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September 20, 2022

My First 101 in 1001: Final Update

     This post is coming a few months late, but that's due to my blogging break this summer. Hopefully better late than never for my final update on my first-ever 101 in 1001 bucket list!! 


September 13, 2022

LILLY PULITZER SUNSHINE SALE: Day 2 Picks + Items I Own and Love On Sale

      It's the second day of the Fall Lilly Pulitzer Sunshine Sale! I actually didn't up purchasing too much yesterday morning when the sale started, but luckily the fun continues with Lilly adding in new items today and tomorrow. One thing that I did notice yesterday though was how many items I already own and love are included in the sale this year. I wanted to give a shout-out to a few things I love and wear often that you might also want to add to your closet, and then close this post with some of the just released second day new arrivals!

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September 8, 2022


      One of my favorite things about the month of September- Lilly Pulitzer sale time! The Lilly Pulitzer Sunshine Sale is happening next week, and this time it's three days long! All the usual Lilly sale info is here below:

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September 6, 2022

10 Years of Blogging + How I'll Be Changing Things With Blogging/Influencing.

       Today my birthday, and it's also Southern Belle in Training's 10th blogiversary! On September 6th, 2012 as a college freshman, I wrote the very first post on here. How crazy to think that Southern Belle in Training blog is still going a full decade later! (And that I'm not 18 anymore and as of today I'm 28... but that's another story. 😊) Since I am fresh off of my extended blogging break for the past few months, I thought the 10 year anniversary of my blog would be the perfect day to share some thoughts on where I see my blog going for the next decade, and some changes that I want to make to the way that I do blogging and influencing. I'm definitely not quitting blogging, but some things will be changing for me. 


September 1, 2022

Spring/Summer 2022 Recap: What I've Been Up To During My Blogging Break.

       Hi and happy September! I can't believe it's actually been over four months since I've talked to you here. When I announced my extended blogging break back in  April, part of me was unsure if I'd actually follow through with it. Blogging has been part of my daily and weekly routine for a whole decade. Even though I was burnt out and craving a long break to revaluate things, it also seemed kind of unfathomable that I'd actually stop blogging for so many months. But I did it! And... I'm so glad I did. 

      I'll have another post up next week with more thoughts on my break from blogging/influencing and what I see myself doing differently with all of it in the future. But for today, I wanted to recap this past spring and summer for you! I've been staying pretty busy, and it's definitely been a memorable past few months. 😊

     Also- I currently have COVID for the first time ever! I was so sad to have to cancel travel plans that I was supposed to leave for today. Getting back to the blog today is definitely something making me smile despite all that's going on.

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