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June 19, 2019

Midweek Ramblings.

{Enjoying an afternoon at Mount Ida Winery this past weekend! Follow me on social media @miss_alk}

June 18, 2019


     Time to talk one of my favorite subjects on the blog: favorite TV shows! For the past couple years, I've been writing a Fall TV Picks blog post at the beginning of the annual TV season. As much as I look forward writing that post each year, I realize that I've never done a post rounding up my absolute favorite TV shows. A few of these have been off the air for many years, so it's fun to have a place to round them all up together. All but one of these are available on popular streaming services, so if there's one you haven't seen it should be easy to find! Make sure you read to the end of the post- I'm also participating in a fun Rafflecopter giveaway with other bloggers today!


June 17, 2019

Two Month Shopping Fast - Why I'm Doing It + Have I Stuck To It?

     Happy Monday Friends! I've mentioned in the past few Midweek Ramblings posts about how I am currently doing a two month shopping fast.  I wanted to give a little more explanation of that in today's blog post! I have done one month long shopping fasts a few times before and also blogged about that, but never one for two months.


June 14, 2019

TRAVEL GUIDE: What to See & Do in Norfolk, VA

     I absolutely loved my weekend stay in the beautiful coastal city of Norfolk! After living in Charlottesville for over a year and barely hearing anyone talk about Norfolk, I'm convinced this is one of the most underrated cities in Virginia- possibly most underrated in  the South as a whole as well! I'm excited to recap everything that I got to experience in today's blog post- I already can't wait to go back again and discover even more. My friend Perrin accompanied me on this weekend trip to help capture the photographs featured in this post, and we both had nothing but good things to say about this beautiful city!

    Fun fact: I have been to Norfolk once before! My parents took me to Colonial Williamsburg for our family vacation in 2003. That was actually my very first trip to the South, and last trip until I went back in 2012 for college visits! We did a day trip to Norfolk during that vacation- and apparently the South clearly made enough of a good impression on me that I wanted to move there years later. 😉I was really excited to come back to Norfolk as an adult!


June 12, 2019

Midweek Ramblings.

{Saw these love locks on a bridge in Lynchburg this weekend! Follow me on social media @miss_alk}


June 11, 2019

Why I Love Blue Light Glasses!

     Coming to you this Tuesday morning to chat about my favorite thing that I've discovered in 2019. It's not a yummy food item, it's not a new clothing designer, and it's not even a new favorite song that my radio station plays. It's...glasses! Blue light glasses to be specific. Friends- if you're unfamiliar with what blue light glasses are, let me gladly introduce you today!


June 10, 2019

TRAVEL GUIDE: NEON District Mural Guide in Norfolk.

     I'm so excited to be sharing my second travel guide post about my recent trip to Norfolk, VA today on Southern Belle in Training! I was originally just going to share my hotel review in one blog post and other with Norfolk restaurant and activity suggestions, but I loved visiting the NEON District so much that I thought it deserved its own post! Buckle up for a lot of photos of one of the most unique neighborhoods in Virginia that I've ever seen!


June 6, 2019

FAMILY DINNER: My Dinner Club + How to Start One!

     I'm so excited to be sharing today's blog post, since it's about one of my very favorite things! In December, myself and three of my friends decided on a whim to start a weekly dinner club, which my friend Eden named Family Dinner. Since then, our little has expanded to six of us, and we meet faithfully most Wednesdays (and the occasional Thursday) to share dinner and fellowship together.
     For my Tuesday blog post series this month, I wanted to talk about different favorite things of mine! Unfortunately I wasn't able to get today's blog post up for Tuesday, since I had quite a busy weekend. So forgive me for getting this up a couple days late- I promise next week's post in this series will be up Tuesday as planned! 😉


June 5, 2019

Midweek Ramblings.

{With some girlfriends at Polo this past Sunday! Follow me on social media @miss_alk}


June 3, 2019

Popsicle Skirt.

     As soon as I got this skirt in the mail a couple months ago, the first thing I could think of was "This makes me feel like a human Popsicle!" A human Popsicle in a flattering way that is. 😉 While I don't eat Popsicles very often anymore, they were my favorite summer treat for years when I was growing up. Plus- they're often super colorful and just a fun symbol of the summer season. Anyways, I shared my Popsicle skirt on Instagram a few months ago, but I've been wanted to give it a blog post as well!

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