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April 3, 2020

Four Easy DIY Lilly Pulitzer Craft Ideas!

     Calling all my Lilly lovers today! Lilly Pulitzer is a lot more than just a clothing brand to me- being a Lilly lover is honestly a lifestyle. 😉I love incorporating touches of Lilly colors and prints into other aspects of my life aside from my closet. I have two Lilly Pulitzer keychains, a variety of Lilly cups, mugs and wine glasses, Lilly Pulitzer travel accessories... you get my point!

     Since we are all spending more time at home right now, I wanted to round up four easy DIY projects that I've made, inspired by Lilly Pulitzer! Three out of the four are creative ways to repurpose Lilly catalogs or mailers, and the final one is a painting project which is a bit more time consuming than the other three, but still easy to do overall. 

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     1. Lilly Pulitzer Magazine Holder: This one was the easiest of all! I have had this magazine holder for a few years that I use to organize mail and documents related to blogging. (Honestly it isn't well organized right now and that's a project I'd like to do later this month!) Anyways, last year I measured the front panel on it, then cut a square out of a Lilly Pulitzer mailer to fit it, and glued it on. It was the easiest thing ever to do and made this desk accessory so much cuter.

     2. Lilly Pulitzer Framed Print: Lilly Pulitzer sent out a promotional mailer last year that had this adorable quote in it! I thought it was way too cute to recycle, so I cut it out, bought a frame at Dollar Tree, and added it to my apartment gallery wall, which you can see how it looks on the wall below! I bet you would never guess this little art piece came from a promotional flyer from my mailbox. 

     3. Lilly Pulitzer bookmarks: I made these from the most recent spring catalog! On the back pages, they had long strips of their new spring prints- half were on the back of the Lilly catalog so they were made of card stock, and half were on the second to last page so they were made of regular paper. I cut out all of them and used a glue stick to put the card stock ones on the thin ones, and made these double sided bookmarks! They've held up well and I've been using them exclusively for all the books I've read lately. 

     4. Lilly Pulitzer Frame: This project is actually several years old- I made this over Christmas break when I was a sophomore in college (it was a great project to occupy me during the weeks I was home!). I am generally not good at painting, but if I follow an art tutorial that is detailed enough sometimes I can do decently. I followed this tutorial for how to make this frame- I loved how detailed it was. I've had this picture in the frame for years, it's of me and my friend Katie in matching dresses from the original Lilly for Target collection in 2015! 

     I hope these ideas inspire you to 1) SAVE all of your future Lilly catalogs and mailers and 2) get creative and crafty during these difficult times! If you've made any Lilly inspired craft projects before, please share the details with me in the comments. I've heard of people making really creative things out of their old Lilly Agendas before- I've saved all mine from college so I might turn to those for a future project.

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese

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  1. These are such cute ideas! I love me some Lilly print. I love to craft and will be saving these for later. :)


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