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October 29, 2021

What I Wore to Work: October 2021

      Another month of work outfits has come and gone! This is the first month that I've started to get a little taste of the fall season in Virginia Beach. The first half of the month was still very warm. I was still on the beach in a bathing suit right through mid-October! The past week especially it has been getting a bit colder, but it's been beautiful fall days in the 60s and 70s. I'm hoping this type of weather will last way into November! 

     Here are this month's daily work outfits. Enjoy!


October 27, 2021

Midweek Ramblings.


{Fun painting pumpkins this weekend at fellow blogger Kelly-Anne's fall party! Follow me on Instagram @miss_alk}


October 26, 2021

What I Can't Stop Procrastinating On.

      I've found that I am a lot more likely to do something that I need to do if I share it publicly on Instagram or my blog to hold myself accountable. Working my way through my first 101 in 1001 bucket list has really affirmed this! For the past few weeks, I've been trying to find the motivation to do a few last post-move tasks here in Virginia Beach. I'm still looking for that motivation, so today I figured I'd share these things with y'all in hopes that it will be the kick I need to actually do this stuff. Ha! 


October 22, 2021

3 Amazon Fall Dresses I Love!

      I got some great feedback last month after sharing a review of a few Amazon tops for fall, so I wanted to bring you a mini fall dress haul this month. I was excited that I truly loved all three of the dresses that I ordered! Amazon can definitely be sometimes be hit or miss, but these three are all hits. 


October 19, 2021

3 Months in Virginia Beach - How It's Going So Far!

      I can't believe that it's already been three months since I moved to Virginia Beach! I feel like I blinked and the first 90 days went by. Although I share small day-to-day updates week week in my Midweek Ramblings posts, I thought it might be good to get all caught up on how everything has really been going since I moved here. (Spoiler alert: very good!)


October 15, 2021

Inspiring Woman Interview: Meet Shelby SOS from POWER 96.1

     Time for another Inspiring Woman interview! As always, I'm very excited about this awesome guest. I've been trying to alternate guests between women who inspire me in radio (my day job) and blogging/influencing (my side hustle). Today we are back to radio! 

     I've been following Shelby and her career for a few years now. We are around the same age, so it's especially interesting for me to keep up with her since we both have gone from being radio interns just a few years ago, to working full-time in the industry. I already knew Shelby was talented, but I learned so much more about her from her answers to these questions! If you live in Atlanta or the DC/Baltimore (DMV) areas especially, you'll definitely want to know Shelby. 


October 13, 2021

Midweek Ramblings.

{I was so happy to see some flowers still in bloom at the Norfolk Botanical Garden this weekend! Follow me on Instagram @miss_alk}

October 12, 2021

Shopbop Fall 2021 Sale.

      Just popping in quickly today with a few details about the current Shopbop Fall Style Event sale! I'm part of Shopbop's blogger affiliate program, and I'm excited to keep browsing the sale myself this week. 


October 8, 2021

Travel Diary: The Woodlands / Galveston, TX (2021)

      In September, I got to take a quick long weekend trip down to Texas to visit one of my dearest friends! I love visiting the Houston metro area, and was thrilled to return again after my first trip in 2018. Here's a little recap of how the weekend was: 


October 6, 2021

Midweek Ramblings.


{Walking around Colonial Williamsburg over the weekend- it was a beautiful day! Follow me on Instagram @miss_alk}

October 4, 2021

Subscriptions and Memberships That I Find 100% Worth It.

     One thing that I'm always curious about is what non-necessary items fellow 20-30 somethings are spending their disposable income on. I'm not talking about things like housing, food, insurance, etc.- I mean non-essential items! I frequently hear about subscription services or memberships to various things that I think sound really cool, but I'm pretty particular about keeping my reoccurring monthly and yearly expenses only to things that I really love or find necessary. I thought it would be fun today to share what (non-essential) things I can personally justify spending money on each month or year!

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