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May 19, 2024

The End of My Radio Era.

     On April 19th. I unexpectedly lost my job working on-air in morning radio. I took a few weeks to process the shock and grieve privately before I could start writing about this. Blogging has been a constant in my life for over a decade, and it's wild to realize that I have documented the entirety of my radio career on here. As difficult as this post is to write, it felt like a fitting and necessary written conclusion to years worth of career updates on my blog. Let's talk about the end of my radio era.


May 15, 2024

Wedding Wednesday: Virginia Beach Wedding Guest Lodging with Transcendent Stays.

      The majority of our wedding guests will be visiting Virginia Beach from out-of-town for our wedding. A good chunk are from other parts of Virginia or North Carolina and will have to drive a few hours, and another large amount are from further destinations and will be flying in. Since we have so many traveling guests, it was important to me to provide a good variety of lodging options on our wedding website. In addition to a few traditional hotel room blocks, I also wanted to give guests a short-term rental option as well. For some groups traveling to our wedding, their lodging preferences would probably align more with a nice house rental for their whole group, rather than multiple separate hotel rooms (without having shared communal gathering space).

     Enter my favorite local short-term rental company: Transcendent Stays! You might remember that I did a lovely off-season staycation at a Transcendent Stays property with my friend Caroline this winter. Transcendent Stays operates a variety of luxury short-term rental homes, apartments, and boutique inn style rooms in Virginia Beach. Many of their properties are just a block or two away from the beach as well. 

         I recently went to tour some Transcendent Stays properties with their team, so that I could provide the best recommendations for our wedding guests on lodging options. I'm excited to tell you more about them:


May 1, 2024

Wedding Wednesday: Our Engagement Photos!

     This is a Wedding Wednesday post that I've been very excited to share!! We took our engagement photos in mid-March, but I have waited share them on the internet until our guests had received our save-the-dates in the mail. I feel like there are so few things these days that are truly a surprise, and I wanted our guests to have the magic of seeing our engagement photos for the first time when they arrived in their mailbox. I have no regrets on that, and would recommend to any other brides-to-be as well. 😊

    Without further ado, here are our photos!! Our wedding photographers are Jake and Jennifer Vinluan from Vinluan Photography, who are based in Virginia Beach. Jenn is the one who did our engagement photos!


April 17, 2024

101 in 1001: 18 Month Update

      I can't believe I'm 18 months into my current 101 in 1001 list! There's been some great list items that I've been able to cross off in the last six months that I am so excited to recap today. The 101 in 1001 is a type of bucket list created by blogger Mackenzie Horan from Design Darling. You try to hit 101 goals in various categories of your choosing in 1001 days! I'm now on my second 101 in 1001 list, and love doing these. 

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