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April 28, 2016

Under the Weather...

     I always thought that my views during my final week of college would look something like my views during a normal week, but just more condensed and busier. The week as I pictured it would be filled with some of my usual commitments: work, school, blogging, time with friends, etc. But things would be a bit more structured: time with friends might be more treasured as it is the end of the year and soon I would be parting ways with some of the dearest people in my life, I would also have to make time each day for moving boxes and suitcases from my dorm room to my new apartment, and the school portion of my week would be a bit more stressful than usual, as it would involve studying for my last exams and projects of undergrad ever.

     But I never pictured the views for my last week of college to look like the picture above. I didn't predict an ER visit, bed rest, or most importantly, a concussion. I didn't know very much about concussions before I had one, as this is my first, but I have quickly learned that recovery is something that cannot be forced, despite the current timeline of your life.

     I will be taking a break from further blogging until Monday, May 9th. My college's graduation ceremony is on Saturday, May 7th, and my current focus is recovering enough to be well for graduation, to finish my exams and projects for school, and to be physically well enough to move into my apartment! Something else that I didn't know about concussions prior to having one is that time spent on the computer or any electronic devices is terrible for recovery, so the less that I do in regards to blogging right now, the better.

     I would appreciate any prayers or good thoughts in the meantime, and I will certainly miss blogging a lot in the next week and a half. Taking a break from something you love is never fun, especially for a reason like this. I hope to return to Southern Belle in Training soon though feeling refreshed both physically, and also refreshed as a blogger, with lots of ideas for new content!

      (The wall art in my gallery wall from the picture above is linked below!)

     xoxo Miss ALK

April 25, 2016

My Current Spring Wishlist.

{You can also shop by clicking on images in the collage!}

     Happy Monday Friends! I feel like I've been starting a lot of my posts off by saying this lately, but my apologies for not being the most consistent blogger lately. With each week that gets closer to graduation, I have more and more things that are pulling me in different directions, in my real life, including a few situations that have arisen in my personal life that aren't the type of things that you can prepare for. Luckily this period of craziness should hopefully come to an end after May 7th (less than two weeks until the big day!), and I look forward to blogging on my regular schedule for the rest of the summer after this! I

     Today I wanted to share some of the items that are on my current wishlist with all of you. Since I have had so much going on with both finishing up school and with some things in my personal life, another thing that I haven't had much time to do lately is shop. (This is probably good for my bank account since I have had some expenses come with my new apartment...) But anyways, despite the fact that I haven't had time to hit the malls lately, I always do keep my eye on trends that I'm loving. My current spring wishlist includes lots of bright and colorful items, and some pretty floral prints, found in both dresses and accessories! Of course I had to include a couple of lust-list items as well: I'm always dreaming of Tory Burch items, and I might just have to treat myself with graduation money to either the sandals or adorable crossbody purse featured here.

    Lastly- I had to include in this list a pretty iPhone case fit for an iPhone 6... because yours truly finally has a new phone! After over two and a half years with my beloved and dying iPhone 5S, I am so happy to finally be in the iPhone 6S Plus Club! With my old phone, I was always partial to Lilly Pulitzer iPhone cases- I think that they are both cute and also are very protective for the price. But since there are so many options out there with cases for newer iPhones, I'm not sure if I'm going to go with Lilly again- any case recommendations are appreciated!

     Hope that everyone is having a great start to the week, and thanks in advance for bearing with me during this time of more inconsistent posting!

     xoxo Miss ALK 


April 19, 2016

Black Diamond Formal 2016.

     Along with Bid Day/Recruitment, one of my favorite sorority traditions to do a recap for each year on the blog is my chapter of Alpha Delta Pi's annual Black Diamond formal. This is our biggest social event of the year, and it's an off campus formal which all of the sisters look forward to! During my sophomore year, it was held at an estate home in a different neighborhood in Charlotte, and last year, Black Diamond took a different approach when it was held at a sports bar (I personally wasn't as big of a fan of that year's). This year's Black Diamond was absolutely fantastic though! Our current Social Chair planned the event at a beautiful and intimate venue that was right in the heart of Uptown Charlotte. The food was tasty, the DJ played awesome music, and I spent the whole night dancing away with sisters and friends!

