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January 13, 2014

UK trip: Stonehenge, Bath, Bristol and Chester.

The famous Stonehenge!

Our first afternoon on the bus was a rainy one.

I loved these posters.

The Roman Baths museum in Bath, England!

Roman ruins 

Bath, England

Traditional England take on turkey dinner at a pub in Bristol, England.

Bristol, England.

Beautiful old architecture in Chester, England!

The yummiest fish and chips that I've ever had!

More of Chester.

Seen on a main street in Chester.

     After a few days in London (read about that here!), it was time to start our bus tour. My parents and I traveled with a tourism company called Trafalgar. Their headquarters are actually in London, so the UK is a great place to do a Trafalgar tour!
     We boarded the bus after checking out of our London hotel on a cold and rainy morning, and then we headed for Stonehenge. You might have noticed that I only have one picture in this post from our visit there. That's because that's the only picture that I got on my camera! When we arrived at Stonehenge there were hurricane level winds and a terrible rain (borderline hail) storm, so we spent barely a few minutes actually outside near Stonehenge. It was the wildest weather that I've ever seen in my life!

     That afternoon we stopped in the town of Bath to have lunch and see a museum featuring Roman ruins. The Romans occupied ancient Bath, and they discovered natural hot springs in the town and turned them into public baths. It was an interesting museum but we only had an hour there because we had to get back on the bus! The first night of the bus tour was spent in Bristol, a lovely little coastal city. I wish we had more time there, but we arrived after dark that night and had to leave quite early the next morning.

     After leaving Bristol, our bus spent the majority of the next day on the road before arriving in Chester. Our Chester day was actually Christmas Eve! My parents and I had a few hours to explore the town and the shops. We had our first traditional English fish and chips meal in Chester! I also got some clothes and accessories from a fun store called New Look... hopefully I can include some of these items in fashion posts soon!

     That night there was an optional excursion to have a medieval themed Christmas dinner at a castle in the nearby country of Wales. My parents and most of the tour group people went on it, but I was exhausted so I decided to stay in our hotel and have my own Christmas Eve dinner there. I ate in the hotel restaurant and then watched a Bollywood movie on Netflix. It was an uneventful but relaxing and restful Christmas Eve, which was just what I needed! These first two days on the bus were fun but incredibly exhausting, and I wanted to get rest while I could.

     Stay tuned for more about our two nights in Edinburgh, Scotland!

     xoxo Miss ALK


  1. SO awesome! Looks like you had a great time!

  2. Some very beautiful parts of my country. The best thing about Chester is the zoo! New Look is one of my favourite clothes stores :)

  3. I absolutely love Chester - it's one of my favourite places to shop around me!

    Belle //


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