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May 16, 2019

Designer Diaries: David Yurman X Crossover Ring Review.

     One piece of feedback that I received in my recent reader survey was that a lot of you really liked my past Designer Diaries blog post from last year! I meant to turn it into a regular blog series at the time, so we're finally going to make that happen now. 😊I'm not often one to really splurge on clothing, jewelry, or accessories, so when I do make a bigger purchase I try to be really thoughtful about it. I hope these Designer Diaries posts share a bit of insight into why I decided to pull the trigger on a pricier item, and also if I think it was worth it!

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X Crossover Ring Details:
     The X Crossover Ring is one of  David Yurman's signature jewelry pieces. When I think Yurman, I think of their classic cable bracelets, and these rings! The official David Yurman website says that David was inspired to make his X collection after a painting that his wife did. The X Crossover style that I have is made of a combination of sterling silver and 18-karat yellow gold. It retails at $295, which I believe is the same price that I paid for mine in 2016. I purchased mine at the David Yurman store in Charlotte, but many upscale department stores like Nordstrom and fine local jewelers also carry Yurman pieces.
     This ring also has a lot of meaning to me personally because I purchased it to celebrate the hardest thing that I've ever gone through in life coming to an end in Fall 2016 - I wanted to make a special purchase to celebrate getting through that, and this ring seemed perfect.

X Crossover Ring Pros: 
     I can't say enough good things about this ring! I am still so happy I decided to splurge on this. It matches everything. I normally like to pair it with a silver colored David Yurman dupe cable bracelet that I have (I want the real version of that someday!), but since the ring also has gold in it, I also wear it when I wear gold jewelry. It's a jewelry piece that is both delicate yet bold. It looks great to wear it as your only ring with minimal jewelry on, and it also looks fabulous paired with several bracelets and other rings. I haven't had mine professionally cleaned yet since I got it (really need to stop by the David Yurman store in Charlotte next time I'm there!), but it still looks pretty great considering all the wear it's gotten in the past few years.

X Crossover Ring Cons:

     Honestly- can't really think of a single one! I mean that. I will note that since this ring is so special to me, I am careful about the situations I wear it in. I never wear it for swimming or being in any sort of water, or anything super messy. I also don't sleep in it- each time I wear it, it goes back in its box at the end of the day. But I still do wear it pretty often, and it is a lovely ring!

How I've Styled My X Crossover Ring:
     So ironically, I've worn this ring with probably 80% of blog outfit photos I've taken over the past few years! Yet I have so few close up shots of it. I think it's because I usually wear it on my left hand, and I tend to take photos of my right hand for detail shots of rings/bracelets- oops! But here's one picture below I found. (Believe me though that I wear it all the time, and with all kinds of outfits!)

     In years to come, I'd love to keep growing my David Yurman collection! His pieces are classic and timeless. Next I'd love to save up for a cable bracelet (I love the one with blue topaz, but I also love these stud earrings!

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese


  1. David Yurman's pieces are so classic! I don't wear any other ring anymore outside of my wedding ring set but I love that ring on you!

  2. This ring is gorgeous, I actually have a very similar one from David Yurman and adore it. Jake gave it to me for a holiday and I stack it with another DY ring I have. I am obsessed his jewelry.

  3. So simple and so beautiful! Love it! I've never owned anything from David Yurman but I've only heard great things!

  4. These are beautiful - so simple and delicate.

  5. These are definitely more my style. Love how they are simple.

  6. What an elegant design. Can you choose your own design along the band?

  7. That is such a gorgeous ring! It's a great classic style too and can go with a lot of things. I love this series too and can't wait to see more designer posts in the future!

    The Classic Brunette


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