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May 29, 2019

Midweek Ramblings.

{A snap from the most lovely sunset sailboat ride in Norfolk this weekend with my friend Perrin! Stay tuned for more about the trip soon. Follow me on social media @miss_alk!}
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  • New favorite city: I spent Memorial Day Weekend this year in Norfolk, working on a press trip with VisitNorfolk! It was the most wonderful weekend, and this was hands down my favorite blog related trip that I've ever gotten to do! My friend Perrin accompanied me to help with photography- fun fact is that Perrin used to take a lot of my blog photos sophomore year of college, way back in the day! 😊 I'll be sharing the first post about the trip tomorrow. 
  • HOT weather: The weather in Virginia for about the past week has been in the 90s, and I'm all about it! It's a bit hotter than normal for May, but I LOVE hot weather so this has been a nice treat. Yesterday's high was 96! I wouldn't want to live somewhere that hot all year round, but after a lot of cooler days last month, it's been fun to have it really feel like summer.
  • My schedule: First and foremost- I want to clarify before saying this that I still adore my job as a morning radio co-host. (which I've been doing since December!) Morning radio was a career goal of mine, and something I never thought I'd accomplish so soon! With that said though- lately my work schedule has been a little harder than normal on me emotionally. Maybe it's the fact that it's light outside now until 8:30/9pm, or since it's warm outside my friends are doing a lot more things on weeknights that I have to skip out on altogether or leave super early from. I've been feeling a bit isolated with my work hours, and sometimes it really feels like there's not enough time in the afternoons to get everything done. This winter I really loved my work hours, so I'm hoping maybe this is just a little funk to get through? If you also get up crazy early for your job, I'd love any tips for still being social despite going to bed early!

Weekend recaps:
  • Last weekend: My Memorial Day Weekend was great! It kicked off with my friend Kelly giving me a tour of her beautiful alma mater- UVA! I've lived here over a year and still hadn't had a proper UVA tour, so I was so excited to finally do this. From Saturday-Monday morning I was in Norfolk! On Monday when I got back to Charlottesville, I got groceries and then went to the earlier part of an evening cookout with some church friends. 
  • This weekend: Last weekend was honestly pretty great and will be hard to top... but I think this weekend just might do that! Friday night my friend Emily and I are going to a concert. On Saturday, I'm going as a wedding plus one to one outside of Richmond (and I'm also very much excited to grab Cheesecake Factory on the way home from that!). Sunday is church, and then a bunch of my friends and I are planning to head to a winery! 

Purchases: Last week I began a two-month shopping fast! I'll be sharing more about why I'm doing that on the blog next week.

  • The most darling Lilly sundress that has me dreaming of my trip home to Maine this summer!
  • I had a pair of nude block heels that look just like this pair , but they keep giving me blisters so I have to get rid of them. I love the style of shoe though, which is why I want to try these similar ones! Hopefully they'd be more comfortable?
  • I'm starting to dream about new furniture pieces to add to my new apartment (I'm moving across town in September). One thing I could use more of is shelves for the living room- I am obsessed with this gold shelf!
  • I really like Baublebar's fine jewelry pieces- the quality is great! Right now I'm crushing on this gold ring set. 
  • The cutest button up shirt for work and weekends in the summer!

Recipe of the week: Penne alla Vodka from America's Test Kitchen. My close girlfriends and I do dinner every Wednesday evening together and we take turns hosting/cooking! Tonight is my week to host and cook the main dish, so I'll be making this favorite pasta dish! It's so good! Tip for making the sauce: I don't keep much liquor at home, so I never have big bottle of vodka. I just buy a mini (shot sized) bottle of vodka from my local ABC store when I make this- those tiny bottles are like the exact amount you need for the sauce.

Song of the week: Little Lies by Fleetwood Mac. You just never know what you're going to get for song of the week with me! One week it's a Top 40 hit, one week an international song, and this week... well it's a song that's over 30 years old. 😂  This past week I've definitely been on an older music kick!

Favorite blog posts of the week: 
  • Days of a Wife - Kasey shared how she and her husband paid of all of their college debt in this great post! I love reading debt-free stories- especially since I'm on track to eliminate my last student loan before 2020.
  • Style Charade - I adore Jenn, and I would trust any review she gives 100%. I give her a lot of props for sharing a gracefully written but honest negative review of a hotel she recently stayed at in New York! 
  • A Byers Guide - Courtney had a friend write a guest post for her, who shared all about how to pack for a longer vacation and only take a carry-on. As a chronic over-packer- this is a great post!

On the blog this week: 

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese 



  1. I love what you wore on that cruise! I can't wait to read about your visit to Norfolk.

  2. I'm sorry that you are having such a tough time with your schedule. It must be very challenging. I know I find it hard to go to bed early when it's still practically daylight outside.
    I'm very excited to hear about your shopping fast! That is so awesome.

  3. I'm super jealous that I didn't get to meet you as you touring UVA after the semester ended. I'm excited to hear about your Norfolk trip, it sounds like you had a blast!

  4. You ladies look gorgeous! I love your dress. I cannot wait to see more on Norfolk. It sounded like a lovely weekend. It really is so hot here too and hard to shoot in the heat. Aww thank you so much for sharing the packing post. I struggle too, but will be taking her advice next time I travel. I hope you have a fabulous weekend.

  5. Super cute shelf! I'm thinking I need a new and bigger bookshelf.

  6. Wow, working on the radio must be such a fun and unusual job! You would never know what to expect each day you go in, I can imagine. I also see how those hours would mess with your head a bit, though. Missing the daylight can really drag you down!

  7. Ae Norfolk sounds like an awesome little trip! It's also been in the 90s down here in Florida and while I love the warmer weather, it makes it so hard to go for runs in the heat like that haha. Sounds like you're staying busy and kicking off the summer with a ton of fun! :)

  8. I love your dress in that first photo and the Lilly Dress! It's SO hot in Atlanta that it's hard to go outside.

  9. Your trip to Norfolk looked like so much fun! It's been raining here a lot but the weather has been humid which I like.


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