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December 29, 2023

2023 in Review: Highlights From My Year.

       How is it already time once again to write my favorite post of the year? I love taking the time to write and reflect on each year. Let's take a deep dive into all things 2023: the highs, the lows, the big moments and the everyday. This was certainly a memorable year! 


December 20, 2023

Wedding Wednesday: My Ring Shopping Experience. 💍

    Time for my second Wedding Wednesday post! I already know that this whole series is going to be so much fun to write and document over the next couple of years. I kicked Wedding Wednesday off two weeks ago by sharing our proposal story!  The next few Wedding Wednesday posts that I wanted to write included the full story of how Ryan and I met and started dating, my experience with ring shopping and finding my dream ring, and an early wedding planning Q&A. I did a poll on Instagram about which post you'd like to read first, and the full story of how we met got the most votes! However, I know that will be a bit of a longer post for me to brainstorm and write out (similar to the proposal post), so I've decided to put that one off until after the holidays. I knew that today's topic (ring shopping) would be an easier post for me to write, so I thought I'd knock that out for this week! 


December 15, 2023

Trend I Love: The Lady Jacket

      I think we are long overdue for a good ol' fashioned outfit post here on the blog... is it 2015 again? 😊


December 6, 2023

Wedding Wednesday: Our Proposal Story

      It's finally time to recap in the best moment of my life in full detail on the blog! I shared a brief engagement announcement blog post a couple of days after the proposal, but I wanted to have the time to fully write out the full story with all of the little details. This is also the first blog post of my Wedding Wednesday series! I've enjoyed seeing other bloggers do their own versions of Wedding Wednesday series for years and have dreamed about the day when I would be in that life season to document on my own blog!

     This blog post turned out to be quite long! I wanted to include all of the special little details; partly for you to enjoy, and partly for my own memory. But this post truly is special, because Ryan wrote his own side of the story for it! I'll share my version first, and then stay tuned at the end for his.

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