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May 22, 2019

Midweek Ramblings.

{A snapshot from last weekend in the Alleghany Highlands with my dad- we found a covered bridge! Stay tuned for more from the trip tomorrow. Follow me on social media @miss_alk!}

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  • BTS on Colbert: My biggest obsession this month has definitely been Boy With Luv, BTS' new song with Halsey. I wouldn't say I'm a huge BTS fan, I just really really like this song! I think it's very cool though how they are truly the first K-Pop group to be making a large scale impact on the US music charts. I caught the Youtube recap of their performance on The Late Show with Colbert, and I thought it was so cool how the theme of it was like the Beatles' iconic US debut performance on the Ed Sullivan Show, even down to it being filmed in black and white! Check it out here!
  • Big Bang Theory finale recap: I absolutely loved the series finale of The Big Bang Theory that aired last Thursday! While I'm still sad that the show is ending, I think the writers gave this the finale it deserved. I teared up at several points because it was just so well done! If you're also a BBT fan, what did you think of it? 
  • Grumpy Cat: In other sad news from last week, the internet's most famous cat passed away! 😿I was obsessed with Grumpy Cat when the memes first became popular years ago. I even own two different Grumpy Cat books and a Grumpy Cat stuffed toy that friends had given me. Last year after I got Delilah, I realized she looks a little bit like Grumpy Cat which I thought was so funny. Despite Grumpy's angry facial expressions, I know this little internet famous cat brought laughs and joy to people all over the world, and will be missed so much! (Is it bad that I'm also kind of obsessed with the Grump Cat in heaven memes...)
Weekend recaps:
  • Last weekend: My dad was here visiting, and we went to the Alleghany Highlands region of Virginia for lots of outdoor fun! I'll be posting a Travel Guide to this area tomorrow or Friday!
  • This weekend: Last weekend I was in the west part of Virginia... this weekend I'm headed all the way to the east part of the state on a fun press trip! My friend Perrin will be my guest to help me with photography and other blog content, so I'm also excited she's coming along! Stay tuned to my Instagram this weekend for lots of updates.
  • My dad and I stopped at a Ross on the way back from the mountains (he had never been to one!), and I found some cute summer workout clothes that were all under $10 each! Ross is one of my favorite discount stores- their deals can't be beat.
  • I shared on Instagram Stories a few weeks ago that I had ordered a black maxi dress that ended up arriving to me in very odd shape... when I tried it on, a defect in the stitching made my hips look large and pointy. Not a good look lol! I just ordered this black maxi dress this past week which hopefully will be a lot better than the first one I tried! 
  • I bought the shirt version of this dress a couple weeks ago and love it for summer- now I kind of want the dress version too?
  • I considered ordering this dress (in aqua) for spring wedding I'm attending soon. But since it's from an Amazon retailer, I wasn't sure how exactly the quality would be and didn't want to risk returning. Have you ever ordered a formal dress from Amazon, and if so how was it?
  • Do I need another small crossbody bag? Nope. But do I want this one? YES!
  • Something I've been wanting to add to my shoe collection is a pair of navy heels. This pair is very dressy, but so elegant!
  • Definitely adding one of these cute and preppy monogrammed rain coats to my wishlist- this might stick around for my birthday wishlist in a few months!
Recipe of the week: Pan-Roasted Chicken Breasts with Potatoes from America's Test Kitchen.  This was an easy weeknight meal and the chicken cooked perfectly following the recipe! It also made great leftovers and the chicken stayed very moist even when reheated. 

Song of the week: Miss Me More by Kelsea Ballerini. This song seemed to be on repeat all weekend on the country stations, but I love it. I'm still so proud of Kelsea for being inducted into the Grand Ole Opry last month!

Favorite blog posts of the week:

  • Design Darling - Mackenzie reviewed the pregnancy and motherhood books that she's currently reading. No I am definitely not pregnant myself or anywhere close to there(haha!!), but I am entering a stage of life where a lot of my friends are engaged/married/pregnant, so I saved this post for future reference as I thought some of these books might be good shower gifts for friends!
  • Dress Up Buttercup - Dede finally shared her complete makeup routine- I was so curious to see which products she loves.
  • Oh What a Sight to See - Loved reading all about Hannah's proposal! She and her fiance co-wrote this blog post which was so sweet.



  1. The series finale for TBBT was so good! As someone who has been watching since the very beginning it showed great character growth.

  2. So funny you mention the Big Bang Theory because ALL of my friends were so focused on Game of Thrones but I was much more interested in my nerdy Thursday show, lol! I've never ordered a super formal dress from Amazon but I've generally had really good luck there and the dress you like for the wedding is so pretty I say go for it!!

  3. I cried at the end speech. It was so good. I hope the dress you ordered now, turns out good. Have an amazing next week.

  4. I am not into BTS that much because I like other Kpop boy bands like Shinee. And also, I am a huge Blackpink fan. I am also an oldschool Kpop fan.

  5. I love shopping at places like Ross and Marshall's because you find some deals! Also, I wish I had a friend to help with blog photos! Have fun!

  6. Love your midweek posts! And I loved the finale to Big Bang. It was a bittersweet ending. I would have watched that show forever.

  7. I LOVE that monogram coat, too cute! I need to start watching Big Bang Theory, I heard it was so good. Omg I am so sad about Grump Cat too. She was so young. I hope you have a fun weekend. :)

  8. That covered bridge is so pretty! I need a trip to Ross soon. I haven’t been in ages!


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