipsticks for everyday wear or the workplace. I have the shade Rose in my workbag right now! I love them so much that I actually got more and gave them to some friends for Christmas last year since this is such a versatile lip product. 

     *IT Cosmetics Superhero Mascara: Okay- one last amazing IT Cosmetics product! Overall I'm usually a fan of drugstore mascaras, but this one is a prime exception. It has incredible volume and length. I wear 2-3 mascaras daily, and this is usually my third mascara when I wear it, the icing on the cake for gorgeous lashes! The VIB Sale would be a great time to try it and bring it into your beauty routine.

     *Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation: This is my #1 Sephora specific holy grail item, as Ulta doesn't sell this! It is an expensive foundation, but so worth it. I am blessed to have very good skin (and I never suffered much from facial acne in high school), but despite that, I have always liked full coverage foundations for dressy looks and my photoshoots for the blog. This is my favorite foundation to wear for blog shoots. It blends effortlessly but definitely gives you a "made up with coverage" feel if that makes sense, but without feeling heavy! I can't recommend this enough, especially to other bloggers. It photographers very well too. 

     *Too Faced Chocolate Gold Eyeshadow Palette: This was a belated Christmas gift to myself this year, and I love this palette! The packaging is adorable (I'm a sucker for that). I really like how it has a balance of gorgeous neutral shades as well as fun colors- best of both worlds! I still need to play with this palette more and see what other looks I can create.

     *Becca X Chrissy Teigen Glow Face Palette: One of my favorite beauty purchases of 2017! I adore each one of the four items in this face palette, and I've long ago hit pan on the bronzer in here. This was my very first Becca purchase and now I'm loyal to their highlighters and bronzers. If you haven't played with Becca makeup before, this palette is a great intro to the line! And it's perfect for travel. Plus cute packaging too! 

     *Sephora Collection Face Mask: Sephora's own house brand has some great gems within the line. One day last summer I'd had a really long week and needed a little pick-me-up. I decided to try one of the face masks from the Sephora Collection, and it was just what I needed! So moisturizing and refreshing. I believe I tried the scent "Lotus." These are under $10 so you could stock up and save them for Christmas stocking stuffers or birthday gifts! 

     There's just a few of my stand-out favorites for y'all! Happy makeup shopping this weekend, let me know if you pick up anything from the VIB Sale

     My mom arrives in Charlottesville for a long weekend visit tonight! I will be taking Monday off from the blog to spend more time with her, but stay tuned for a new post on Tuesday! And of course you can keep up with me on Instagram @miss_alk this weekend- we have a fun weekend of adventures ahead.

      God Bless,

      xoxo Annaliese 

April 19, 2018

Shop Your Closet For Wedding Season: Part 2 - Showers + Rehearsals.

     It's time to talk wedding attire again! More specifically, how to restyle pieces from your own closet for weddings. Today's post will focus on two more important pre-wedding events: bridal showers and rehearsal dinners. 

     Unless each of these events has a specific theme or dress code specified on the invitation, it's a general rule of thumb to wear something nice and seasonally appropriate for the event, but not as nice of an outfit as you'll be wearing for the wedding. I'm personally a fan of really dressing up for weddings themselves, so events like showers and rehearsals are a great time to break out some of your more casual (but still classy) dresses and skirts, or even jumpsuits if you have them! 

Shop Your Closet for Wedding Season: Bridal Showers + Wedding Rehearsals

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Bridal Shower Outfit Idea

     I think that a midi skirt and coordinating top with heels could be such a fun option for a bridal shower! I love printed midi skirts, but sometimes it's hard to find occasions to wear outfits like this to. I would probably wear a different colored blouse than white if I wore this to a bridal shower (just since it's best to avoid wearing white if you're not the bride 😉), but I could definitely see myself re-styling this outfit for a wedding shower. 

Bridal Shower Outfit Inspo - pink outfit

     Here's another skirt and top combo that I loved wearing on the blog that could easily be worn to a bridal shower!! The off the shoulder top paired with such a bold ruffled skirt makes for a really fun outfit. An all-pink outfit just screams "girly things" - and a bridal shower is super girly!

Shop Your Closet for Wedding Season: Bridal Showers + Wedding Rehearsals

     A cute sundress in a summery color like bright yellow could be a darling choice for a summer bridal shower! I styled this look with a turquoise clutch and earrings to add even more pops of color. This dress or one like it would definitely be too casual for a wedding, but could be a great option for a shower. 

Wearing Lilly Pulitzer for Bridal Shower

     You can NEVER go wrong with Lilly Pulitzer for wedding related festivities! Especially those in the springtime. I do find a lot of Lilly dresses to be on the casual side for weddings themselves, but many are perfect for bridal showers and rehearsals. This specific dress is actually still in stock! 