     But possibly my favorite part of the whole evening was my dress. Yes- I committed a fashion sin and re-wore a dress. ;-) But how could I not?! My senior prom dress was everything that I ever wanted in a formal dress and more, and I knew from the time that I joined my sorority that I wanted to wear it for my Formal during my senior year. It isn't a small dress by any means (it has an actual TRAIN), so I flew it down to school with me after Christmas break in its own suitcase - haha! But I am so happy that I got to wear the dress of my dreams again. And this time around, I got much better pictures than at prom! (I shared a throwback collage of prom photos on my Instagram last week @miss_alk, it's definitely funny to look back!)

     I started the evening off with some fun pictures in the dress on top of a parking deck in Uptown Charlotte- these were taken by my Charlotte blogger bestie Morgan!

     Later in the evening, my suitemate Caroline (aka Southern Belle in Training's head photographer for most of this semester! Thanks, C!) captured some photos of my date and I, and some sisters and I before the main event! My date this year was my best friend Max, for the second year in a row. He is always a fun date to formal events!

My dress: Mori Lee Paparazzi Collection {old prom style from 2012!} // Shoes: DSW {old, similar here} // Earrings: J. Crew Factory {obsessed!} // Bracelet: {From the store that I've worked at in Maine :-) } // Lips: Essence XXXL Shine Lip Gloss in Pretty in Hibiscus  

     The day after Black Diamond, on Sunday, my chapter held its special ritual ceremony, in which senior members transition to alumni. It is unbelievable to me that after three incredible years, I am an alumni member of my sorority! I don't think that it will all fully sink in until I see my younger sisters beginning Fall Recruitment in a few months, and knowing that the sisters in my graduating year won't be there to join them! 

    If you would like to see my recaps from past Black Diamond Formals, check out these posts:


     xoxo Miss ALK


April 18, 2016

The Ring By Spring.

Blazer: Ann Taylor // T-shirt: Target // Jeans: American Eagle Outfitters // Sunglasses: LOFT {similar} // Ring: c/o Anjolee // Earrings: c/o Jojo Loves You //  Mug: Lilly Pulitzer {old pattern, similar here} // Nails: Maybelline Color Show Nail Laquer in In the Blush // Lips: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Rosewine

      There is a classic saying that is associated with female students who are preparing for college graduation. Getting the ol' "Ring by Spring" was at one time the goal of most girls who attended college! In the 21st century, most young women are getting an education for many purposes other than a MRS. degree, but there certainly are still a plethora of college students who meet their significant other during their college years. For example, two of my female cousins both met their husbands when they were sophomores in college! While it isn't the norm for seniors to be engaged upon graduation at my college, I do know of a few friends and classmates in my grade here at school who are (special shout-out to my sorority sister Perrin!). And at my former college, which was a Christian school, the old tradition is even more alive and well! It seems like all of the Facebook updates that I still see from old classmates there are engagement announcements. 

     I have remained single throughout my college years, and while my interesting mostly third-wheeling adventures as a single gal could chronicle several other blog posts, all I will say today is this means that I most certainly did not get a ring by spring from a special someone. However- just because I'm graduating college not engaged doesn't mean that I don't deserve to treat myself to some special bling! I am proud to be rocking my own gorgeous version of a ring by spring, courtesy of Anjolee Jewelry

     While Anjolee sells a variety of beautiful pieces in all categories of jewelry, they are especially known for their lovely engagement ring collections! The piece that I am wearing here actually is a diamond engagement ring style! However, since I don't currently have a man in my life to place a special piece of diamond bling on "that" finger, I requested for my ring to have blue topaz as the center stone. Oh yes- did I mention that Anjolee is an awesome company to work with for customizing your jewelry pieces?! 

     If you or anyone you know is beginning to discuss engagement (or if you just need a little bling bling in your life, for just because reasons!), definitely look to Anjolee for a beautiful selection of engagement rings

     Did any of you receive a ring by spring? Or are you/were you single like yours truly, and enjoy treating yourself to some shiny ring candy?

     Today's post is sponsored by Anjolee Jewelry. Thank-you for supporting the brands that support Southern Belle in Training!


     xoxo Miss ALK

April 14, 2016

Life Updates: My Post-Graduate Plans!

     First off, my apologies for being a mediocre blogger in the last week or so. I feel like there is irony in this since I just recently published a blog post entitled "How to Run a Successful Blog While in College" (which got great feedback from a lot of you!), but clearly I haven't been following my own rules in recent days. Anyways, my graduation date is three short weeks away from today, so I am trying to give myself grace until then, and after that I look forward to jumping back full force into blogging again!

