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May 2, 2019

Floral Maxi Dress + A Hidden Photo Spot!

     I've been so excited to share this beautiful floral maxi dress with y'all! This is the ideal spring dress. I'm currently focused on buying more breezy and beautiful dresses that would be good for wearing to local wineries this summer, and this one fit the bill perfectly! I actually already wore it for a day of winery hopping this past weekend, and I got so many compliments. 😊

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     This maxi dress was actually one that I wasn't sure how would look on me in person. Maxi dresses can be hit or miss to purchase online sometimes. I ordered this one in my usual size M (I'm normally an S but I always order M's from Chicwish), and it fit great overall! I am 5'6 1/2, and the length of this dress was perfect on me. The only area that it was slightly loose was the chest. It has a very deep plunging-V, so a traditional bra wouldn't work with it. For these photos I'm just wearing padded bra cups (actually taken out of a sports bra, they stayed in place pretty well!). I have worn this dress since the photos for a day of winery hopping, and for that I paired it with a hot pink bralette, which is probably how I'll wear it going forward.

    So I also wanted to share a little bit about where these photos were taken! Last year in April, I had to go to the local DMV a few times due to an issue with getting the license plates and title for my car in Virginia. During my final trip over, I remember noticing that there were these stunning flowering trees all over the parking lot, with the most big and full pink flowers. I made a mental note of this in my head, and was determined to do a blog shoot in the DMV parking lot in 2019.

    Well friends- I made it happen this year! My friend Emily was kind enough to venture over to the DMV with me and capture these photos of my new favorite dress with what I think are the prettiest trees in Charlottesville! You'd never guess this was the DMV right? 😉 If you're a fellow blogger (or even just a photography or Instagram lover), I challenge you to look in your everyday surroundings to find cool settings for photos. You might not live in a place with a ton of Instagram worthy murals or an awesome skyline, but I guarantee if you open your eyes just a little bit wider, you'll still be able to find cool photo spots right in front of you!

    I'd love to know the most random place that you've ever done blog photos at!! Share with me in the comments.

    Also thanks to everyone who took the reader survey this week! I am looking so forward to recapping the results next week on the blog.

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese


  1. Oh my goodness, this is just gorgeous!I adore your dress and these photos turned out beautifully. I have been eyeing this dress and think I am going to order the mini dress version. Ahh too funny, I have taken pics at some pretty odd places myself. The funniest was when we lived in Oklahoma City, I used to take pics by a pond at a local nursing home. It was really close to our house and was pretty. One time a goose at the pond hissed at me.

  2. Wow I love this dress! So gorgeous, and it looks so great on you!

  3. Beautiful dress! The length is perfect - I'm 5'7" so I love that it will just barely touch the ground when I walk. Great tip about about finding beautiful places in plain sight to take photos. I'll be more mindful of that from now on.

  4. the dress is pretty, but a little too floral for me. I love the colors though!

  5. This is the perfect spring floral dress! The buttons on the front are so darling. Also, chicest DMV parking lot ever wow!

  6. I love that dress. It is so pretty. Love the idea of looking for photo spots in unusual spots.

  7. Beautiful dress, perfect for spring! And I love that these gorgeous photos are taken in the DMV parking lot! How wonderful to notice beauty wherever we are. Good lesson.

  8. I love this dress, it is so perfect. It is the right shape and the right length!


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