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September 30, 2020

Midweek Ramblings.


{The most delicious dessert to finish off a great meal in Winchester this weekend! Follow me on Instagram @miss_alk}

September 29, 2020

Lilly Pulitzer Fall 2020: Try-On + Sizing Guide!

      One of my favorite types of blog posts to share are Lilly Pulitzer sizing try-ons! Lilly is always coming out with new styles, so I like to learn my best sizing for everything so I can better shop sales when they happen. And I love sharing what I learn with all of you, since I know lots of you are also Lilly fans, and some of you don't live near any stores that sell Lilly.


September 28, 2020

What I Wore to Work: September 2020

     Time already to share September's work outfits! This was the coldest September that I can remember in Charlottesville so far. Typically this is still a very warm month, and it isn't until late October that it starts getting cold steadily. Not the case this year! The first week was hot and humid as normal, but since the second week of the month it's been unusually chilly, with highs many days only reaching the 60s and lows at night much colder. You'll see some of my outfits still have more summery vibes, and then there's a big shift to warmer fall outfits!

     As always- find outfit details for every look on my LikeToKnow.It page. (You don't need the app to use LTK on a computer!)         



September 24, 2020

Family Photos 2020.

      Last month, my parents and I did something together that was very overdue. We had professional family photos taken for the first time since... wait for it...2007! We just got the final photos back this week, so sadly they weren't ready yet when I wrote my recap blog post for this trip home. But that just means they needed their own blog post, which you're getting today! 😊


September 23, 2020

Midweek Ramblings.


{A snap from a fun Instagram campaign a few weeks ago! Follow me on Instagram @miss_alk}


September 22, 2020

Travel Diary: Maine's Prettiest Views at Quill Hill.

     This summer, I found what I'm pretty certain is the most stunning mountain view in my home state of Maine. I'm going to go so far as to even say this might be the prettiest view in the whole state- mountains or not! And that's coming from someone who is in love with the gorgeous beaches and ocean coastline in Maine. Please allow me to introduce you to the heaven on earth that is Quill Hill! 


September 21, 2020

Lessons From A Birthday Identity Crisis.

     Let's start this week off with a confession: I woke up on my birthday a few weeks ago having a full blown identity crisis. It was unexpected in the moment for sure! But I'm thankful for the reflections that it's lead me to have since- and I wanted to share a few with you today. 


September 17, 2020

Lilly Pulitzer Work From Home Outfit.

     Let's chat about bright and cozy outfits for working from home! Before getting too far into today's post, let me say I'm fully aware that I'm a weird exception in that I haven't worked at home for my day job at all this year.  (Yes- even in the height of shutdowns back in March and April, I was still going to the radio station M-F!)  But despite the fact that I haven't actually worked at home, I have spent a ton more time at home this year! And I now do all of my blog work from home (since coffee shops and the library still aren't an option again), so I guess I am 100% WFH for the blog. 😊I'm excited to team up with some of my blogger friends today as we all share Lilly Pulitzer inspired casual work from home outfits!


September 16, 2020

Midweek Ramblings.

{Views from Barboursville Vineyard this weekend! Follow me on Instagram @miss_alk}

September 14, 2020


      The Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale kicks off today! Below you'll find a list of my favorite sale picks in various categories, and I'm also sharing what I purchased this time around. 😊


September 12, 2020

LILLY PULITZER AFTER PARTY SALE: Fall 2020 Sale Info + This Year's Top Lilly Posts

     The wait is almost over! The Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale is kicking off on Monday- what a great way to conclude the summer season. Today I'm sharing all the details, the items I'll be looking for in this sale, and rounding up favorite Lilly blog posts from this past year. 


September 11, 2020

101 in 1001: 1 Year Update

     I can't believe it's been a full year since I shared my first 101 in 1001 bucket list on the blog! (I started last September on my 25th birthday.) If you're unfamiliar with the 101 in 1001 concept, it was made popular by blogger Mackenzie of Design Darling! You make a bucket list with 101 items in different categories, and try to accomplish as many as you can in 1001 days. I've decided to do updates every six months- you can check out my March 2020 update (published right before COVID) in this blog post


September 7, 2020

8 Life Lessons From 8 Years of Blogging.

     Yesterday marked eight years of blogging here at Southern Belle in Training! Eight years... this is a weird analogy but that means if my blog was a child, it would be a third grader this year. Insane! I still can't believe that something I started as a hobby as a college freshman is still such a big part of my life today. 


September 4, 2020

Summer 2020 Maine Travel Diary.

     It was the highlight of my summer to get to spend a week home to Maine a few weeks ago. After the crazy and uncertain year that is 2020, I will never take trips back to my hometown for granted, ever again. I don't have a full Travel Guide to share today... just a personal Travel Diary with some photos from a special week, and a few thoughts and memories!


September 3, 2020

Golden Goose Dupe Sneakers (That I CAN'T Stop Wearing!)

     Another plot twist of 2020? It's the year I fell back in love with wearing sneakers- for non-athletic purposes that is! For the past several years, wearing sneakers solely for fashion hasn't really been my thing. If I wasn't working out or doing something with a lot of walking, I wouldn't have been wearing them. I definitely think it's the rise in popularity for Golden Goose sneakers over the past year that's had me reconsidering wearing sneakers more often again. 
    I'm not sure if you've ever looked into buying Golden Goose sneakers, but they aren't cheap. (I'm honestly not sure there's a more overpriced shoe currently out there- I mean that!) The good news? I've found the most affordable pair of white star sneakers that are so great they deserved their own blog post today! Dare I say I think these are even cuter than Golden Goose? Plus they're on sale right now!!


September 2, 2020

Midweek Ramblings.

{Delilah showing off her new leash outside this weekend! Follow me on Instagram @miss_alk}
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