My sorority took senior photos this past weekend!

     Anyways, with graduation on its away, I thought that this was the perfect time for me to share my post-graduate plans with all of you. From time to time, I like to write longer Life Update posts here on the blog. The last time that I did one was I believe around this time last year, when I shared about my plans for last summer, which included an amazing internship in Kentucky, and studying abroad later in the summer! It's crazy for me to think back to that post, because one of the things that I wrote about in it was the fact that I would be graduating a semester late, due to complications with transfer credits. Amazing things can happen in a year, because that whole situation was resolved, and I am so excited to be graduating on-time this May with the rest of my class!

     I like to think of everyone who reads my blog as more than just a reader or follower, but a friend and a part of my life. I wanted to have all of my plans set for post-grad life before I wrote this post, but now that everything is looking pretty official (those of you who follow me on social media outside of my blog know about my new apartment in Charlotte!), it's time for the official blog post. Thank-you in advance to those of you who will take the time to read this! Without further ado:

     Since I was very young, (and wayyyy before I knew what fashion blogging was, or that it could be someone's career), my dream job has been to be a radio DJ. When I was seven years old, my dad had to record a radio commercial for his job one afternoon, which would be airing on the stations that were owned by one of the larger radio groups back home in Maine. My parents let me accompany my dad to the station, and it was one of my favorite memories from childhood! The afternoon DJ gave me a full tour of the studio, and even offered to let me go on-air after my dad finished recording. I was too shy at the time and declined, but instead I got to pick out a special song request to play. (I still remember what I picked "One More Time" by Daft Punk! Haha. Still a good song today.)

     As I grew older and people began asking me more frequently what I wanted to be when I grew up, my mind would often change about what career I thought I would fit into. There was a period of time when I wanted to pursue the education field and another period when I thought about being a print journalist or author. In high school, I thought that the travel industry might provide career options that I would enjoy (And during college, this always remained my back-up plan! I still love to travel, and enjoy writing about my travel adventures on my blog). But everything always came back to my dream career of being on the radio. I didn't have the chance in high school to be exposed to a studio environment, because my town isn't located very close to any of the stations, and at the time that I was in school there weren't really intern programs for high schoolers with the Maine radio stations. (This has since changed though- a station back home now offers high schoolers from schools all over Southern Maine to be on the air every week! I LOVE this and so wish that had been around when I was in high school.)

     When I realized later into my senior year of high school that I wanted to go to college in the South, one of the things that sold me on my original college was the fact that they had an actual radio station as apart of the campus. I was told that students could volunteer their time to work shifts in the station, and then work their way up to hosting their own shows, in which they would have complete creative control over. This was all that I needed to hear as a prospective high school student, and just one of the many reasons that I fell in love with my original college.

     During my very first week as a freshman at my former college, I started work as a volunteer student DJ at the campus radio station. To date, that was one of the best experiences of my entire college career! During the fall semester I was an afternoon show host twice a week, and in the spring semester, I continued this and I also had the chance to host my own show on Monday nights. Getting to finally live out my dream of being on the radio was just incredible.

DJing at my former college's radio station in Fall 2012!

     Obviously I ended up transferring colleges, but my love affair with radio broadcasting only grew once I arrived at my new school in Charlotte. I used to blog more about this in past years, but I was blessed with an incredible internship for four semesters with the Charlotte location of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. Ryan's charity places closed-circuit radio stations inside of the top children's hospitals across the country, and I loved getting to intern for the Charlotte branch of Seacrest Studios! Getting to be on-air for so long in a hospital radio station was such a unique experience.

My first day at the Ryan Seacrest Foundation! January 2014

My last day after four wonderful semesters at the Ryan Seacrest Foundation! December 2015

     Despite having an incredible internship, as college went on, I didn't feel like I could give my love for radio the time and attention that it deserved. My major at my new college wasn't as broadcasting focused as I hoped. I had the opportunity to take great classes over the past three years which have challenged and educated me in communication studies, in topics such as communication theory, media growth and studies, and journalism, but despite being very academically demanding my new school didn't have a lot to offer specifically related to "broadcasting." During this time, I also became a lot more invested in my blog, which began to take up more time than my internship, and balancing both became difficult!

