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March 20, 2019

Midweek Ramblings.

{I had a great time attending the Hometown Charlottesville Grand Gala this weekend! Follow me on Instagram @miss_alk}

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  • Blue light glasses: I got my first pair (these)! I had been researching them for awhile, and was planning to buy some soon as I've started getting migraines again. I think it's due to the fact that my new radio studio has an extra computer monitor (from three to four), and looking at screens that early in the morning makes me prone to more migraines. I ended up getting contacted by DIFF to do a sponsored Instagram Story for a big sale that they're having this week, and one of the glasses that I was able to select was a blue light glasses style! That's what I went with, and I've been wearing them for computer work since Monday. I don't feel like two days is long enough to make a decision on if I like them or not, but I'm hoping for the best!! I did do some research about them and saw that scientifically, blue light glasses don't really "protect" your eyes, but a lot of people who wear them regularly for computer work say they have less of a chance of getting migraines while wearing them (which is why I got them). Let me know if y'all would like me to do a blog post review on these once it's been a little while! 
  • Borrowing a bridesmaids dress: As pictured above, I went to a Black Tie charity gala with some of my coworkers this weekend. I had originally bought a dress for the event, but after showing pictures of it to my mom and some friends, I decided against wearing it. Ideally I wanted to just return that one and not spend money on another dress- and that's exactly what I was able to do! I borrowed a bridesmaid dress from my friend Eden, and it ended up being perfect. It got me thinking that should I have more formal occasions this year, I'm going to ask more friends if they have bridesmaid dresses I can wear. What a cheap and great way to get more use out of something that's probably just sitting in a girl's closet! 
  • Delilah goes to the vet: Last Thursday, I had to take Delilah to the vet. She was diagnosed with a UTI. 😢 Fortunately it was caught at a good time- the vet thinks it'll be treated easily with medicine. But it was so tough to see her at the vet. They had to draw her blood as well as give her a shot- I think watching it I was doing worse than she was. I have no idea how parents can do okay when they bring sick children to the doctor, I was almost a wreck and she's just my cat!

Weekend Recaps:
  • Last weekend: I went to barre class Saturday morning, and then headed to the library to get some blog work done! Saturday evening was the Hometown Charlottesville Grand Gala, which benefitted The Center (Charlottesville's senior center). My company was a media sponsor, so I attended with coworkers! (My friend Alicia was my plus one.) On Sunday, I went to church, shot photos for a fun campaign that will be on the blog soon, and ended the day with my friend Amy's baby shower! Her sister Emily planned it, and did a wonderful job! 
  • This weekend: Headed to Nashville, TN with my parents! It is my first time visiting- send any last minute recommendations my way. 😊

Purchases: Anyone else feel like they had a ton of birthdays and showers to buy gifts for this month? No fun shopping for me this week- just gifts for those with occasions to celebrate. Hoping to do some shopping in Nashville though!

  • This little ruffled dress is adorable, and comes in both baby pink and black!
  • Kate from Lonestar Southern shared this darling pink dress on her blog last week- it's so cute! I don't currently have an occasion to wear this for, but I'm still tempted to get it.
  • Is it bad to share a third dress in a row? Haha! I love the beautiful blue color and pretty pattern on this one.
  • This is such a cute peplum striped shirt! 
  • If you're looking for a comfortable but cute spring sandal, this would be it! This brand makes the comfiest sandals (I wore them exclusively when I used to work in retail). 

Recipe of the week: The Best Burger Recipe from Our Savory Life. I had a craving for burgers a few days ago (which I don't often make at home). I used this recipe to season the ground beef! I did omit the Worcestershire sauce because I'm not crazy about the taste of that in meat, but I used the seasonings and butter as this recipe directs! They were so tasty that I ate them just as patties- no bun or cheese needed.

Song of the week: Dancing With a Stranger by Sam Smith ft. Normani. Get this- I'm not really a fan of other music by Sam Smith or Fifth Harmony/Normani. But this song? LOVE! These two sound great together. 

Favorite blog posts this week:
  • Diary of a Debutante - Love these tips from Stephanie to have a more relaxing bath time experience!
  • A Mix of Min - Mindy shared a heartfelt blog post about how she developed her interest in running- I loved reading!
  • I'm Fixin to Blog - Meghan shared her ultimate North Carolina bucket list! I enjoyed reminiscing on some of these things that I've done, and look forward to hopefully doing more someday.
On the blog this week:

    God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese 


March 19, 2019

My Current Daily Routine.

     I always love reading daily routine or "day in my life" posts from other bloggers, so I thought sharing my own current weekday schedule would be a fun way to wrap up my March Tuesday blog post series on routines! Since I became a morning radio host at the end of last year, my weekday routine as changed a lot. I realize that I don't have a normal schedule at all, but I think now that I'm a few months into it I'm pretty settled and able to make the most of it!


March 18, 2019

ONE YEAR in Charlottesville - Reflecting on My First Year.

    One.Year.In.CHARLOTTESVILLE!!! Wow. I feel like a year ago today I blinked... and then woke up and here we are. 365 days of being a Virginian. 365 days since I became a Southern Belle in Training for the second time. 365 days of true joy, and peace in my heart and soul. Obviously today's blog post had to be a tribute to my first year in the city that I'm glad to call my home! 

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