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January 30, 2014

Favorite Things Thursday: Lilly Pulitzer

      Favorite Things Thursday is finally back! I have no idea why I took such a long absence from it... anyways, it's here again and here to stay! As always, I would love for y'all to join in! Just be sure to grab the special FTT button from the homepage of my blog if you would like to participate. :-) Now for today's Favorite Thing:

     I am normally very much of a bargain shopper, and I rarely splurge on things if I can find a cheaper alternative. But, there is an exception to this... a big exception... called Lilly Pulitzer. I.Love.Lilly.

     I love the brightness and the fun patterns of Lilly prints, I love how cute these prints look on clothing (especially dresses!), and I am also obsessed with Lilly accessories! I have a Lilly travel mug, my planner for school is a Lilly agenda, and since getting my iPhone 5S in October I've had only one case... which you guessed it, is Lilly! (Side note: it's one of the best phone cases I've ever had and many phone drops and three months later it still looks brand new!) I think the prints are so gosh darn cute that I have even made a Lilly inspired craft project before!

     The only downside the Lilly Pulitzer apparel is that it isn't cheap. But I have learned how and where to shop for Lilly sales, and I can proudly say that every Lilly clothing item that I own wasn't bought for full price! You can read about my best Lilly bargain in this post!

     Lilly just released the Spring 2014 collection this past week online, so I thought this would be the perfect time to highlight some of my favorites from the brand new collection:

Iona Shell - $148

Charlton Sheath Dress - $278

Annette V-neck sweater - $118 (this picture would only download for a back view!)

Brielle Fit and Flare Dress - $178

     The above items are some pieces that I really like from the new collection! But I am about to show you something that I am in love with, and have decided that I cannot live without. ;-) It's Lilly's famous Callahan short in two of the new spring prints, and a print from the winter resort collection!

Southern Charm

In the Garden

Trippin and Sippin 

     Y'all. These.shorts. So freakin' adorable! The Callahan short is priced at $64... definitely not a price that I would normally pay for a pair of shorts! But near the end of last semester I got some babysitting jobs, and since this semester has started I've been babysitting non-stop! I have baby-sat every Saturday night since school started again (this Saturday will be my 4th in a row!), and I've had two extra jobs on top of that. So I do have a little bit of extra cash right now, and I will be going somewhere warm and tropical for part of Spring Break (can't wait to blog more about that soon!), so I know these shorts would definitely get used! Plus, it's fun to splurge and treat myself every once in a awhile. :-) 

     Which print do you think I should get for my shorts? I'm planning to stop by Charlotte's Lilly store sometime within the next couple of weeks to see what they have in stock! 

     xoxo Miss ALK 


  1. Fave things thursdays seems to be a good weekly post to do. good idea

  2. I was actually just thinking about buying those shorts, but ive splurged so much lately I am having a hard time purchasing those shorts and justify spending that money right now. It's always nearly impossible to pick a print, but my personal fave is the trippin and sippin.

  3. I LOVE the Trippin & Sippin print! I've been refraining from looking at the new Lilly collection since I'm trying to save money... Haha :)

    XX, SS ||


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