     As I entered this past semester of college, the real world was fast approaching, and I met with my career advisor to discuss a plan for job searching. At this point, I had ruled out my dream of radio as an option. I knew that staying in Charlotte was very important for me, and I didn't think that I was qualified enough to apply for jobs at Charlotte radio stations since this is such a large market. I had settled for applying to jobs in other facets of communication. I was heavily considering the travel industry again, as well as working in PR for a hospital (since I'd spent so much time interning in one!), or possibly doing communication for a non-profit.

    I filled out some job applications this winter, and I was rejected from everything. Obviously it is normal for students my age to get rejections from applications, but after receiving a few rejections, I realized how un-passionate I was about everything that I was applying to! Even though I hadn't devoted much time to it in the past year, radio was still where my heart was. A piece of me hadn't given up on my dream....

     I am so pleased to announce that my post-graduate plans are to attend broadcasting school! This is an eight-month program, and my term begins later this summer. There are two acclaimed broadcasting school with campuses here in Charlotte, and after researching both, I found the one that best fit my career goals and needs. I applied, got in, and was also blessed to receive a merit scholarship to help cover some of my costs! Attending this program will allow me to build on skills that I learned during my freshman year and also through my internship with RSF, teach me lots of new skills, and give me a competitive edge to be prepared to enter the industry at this time next year. I will also receive lots of educating and training in the TV field, so should I decide that this is the direction that I would prefer to pursue, I can also go in that route!

     While in broadcasting school, I will be continuing to nanny and babysit for different families in Charlotte. I've been babysitting part time since transferring schools, and I've been lucky to develop wonderful relationships with some of the families that I work for. This is a flexible job that pays well, and I'm excited to have more time to work than I did while in undergrad!

     And lastly, I can't wait to finally give this blog the full time and attention that it deserves. I am proud of all the blogging that I was able to accomplish during four years of school, but school always did come first for me. I have so many ideas for my website that I have never had the time to implement- and now is the time when I can finally devote myself more to Southern Belle in Training! Big things are on the way.

     My dream career (now) would be to someday be a syndicated radio night show host with my home base located here in Charlotte, and to be blogging full-time during the days. I have a tentative five year plan- we will see how that goes!

     If you made it to the end of this very long post- thank-you! This ended up being a lot longer than I intended, but I thought that I should truly give my career aspirations the type of heartfelt and detailed post that they really do deserve.

     Here's to the last three weeks of college!

      xoxo Miss ALK


April 11, 2016

Styling Top Spring Trends.

Top: LOFT {in-store only, very similar here} // Jeans: American Eagle Outfitters // Sandals: Marshall's {very similar here} // Necklace: ILY Couture // Nails: Sally Hansen Hard As Nails in No Hard Feelings // Lips: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Demure 

      Happy Monday! I have officially survived the first week of the two busiest weeks of my semester. Last week was Greek Week at school, and my sorority had lots of events to attend. This was all in addition to finishing up my Capstone project for my major (I turned in the official rough draft of the paper on Sunday afternoon!), and plenty of other assignments and things on my to-do list. In adulting news, my bed was also delivered to my new apartment on Saturday! Only a few more weeks of dorm room living- I can't even believe it! This week the craziness continues. It's is Senior Week in ADPi, and my last week as an active collegiate member of my sorority. We conclude this week of events with our annual Black Diamond formal. And I'm also presenting my Capstone project this Wednesday- so send good vibes and prayers my way! 

      This was a fun spring casual outfit that I wore out to dinner a couple of weekends ago when my friend Cara from Caralina Style was in town. I think that this outfit combines so many of the popular trends for this season: off-the-shoulder tops, tassel necklaces, and relaxed/boyfriend fit style jeans! Jeweled sandals might not necessarily be a "new" trend for 2016, but they're something that I've personally enjoyed wearing in warmer months for many years now, and plan to continue wearing for years to come! 

     What spring trends are you enjoying pairing together?

     A couple of very affordable off-the-shoulder top options are linked below!

      xoxo Miss ALK


April 8, 2016

My First Carolina Cup Experience.

     It has been on my bucket list for a few years now to attend one of the biggest annual Southern traditions: the Carolina Cup! I finally got to check this item off of my bucket list last weekend, when I attended the 81st annual Carolina Cup steeplechase race. The Cup is held annually in Camden, SC, and is probably the most famous horse racing event held in the Carolinas!

