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April 20, 2020

Spring 2020 Try-On: Quarantine Shopping Purchases.

    I normally have very good self control with online shopping. However, my normal self control was definitely not showing up during the first few weeks of staying home for COVID-19. 😬The sales that my favorite retailers have been offering online have just been too good! Like, better than Black Friday prices. 

    A disclaimer before sharing all of these things: I know that things are very tough financially right now for a lot of folks between the mass layoffs, furloughs, and other employment hardships right now. I have been extremely lucky to still be employed. If I wasn't, I would 100% not be making these purchases right now. Please do not feel any pressure to buy more things during this time if this is your current situation. I'm sure this all goes without saying, but I wanted to give that disclaimer anyways!

    Everything that I've purchased in the last few weeks was all marked down under $50 at the time I purchased, with many things being under $25 as well! All of these items are things I expect to wear all the time this spring and summer. For me personally, I can justify making impulse purchases if they're 1) 50% off or more and 2) something that I will wear and use all the time, which I am excited to do with all of these. So excited to share with you everything that I've gotten! My sizing info is also listed on everything (and I wear a size 9 in women's shoes- all the pairs I got are true to size). 

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     Want to know one of my very favorite retailers for spring and summer work dresses? Lands' End! I have a few other dresses from them that I've had now for years, and they still look great despite all of the wear and washes. Most Lands' End dresses are made from this wonderful stretchy fabric that's easily machine washable and dryable, and doesn't pill like polyester. The one I just purchased is a faux-wrap dress that's very flattering! It also comes in a ton of other colors/prints, but knowing me I had to get the bright floral pattern. 

     How fun is this gingham shift dress?! It also comes in a pretty pale pink version. As soon as I tried this one, I felt like a very chic tablecloth. 😂 I know that's an odd analogy, but this dress made me so happy haha! I'm feeling all the retro vibes while wearing it. Belk's preppy Crown & Ivy house brand always has such cute summer dresses. 

     I've had several pairs of J. Crew Factory chino shorts over the years. So many that I think I've actually lost count, haha! My last pair of them were a few years old, so it was time for a replacement. This time I decided to try them in this pretty mint color! These shorts don't have much stretch to them- I'm usually a size 4 in shorts with stretch, 6 in pairs like this. 

     One of my favorite fellow bloggers, Angela from The Thrifty Pineapple, recommended these white skinny jeans from J. Crew Factory. They were marked down to just $20 (!!!) a few weeks ago, so I had to try them. So far I'm so impressed! They aren't as snow white in color as my other pairs of white jeans (they're closer to an off white), but they're so comfortable to wear and flattering on. 
     I also picked up another Caryn cardigan in a pretty pink color! These cardigans are so perfect for the warmer months. 

     My first-ever Gal Meets Glam dress! Since Julia of Gal Meets Glam released her first dress collection two years ago, I've always thought her dresses were beautiful, but at way too high of a price point for me to be interested in purchasing. Well- during all of my quarantine shopping I learned that both Nordstrom Rack and Dillard's now carry GMG, and both had GMG dresses marked down very low! I bought the Kelsey dress- it's originally $200 and I got it for just $48! My friend Cara from Caralina Style wore it on her blog last year, so now we can be twins whenever the next time I'm in Charlotte is! 

     If this dress doesn't scream summer winery dress, I don't know what does! It's absolutely gorgeous, and I think it looks a lot more expensive than what I paid for it. This part isn't pictured, but it has a beautiful open back with two tied bows. (I will say the bows are tough to tie on your own- in the future I'll be asking my roommate for help when I wear it, haha!) You can use my Shein discount code alk315 to save 15% on anything on their site, this dress included

     A beautiful dress that's absolutely perfect for all of the spring events that have been cancelled- ha! I wasn't quite sure how this dress would look on, but it exceeded all of my expectations. It's incredibly flattering on, and the colors are beautiful. I'm hoping maybe I'll have a chance to wear it in late summer? At the very least- I will for sure next spring! 

     These platform espadrilles are amazing! They have a 3" heel, and they're very supportive. They come in a few color options but I loved them in this animal print. 
     I also purchased these light brown block heeled sandals. They have a 2" heel and could be easily dressed up or down! I have last year's version of these in black (styled here) but I think these are even cuter. 

     My one big quarantine splurge! These definitely did cost more than $50 but they were so worth it.  I've wanted a pair of these for years. They're gorgeous shoes made from the softest leather! 

    I found these gorgeous mules through my blogger friend Courtney of A Byers Guide. I saw her style them, and immediately thought how perfect of a dupe they were for the much more expensive Loeffler Randall bow mules. I ordered these for myself and couldn't believe how wonderful they were once I got them! These might be my favorite pair of shoes I've gotten recently. 

     And finally- a gorgeous pair of hoop earrings! These are very lightweight and comfortable to wear. The colors in them match so much of new my new spring wardrobe so I know I'll be wearing them often! 

    Have you scored any great quarantine deals online? I'd love to know your favorite recent purchases!

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese 


  1. Beautiful pieces.

  2. I love all the fun colors and patterns! It makes me look forward to getting dressed up again!

  3. I LOVE those animal print espadrilles, they're so cute! You have so many great purchases, I can't believe all the great sales going on right now.

  4. I love love love that gingham dress. So many fun purchases. Tory Burch flats are some of my favorites, they’ll last for a long time. Mine are going strong 7 plus years later. Ahh so glad you got the bow mules. They really do look like the expensive Loeffler Randall bow mules. They’re my go-to right now, since it’s hard for me to bend over and buckle shoes hahah.

  5. I love that dress from Crown and Ivy- it is ADORABLE!!


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