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April 23, 2020

ImPRESS Nail Review - The Best Press-On Nails!

     Last October, my life was forever changed thanks to a beauty discovery! Okay- maybe saying "forever changed" is a slight exaggeration. 😉But hey, it's been over six months now since I first tried ImPRESS nails and I'm still obsessed with them. I finally shared an IGTV tutorial for how I apply them this week, so I wanted to include some extra info to go along with that on the blog as well!

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     I first found out about ImPRESS press-on nails back in October from one of my favorite bloggers, Heather. After reading her post on them, I really thought they sounded too good to be true! But I tried a package for myself on a whim last fall and I was blown away. Using ImPRESS nails cut my bi-monthly habit of going to nail salons for gel manicures or SNS, and has saved me so much time and money!

     ImPRESS nails cost between $6-10 depending on where you purchase them. I find them to be cheapest at Walmart and Target, but Ulta and CVS have the best selection. You can also find them on Amazon or direct on the ImPRESS website too! Why do I love them so much? They last 7-10 days (sometimes more), they can be applied in under 10 minutes, they're odor free, they don't have UV light, they don't damage your nail, they come in a ton of fun colors and patterns... need I go on?  

    One tip I do have for you- purchase the ImPRESS nails with the glossy polish finish... not the matte ones! I've tried a few packages of matte and I wasn't impressed. I don't think they're made as well as the glossy finish, and they were more likely to break or fall off sooner. But luckily most of the styles are the glossy ones!

    Here are pictures of a few of my favorite ImPRESS manicure looks from the past few months!

     And if seeing them on me isn't convincing enough... here they are on a few of my friends!


    Remember to check out my IGTV tutorial if you want to see my process for actually applying them! And be sure to let me know if you end up trying and loving them. While my hair is dying for a trip to the salon since social distancing restrictions started, I am so thankful my nails can still look fabulous at home!

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese



  1. These look awesome! I've tried press ons once, and really liked them. I think they are perfect for a special event or vacation. My favorite part are the accent nails!
    You look like you have perfected the application-they look great!

  2. Your nails look amazing, it looks like you got them done at a salon. I haven't gotten mine done in so longer and need to try these.

  3. These are gorgeous!!
    Xo, Kelsey

  4. I've tried these as well and liked them! They are definitely a lot better than press on nails USED to be. I think mine stayed on for a little over a week and I was thrilled with that cause I'm rough on my nails!


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