      My first experience with horse racing was last May, when I had the opportunity to visit Churchill Downs in Kentucky twice during an internship that I had in Louisville. Visiting Churchill Downs was all I needed to fall in love with racing- it is such a fun and fast-paced sport, and I love the culture of a day at the races. Derby inspired fashion is possibly my favorite part of all! Ladylike dresses and large hats are usually incorporated into my spring and summer wardrobe to begin with, so having any event to attend that's an excuse to wear them is always wonderful!

     I went to the Carolina Cup with one of my blogging besties, Cara from Caralina Style. Cara came down the Charlotte and ended up spending the whole weekend with me, which was so much fun! The Springdale Race Course in Camden, SC, is about an hour and forty-five minutes south of Charlotte, so we woke up early Saturday morning to get ready. We made a quick stop at Chick-Fil-A for breakfast, and then we were off!

     Since this was my first Carolina Cup experience (and hopefully not my last!), and this event is such a Southern tradition for many Carolinians, I thought that it would be fun to recap how Cara and I spent our day at the Cup, our thoughts for if we return in the future, and what we recommend bringing!

     All photos in this post are from my iPhone- both Cara and I left our DSLRs at home that day, and that was a good decision! A lot more walking was involved than we both expected, and I can't even imagine what it would have been like to lug around my heavy camera all day. (Carrying large camera + day drinking = NO.)

How fun is this Snapchat filter that was sponsored by Bumble?!

     The gates to the Carolina Cup open promptly at 9 am each year, and the first race of the day begins at 1:30 pm. Cara and I decided to try and arrive between 11-11:30, and this was a perfect arrival time since we didn't have specific tailgating arrangements made. Springdale Race Course has two different tailgating sections, both of which are open to all ticket holders of the Cup to walk through. One is a general tailgating section right in the middle of the field, where groups of families and friends set up tents, trucks, and other tailgating necessities, and then stake their spot for the whole day.

      The other tailgating section is College Park, which is reserved for Greek organizations (mainly fraternities) from various large universities across the South. Cara and I took a couple of walks around College Park, and it was quite the experience! The various fraternities all turn their tents into total party zones, and it was fun to see the different environments from tent to tent (some were blasting rap music and had people dancing on trucks, and others decorated their areas with hay bales and played the latest country hits). Even though my college does have Greek life, we mainly have sororities, and the small fraternity culture at my school does not really have the same feel to it as what I got to see at the Carolina Cup. It was definitely fun to get to see what Greek life is like at big schools for an afternoon!

     The Carolina Cup is an open container event for those aged 21+. Even though Cara and I didn't have specific tailgating arrangements made, we were able to enjoy adult beverages over all sections of the race course. Something that we didn't know before attending is that glass container beverages are prohibited. We had to leave our glass items in my car, and walked back out to the parking lot a couple of times throughout the day for refills. So we ended up just using plastic cups and some adorable matching koozies. (And how cute is that fun Derby themed Snapchat filter pictured above?!) I didn't drink very much as I was driving that day, but it was still really fun to get to enjoy an open container event! I definitely think that it was more fun to attend the Cup as a 21+ year old.

     Preppy clothing brand Lauren James was one of the sponsors of the Carolina Cup this year, and Cara and I got to visit both of their tents! We even got to meet the founder of the company, Miss Lauren herself! Cara wore one of Lauren James' dresses for the Cup, and I think that I might definitely consider wearing one of their beautiful and classy styles if I attend the Cup again. (The dress that I wore was my 21st birthday dress!)

     For watching the actual races, Cara and I found some standing spots against a fence near the race track, and had a pretty good view of the horses. (We also ended up being right in front of the hoses where the horses are bathed after they race, as pictured above!)

     There are six races throughout the afternoon, and we left either right before the fifth race, or during it. The town of Camden is small, and we didn't want to get caught in tons of traffic as thousands of people tried to exit the race course at once! I think that this was a very smart decision. If you are tailgating, it would be hard to leave early. But for general admission ticket holders, definitely take advantage of sneaking out early if you can!

     Cara and I had a lovely day at the Carolina Cup, and both of us would like to return either next year or in another future year! I do think though that probably the funnest way to do the Cup would be to attend with a larger group and have the reserved tailgating experience. Cara and I talked about how much fun it would be to get a big group of NC and SC bloggers together for next year, and to all go down early in the morning and spend the whole day tailgating together!