What to Wear for Holiday Bridal Shower

     For holiday or winter wedding events, Lilly or bright colored dresses might not be the best choice. But you can still have fun with your outfits! This look was from a holiday blog post that I did a couple years ago, but I think it would be a great outfit to wear to a winter bridal shower or rehearsal dinner as well. The polka dots and bell sleeves give this dress such a fun twist. A similar dress is available here! 

What to Wear for Wedding Rehearsal

     This was actually what I wore to a rehearsal dinner that I attended last spring! The dress is from one of my favorite fashion lines, CeCe. I added a coordinating cardigan to make it a bit more modest for the church portion of the wedding rehearsal, and then wore it as pictured for the dinner part of the evening. My dress is now sold out, but this one and this one from CeCe would be cute for this season!

     Be sure to check out the first post in this series if you haven't yet, it's all about shopping your closet for bachelorette party outfits. The final post, all about weddings, will be up soon!

     Hope that you're having a great end to your week! My mom is coming to visit me in Virginia this weekend- this will be her very first visit to Charlottesville! Neither of my parents had ever been to this part of the state before, and I came here solo on my job interview trip this winter. My mom is really excited to see where I moved to, and I think she will like it here a lot.

      God Bless,

      xoxo Annaliese 

April 18, 2018

Midweek Ramblings + Recent Purchases + Current Wishlist.

{My first "taste" of Central Virginia's wineries! Peep the photobomber in the background too. Follow me on social media @miss_alk} 

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  • Winery weekend: My 4th weekend in Virginia was another for the books. (Seriously... each weekend keeps getting better since I moved!) Alicia from Alicia Tenise was in town, and I spent my Saturday with Alicia, her boyfriend, and also got to meet some of their friends. We visited four different wineries, and I kind of fell in love with the Virginia wine scene! What a fun, fun weekend. Charlottesville and the surrounding counties in Central Virginia are known for the beautiful wineries, and I can't wait to discover more of them this spring and summer, and in years to come! It was also so fun to finally get to hang out with Alicia after reading her blog for years now.
  • #PigeonWatch2k18: If you watch my Instagram Stories, you will know that I have a new resident out on the deck of my apartment! A mama pigeon built her nest there over the weekend, and has laid two eggs in it. It is the cutest thing to watch mama bird protecting the eggs... I can't wait to see the baby birds soon! According to Google it takes about two and a half weeks for pigeon eggs to hatch- we'll see if that's accurate! 
  • New library card: Something exciting from last week was that I finally got my new library card!! I didn't really have time to read for fun during the last month with moving, so it was so fun to check out one of the new libraries here in Charlottesville and take a few books home with me. One of my goals for 2018 was to read 30 books so I have some catching up to do! I absolutely adore libraries- when I was growing up I was in book clubs at my local library back in Maine for several years! 

Purchases: No fun purchases this week (moving expenses are still hitting my credit card.... it is no joke financially to move out of state!), but my mom is visiting this weekend and I'm already excited to do some shopping with her this weekend! Both to get things for my apartment and also things for me of course, haha! 

  • I saw this gorgeous romper featured on another blogger's Instagram last week and I am OBSESSED!! If I had an occasion or vacation to wear this to coming up soon I'd order this in a heartbeat. 
  • Such a cute pair of bedazzled sandals- a fun way to add some sparkle to everyday summer looks. 
  • Not surprising at all but Lilly's new arrivals have DONE IT AGAIN!!! This dress is everything!
  • What a chic shirtdress!! As of the time I'm writing this blog post, it's on sale! 
  • Y'all know that I've been loving the Sugarfix by Baublebar jewelry at Target. These earrings just launched and they're so fun!

Recipe of the week: Thai Peanut Chicken Noodles from Damn Delicious. I made these on Monday night and posted it to my Instagram Stories, and so many of you DM'd me for the recipe!! They were pretty good and I definitely think I'll try this recipe again. I didn't put any cabbage in (I'm not a big cabbage fan) and I also just used regular Stir Fry Rice Noodles from the Thai Kitchen brand instead of Yaki-Soba noodles as the recipe requested (the grocery store I went to didn't sell those), but those were the only changes I made! I think next time I'll try and find the correct noodle type though. 

Song of the week: What a Feeling by Irene Cara. Do y'all ever have a week where you hear a really old song and forget how good it is? I heard this song from Irene Cara on one of the Classic Hits stations here in Charlottesville last week, and forgot how fun of a song it is! Added it to a Spotify playlist and BOOM! On repeat for days- ha! 

On the blog this week:

     Happy Wednesday!! Thanks as always for reading.

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese