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May 21, 2019

Music Festival Season Ready with Babbleboxx!

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     Concert and music festival season is officially upon us! Here's a fun fact about me: a lot of people that I meet assume that I go to shows and festivals all the time because of what I do for my day job (on-air radio host). That's actually not true at all, at least currently! Despite the popular stereotype, most radio hosts aren't just automatically given free tickets to every show that comes to town. (I do get them sometimes, which is awesome, but definitely not all the time!) Anyways, it's actually a goal of mine over the next year or two to start going to more shows- what's better than live music by one of your favorite artists up close and personal? I'm looking forward to going to a country concert in two weeks to kick off this concert season! As far as music festivals go, I've only ever been to one. It was actually a Christian music festival back in New England one summer when I was in high school! I spent the weekend attending it and camping at a nearby campground with people from the church I attended. I remember that the last night we were there it started downpouring as the last band took the stage... wasn't as fun to be camping in a tent that night! 😂

     Anyways- considering that the story above is currently my only music festival experience, I think it's high time I add another music festival to my bucket list! Sometimes radio hosts are able to get media passes to festivals, and get perks like going backstage to interview artists! That sounds SO COOL and is definitely something I'd love to do in the future. Anyways- I was so excited when Babbleboxx selected me as a recipient for their Festival Days box! This box is filled with curated items that are perfect to wear or take to the next music festival or concert that you attend. Let's dive in and see what I received and reviewed! 

     This Festival Days box was the first time that I've ever received a Babbleboxx, and I couldn't wait to see all of the goodies!

     First up, I was sent a selection of 5-in-1 Deep Conditioning Masks from MANE CLUB. Confession time: I've actually never used a hair mask before I tested these, but clearly I was missing out! I've since used two of them, and I'm obsessed now. Both of the ones that I've tried smelled absolutely incredible (and made my hair smell incredible), and my hair was super soft as soon as I got out of the shower! The 5-in-1 benefits that these masks offer include strengthens, repairs, conditions, tames frizz and adds shine. A lot of music festival hairstyles are pretty crazy and over the top, so doing a hair mask before and after attending would help your hair stay healthy and shiny. I also think these masks are going to become a regular part of my weekly routine- music festivals or not! I typically do a face mask every Sunday night, and I think pairing that with a hair mask would be an extra dose of pampering.

     Next up in the unboxing, some festival sunglasses from Zenni eyeglasses! I was sent the Gold and Tortoise Rectangle Sunglasses. This style is really fun and unique, which makes it perfect to pair with music festival outfits! Zenni is a top online destination for eyewear (both regular glasses and sunglasses), and this year they've launched a festival eyewear collection, which is where this pair is from! I don't wear regular glasses so I hadn't previously heard of Zenni, but now I'm a big fan. They also sent me a gift card to purchase other glasses- and I used it to buy another pair of blue light glasses for work and another pair of sunglasses, both of which have now arrived to me and I love! 

     Any show or festival is a place where you will probably be on your phone a lot! Between taking tons of pictures, filming your favorite performances, and social media, your phone battery could die pretty quickly. (Let's be honest- as a blogger my phone battery dies pretty quickly on average days to begin with!) It isn't even a question that you should bring a portable charger along to a music festival! SIMPLE Mobile sent this one along in the Festival Days Babbleboxx.
     SIMPLE Mobile keeps music fans connected all festival season long with affordable and no-contract plans that offer unlimited talk and text, and large amounts of high-speed data. Plus they have amazing deals on the latest, must-have smartphones! Their network is also 4Q LTE †, just like other carriers!For more information on the latest smartphones and affordable no-contract 30-day plans, check out

     SIMPLE Mobile also sent along a selfie light. I've seen these before and always wanted one- it's been so fun to test out using it! This would of course be great for a music festival, but I think it would also be fun to take it along on any trip that there will be a lot of selfies taken at.

     The Casio G-Shock S Series timepieces were created with active women in mind! They're water and shock resistant, and perfect to wear for an active day a music festival or other all-day event. I think it's always smart when you're out and about to have a back-up method for checking the time besides just your phone! Casio makes a whole variety of watches for women. The style I was sent from the G-Shock Series was the GMAS120MF - I know I'll be using it a lot this summer.

     And finally, I was sent this clear backpack from Go Clear Backpack from Samsonite. These days, most large-scale concert and sports venues have implemented clear bag policies for safety, including the largest venue here in Charlottesville! By taking a clear backpack along with you, you'll still be allowed to bring in all of your essentials that you need and fit everything. This women's backpack is the perfect size, and also has adjustable straps. I know that I'll be using this not only for future music shows, but as a gameday bag as well.

     I hope that you enjoyed my unboxing of my Festival Days Babbleboxx! I would love to know what concerts and music festivals you're headed to this summer- let me know in the comments!

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese 



  1. I love festival season! I love seeing everybody is unique creative outfits especially! I have a G-Shock watch also that I have had for several years and it still is perfect… They definitely hold up! Love that cute clear backpack too!

  2. It's always fun to try new things! I think the ring light would be a blast to play with. I'm sure you will have a lot of well lit selfies in the near future!

  3. Yes for festivals! What an awesome box full of goodies

  4. Love the retro glasses and the clear backpack. I immediately think Coachella when I saw them!

  5. A clear backpack is a must! I always forget mine and end up having to purchase a subpar one at the event entrance, this one looks way nicer.

  6. I am excited for music festivals too! There is many here in Japan. I never heard of a hair mask before, that was interesting to learn about!

  7. This looks like a great box. I'm obsessed with my selfie light!

  8. Love that clear backpack! Bet it’s so much easier to find things as well 😂

    Nell |

  9. What a fun box! Lots of great items. You are ready for the upcoming music festival.

  10. A music festival is actually on my summer bucket list too! Birmingham randomly has a lot and we haven’t been to one yet. This box is genus! My phone is always almost dead, so that charge is a must. Also, that selfie light is amazing! I need one of these in my life. They really did think out absolutely everything you would need. I will have to check this box out and need to order one.


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