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May 7, 2019

Monticello Wine Trail: Loving Cup Vineyard.

     Spring is in full swing here in Virginia, which means it is definitely winery season! I've been to a few new-to-me wineries in recent weeks, so this month's Tuesday series on the blog will continue with my Monticello Wine Trail winery reviews.   

     Loving Cup Vineyard is located on US-29, about 12 miles south of downtown  Charlottesville. It is within a couple miles of Pippin Hill, which is one of the larger and more widely known wineries on the Monticello Wine Trail. It would be easy to visit both Loving Cup and Pippin Hill on the same day! I liked a lot of things about Loving Cup, but I'm going to start this review with the one big con I found with this winery, which was the road you take to get there. You make a turn off of US-29, and then have to drive down a very windy dirt road for the last couple miles. My car is pretty low to the ground and I've also had the front bumper repaired within the last year, so I get very nervous now driving my car for any length on dirt roads that aren't in the best condition. Due to the road condition to get the the winery, I'd highly recommend a DD. Other than the remote location of Loving Cup Vineyard, I really did like it! Let's get into all the pros now: 😊

     Loving Cup has a focus on not only local wines, but also organic wines! They try their best to certify that the grapes on their property are organic. Last year in the 2018 season, Loving Cup had a much smaller harvest than usual due to all of the rainfall (they definitely weren't the only winery affected!), so for their recent wines some of them do have grapes in them that aren't organic from other vineyards. These wines that were affected by last year's rains are all labeled "Rain Wine", to denote they aren't certified organic. Most of the wineries in this area aren't striving for totally organic wines, so even though it didn't happen full for Loving Cup last year, I still really like learning about how they're prioritizing organic grapes!

    Speaking of the wine, it was great at Loving Cup! I think their tasting was one of my favorites that I've done, as they had some unique wines included in it. They make an apple wine called Sunnyside Apple which was included in the tasting I did, and that one was so unique and tasty! My favorite wine by far though was the Rain Water Rose. (That's the one with the bottle pictured in the first photo in this post!) Not only does it have one of the prettiest wine bottles that I've seen, but it was absolutely delicious. Very fruity and light- the ideal summer rose!

    Overall I really did like Loving Cup- even with having to drive on the scary dirt road it's located on. I think I'd definitely visit here again, and I want to check my local grocery stores to see if they sell the Rain Water Rose! You can check out my reviews of other Monticello Wine Trail wineries here, and stay tuned for another next Tuesday!

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese



  1. omg how amazing is this- i ned to do something like this w/ girlfriends bc your pictures are making me swoon esp with organic wines!

  2. We love Charlottesville wineries! We live in RVA so its the perfect quick trip in the car. I did a massive winery tour with 25 of my friends for my bachelorette and we had the BEST time!

  3. What a fun new series! As a wino I love reading about your winery adventures. I love that this winery has organic wine too, that’s how the France wines are. That wine sounds delicious; I’m a huge rose fan. You look so cute by the way, I love your hair like this.

  4. It looks so pretty but I totally get what you mean about the winding roads; Virginia has a lot of that!

    -- Nicole | What Nicole Wore

  5. What a cute winery. I have never been to one and I hope to go to some local ones this summer.

  6. This is a great winery adventure! Never experience this before but I am very interested to give it a try.

  7. Love visiting wineries plus get a load of that view!

  8. Ive become a huge fan of Rosés lately so totally know what you mean. Seems like you had to go on a bit of a driving adventure to get to the vineyard but looks like a beautiful place too.

  9. The apple wine sounds interesting I would love to try this! I love wine tasting tours. I recently went on one in Sussex in the U.K. love your pictures it looks stunning!!


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