July 25, 2017

Black Athleisure Look + My Summer Schedule.

      I make it pretty well known on the blog that I'm a big fan of discount online retailer Shein. However- one thing that I had never tried from Shein prior to now were any type of pants or leggings. The under $15 price on these worried me a little bit, but I was pleasantly surprised in how much I loved them! I'm styling them today in this athleisure look, and sharing a bit about what my summer routine outside of work has looked like.


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Nike Running Shoes Black Workout Clothes

Thank you to Nicholle from Nicholle Sophia for these photos!

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      This is the perfect example of an outfit that I'd wear both to work, and then later to the gym. I love being able to wear athleisure outfits to work on days that I want to workout after! (The only difference is I would probably throw on a sweatshirt for work... no matter how casual your workplace is spaghetti straps in the office probably aren't a good idea- haha!) I still can't believe that these leggings from Shein are under $15. What a fantastic deal!

      Now to talk a little bit about my summer schedule... or perhaps I should say lack-thereof? Life-wise, everything for me was turned completely upside-down when I moved to Vermont in April to begin my post-grad career! I've struggled with time management throughout the past, and with having such a demanding work schedule I knew that I had to do something to organize my time outside of work. I read a great older blog post from one of my favorite bloggers, Katey from Chronicles of Frivolity, who said that after she graduated college and first lived on her own, something that helped her to organize her time was to designate each weekday for some sort of task or activity (outside of work hours). For example, some days for fitness classes, one day a week for errands/boring adult tasks, one day for appointments, one day for seeing girlfriends after work, etc. I thought this was such a great idea and initially I tried to implement this into my new life in Vermont. 

      Although it worked well at first, it fell apart kind of quickly for me. I talk more about this in my bi-monthly post-move updates, but I haven't really had much of a social life since I moved here, and when I do it's usual very infrequent and last minute plans. Something else that's been going on this summer too is that I've had a lot of company visiting. This has been a lot of fun and has helped to keep my spirits up, but as I don't get time off from work right now, squeezing in multiple visitors around my insane work schedule has proved to be a bit stressful. 

      All that goes to say- the little out-of-work schedule that I've made for myself has completely gone out the window! Including other things that I was enjoying doing after work, like cooking regular dinners and going to the gym a few times a week. Part of it is that work has really picked up- summer is the busiest time of the year for radio events. This week I work close to 60 hours! I've been feeling a bit burnt out between working so much and running my blog, that when I am home, I've been very unproductive and usually just mindlessly playing on my phone or sleeping. You know that you're burnt out when you don't even have the attention span some nights for Netflix- haha! Another thing is that on days when I do have energy after work, I've been trying to enjoy time by Lake Champlain outside. Vermont has such a short summer and I'm very much a hot weather person, so I feel like I'll have seriously guilt feelings to spend extra time indoors that I don't have to in these short warm weeks.

    So after all of that- my question to all of you is: how do you stay productive and on-track in your personal life in the summer months? Do you take a "summer vacation" from some things like cooking, apartment tasks, and the gym? Or do you still hold yourself accountable to your normal routine, even with a super busy work schedule (or two super busy work schedules in my case) and warm weather? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments! Doing this whole adulting thing is new to me, and I think we can all learn from each other! 

     After taking last week off, Midweek Ramblings + Recent Purchases + Current Wishlist will be back for tomorrow's Wednesday blog post! 

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July 24, 2017


      Today's giveaway is sponsored by Lili Allessandra. This post also contains affiliate links. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Southern Belle in Training! 

      Today I'm sharing some home decor favorites from this year's Nordstrom Sale, as well as a $500 Nordstrom giveaway with some other great bloggers! I feel like homedecor is sometimes the category that gets forgotten about during the NSale, but there are also wonderful deals in this category, just like there are on clothing, shoes and accessories!

      Let me start this off by saying it's taking all of my willpower NOT to buy that adorable flamingo shower curtain! Aquamarine and hot pink are one of my favorite color combos, and I am just in love with it! (I got all new bathroom decor for my first apartment in Charlotte last year though, so I'm not quite overdue for a bathroom decor refresh yet. #meh #budgeting)  

      I think that the recipe tin and wine rack would both make such great bridal shower or wedding gifts! Those are the types of items that a bride might not think to put on a registry, but could both come in handy for a new apartment or house. 

     This sale could also be the perfect time to invest in some luxurious new bedding! Bedding is one of those things that can be such an expensive purchase, but the good news is when it's from a good brand, it will last for years and years to come. I love this gorgeous Lili Allessandra bedding which is included in the sale! 

     And now for the best part of today's post- the giveaway! In celebration of the recent launch of Lili Alessandra a maker of fine linens and soft furnishings on Nordstrom.com. I have partnered with a few of my favorite bloggers to give away a $500 Nordstrom gift card! Simply enter below by completing the Rafflecopter. You’ll receive one entry per completion. This giveaway is open internationally and ends on 8/7. Winner will be announced here. Good luck!

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July 21, 2017

NORDSTROM SALE 2017: Styling My Purchases!

      In past years, it's been hard for me to be excited about buying fall clothes in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, because when living in the South it honestly didn't get that cold until late November. But now that I will be spending this fall season in Vermont, I'm expecting a very chilly fall! My fall wardrobe definitely needs some upgrades, so I was especially excited for this year's sale.

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NSale 2017

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BP Nordstrom Sale

Nubble Lighthouse

Photography by my mom! 

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      I decided to bring my Nordstrom Sale clothing purchases home on my quick trip to Maine last weekend! The weather was sunny and beautiful while I was home, however being on the Maine Coast it does tend to get a little breezy at night- even in the height of summer! So it was the perfect weather to style this NSale outfit- I didn't feel hot or sweaty at all while wearing this! The first few pictures were taken near a beach in my hometown (the road that leads to that beach is tree and field lined and just beautiful in the golden hour!), and the last few were taken by Nubble Lighthouse in York Beach, Maine! 

      Some of you might remember that I did a little try-on haul with this outfit on my IG stories (@miss_alk) last week. At first I was unsure if I wanted to keep this Lush blouse. So many bloggers had raved about it, but when I first tried it on I was really unsure if I liked the fit and style on myself. But- I decided to sleep on it and think it over, and in the end I decided to keep it!! I think it is a good staple piece that will match a lot in my closet. I always get so much use out of my white tops- so another is always a good investment! 

     I am just in love with these AG Jeans from the Nordstrom Sale! I've tried on AG Jeans before and fell in love with them, but I could never pull the trigger to splurge on a pair of $200+ denim when I lived in a warm climate and also was on a college budget. However- the sale price on these and the fact that I'll be living in jeans this fall and winter in Vermont convinced me to make the splurge, and I'm so glad I did! They're also my first pair of raw hem jeans, and I like them more than I thought I did. 

     So TODAY is the DAY that the Nordstrom Sale is open to everyone!!! This means that you no longer need a Nordstrom credit or debit card to shop the sale. It also means though that items will really start selling out fast, so now is the time to buy if you see something that you like! Some favorites are linked below:

     Happy Shopping!

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese (or Charlotte XO on air!)