     Have any of you ever been to the Carolina Cup before? Or any other popular horse racing events? It's still my dream to attend the Kentucky Derby someday, since my first Churchchill Downs experience was so incredible!

     xoxo Miss ALK

April 6, 2016

Midweek Ramblings + Recent Purchases.

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  • Carolina Cup Fun: A full recap of my first Carolina Cup experience will be on the blog this Friday, so stay tuned for that! I went to the Cup with my fellow North Carolina blogger bestie Cara of Caralina Style, and she ended up spending the whole weekend in Charlotte with me, which was too much fun! 
  • The best TED Talk ever: A few weeks ago, I found a link to this TED Talk in a post on the blog Keynotes From Kay. Kay described this video as "if you have a free 10 minutes, it will make your day," so of course I had to give it a watch! After watching it the first time and laughing so hard that I cried, I'm now OBSESSED with it, and have shown it to several friends. If you do have a free 10 minutes, I promise that this hilarious video will indeed make your day! 
  • Live in the moment: This is kind of a more personal rambling, but in a month from tomorrow, I graduate college! Despite all of the stress that this month will bring with end-of-the-year festivities, plus exams and lots of finals projects, I really want to take time over the next few weeks to enjoy the end of college. This time will only come once in my life, and before I know it, these days will be over. (Although with that said, I am still so, so excited to graduate! And so thankful that it is happening on time, I was very lucky everything worked out since I transferred schools!)


  • Guess who finally made a decision on a graduation dress?! (*Cue girl with raised hand emoji*) I never realized that shopping for a college graduation dress could be so difficult! When I graduated from high school, my school required that all of the girls wear white sundresses. While this rule was a little to uniform for my colorful fashion preferences, it definitely made dress shopping much easier. I was so excited to be able to purchase any type of dress that I wanted to college graduation, but as a fashion blogger, of course I had to find the perfect one, and I didn't know how hard that would be! I can only imagine what wedding dress shopping will be like for me someday... ha! Anyways- this is what I went with!
  • In other large purchases news, things are coming together for my apartment! My mom and I found a great deal on my mattress during the weekend that she visited to help me apartment hunt, but up until now that mattress was the only piece of furniture that I owned! This past Friday though I finally bought bedding and a bed set. My bedding set is from a department store brand that isn't online, but this bedding set looks almost identical to mine! Both the bedding and bed are so different from what I've had in college, so I can't wait to see everything all put together. 

     This week might not have brought the most exciting ramblings, but at least I have my graduation dress. ;-) It is Greek Week at my school right now, so my sorority has events every single night. Tomorrow night is the biggest event of the week: Lip Sync! 

     xoxo Miss ALK

April 4, 2016

The Perfect Spring Blazer.

Top: LOFT {in-store only, very similar online here} // Blazer: LOFT {in-store only, very similar online here} // Jeans: American Eagle Outfitters // Shoes: Steve Madden // Belt: {old} // Sunglasses: Le Chateau {Canadian store} // Necklace: Talbots {similar here} // Ring: HJ Greek // Nails: Sally Hansen Hard As Nails in No Hard Feelings // Lips: Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter in Lollipop 

     A couple of weekends ago, I enjoyed my first visit the Charlotte Premium Outlets with some other Charlotte and North Carolina bloggers (read more about that here!). I ended up finding some spring pieces that I loved at LOFT, including this gorgeous top and fun blazer! They pair so well together, and make up a perfect casual outfit. You could also pair them both with a skirt and heels for more of a business casual feel. The blazer is actually made of such soft and comfortable fabric that it doesn't even feel like you're wearing a dressier coat- the first thing that I thought when trying it on in-store is "This seriously feels like a blanket" - haha!

     Both of these LOFT pieces are unfortunately in-store items only, but there are similar items to both the blazer and top that can be found on the website. LOFT frequently has online sales, so they will be marked down often! 

      What is everyone's week looking like? This week for me is one of those ones that I don't know how I'll survive it, and unfortunately the weekend is looking to be just as busy! It is Greek Week at my school, so my sorority has competition events with the other Greek organizations at my college every night this week. And on top of this, it's also Spring Initiation week for my sorority, so we have our own ADPi events that are separate from Greek Week as well! And for school: I have a video project due on Tuesday, and the first run-through of my Capstone presentation on Wednesday. Eeek! The best way to keep up with me this week is by following me on Instagram and Snapchat @miss_alk

     xoxo Miss ALK


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