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May 20, 2019

Monticello Wine Trail: Barboursville Vineyards

     Barboursville Vineyards is one of the oldest and largest wineries on the Monticello Wine Trail, and I'm so excited to take you there virtually in today's winery review post!

     I recently spent the best Saturday hitting three Monticello Wine Trail Vineyards that all were located in the Barboursville area (Route 20 and Route 33). My friend Liane was visiting for the weekend, and we visited the smaller wineries of  Chestnut Oak and Reynard-Florence as well. Barboursville Vineyards is located in the small village of Barboursville, about 30 minutes north of Charlottesville. It's one of the largest wineries on the Monticello Wine Trail, and one of the oldest. You can see a picture above of their tasting menu- they have double if not triple the wine offerings that a lot of other local wineries have! No matter your wine preferences, there is something here for everyone. This was actually my second visit to Barboursville (this outfit post was shot there!).

     The regular tastings in the main tasting room at Barboursville are also a little different than other wineries. At most other wineries that I've been to, you find your spot at a the counter, and a tasting room employee will stay with you and pour all of your wine tastings in the same spot. At Barboursville, there are different counters located all around the main tasting room. You travel to different counters to try different types of their wines! For example, one employee will be pouring dry white wines, another will be doing dessert wines. In addition to the main tasting room, Barboursville also offers special seated wine tastings in their Library room. The Library isn't open everyday, but it is on weekends. There are a few pictures of it above- it's very elegant in there! 

    Another unique thing about Barboursville Vineyards is that they offer behind-the-scenes tours of their wine making process and storage! These tours are free, and leave hourly on weekends. I've never gotten to do something like this at another Virginia winery, so I enjoyed this! Below are a couple pictures I snapped on the tour:

     The last cool thing about Barboursville is that they have ruins on their property! Thomas Jefferson designed a grand governor's mansion in the area of the winery, made for Virginia governor James Barbour. The mansion was sadly mostly destroyed in an 1884 fire, but the ruins have been preserved, and are just down the road from the winery tasting room! I have yet to explore the ruins up close, but I look forward to doing so on a future visit.

     Lastly- let me share my favorite wines. While Barboursville Vineyards has an incredible wine selection and many good varieties, I think their dessert wines are true stand-outs. The Phileo and the Rosato are both sweet and delicious!

      Check out my other Monticello Wine Trail winery reviews on this page- just scroll to where it says "Virginia Wineries". 

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese 



  1. Such a cute winery! Virginia certainly has an underrated wine region that doesn't get enough attention. How nice that their tours are free, too!

  2. This winery looks and sounds amazing! I am still loving this dress so much. Such beautiful colors. I got the shorter version of it and really love the maxi too. Barboursville sounds lovely. I love how they have a different kind of tastings than most wineries and you get to actually see how the wines are made. A lot of vineyards don’t offer this. The history also sounds amazing!

  3. This winery looks so picturesque! So cool that these are all close to you :)

    -- Nicole | What Nicole Wore

  4. I have never been to a winery but I've always wanted to go. This looks like a dream!

  5. Your outfit is perfect for a winery! Loving this.

  6. Firstly, love your dress!! And then this place sounds so lovely! I think it's wonderful that they encourage you to try different stations rather than staying in one place. Need to get out there so I can check this out myself!

  7. What a fun time! I absolutely love your outfit. You look amazing!


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