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January 3, 2014

My first Pinterest craft!

     Like many female users of Pinterest, I have a board just for DIY's and craft ideas. All of these pins are projects that I would love to do someday, but it's hard to find time to craft with my school schedule (and after school activities like being in a sorority, etc).

     But a couple of months ago I decided that it was finally time to tackle one of these projects! The one that I chose to do was a Lilly Pulitzer print inspired picture frame, which involved painting an interpretation of the popular Chiquita Bonita print. Despite the fact that my mom is an artist, I did not get her painting genes, and painting has never been something that has come easily to me. But this tutorial looked easy enough, and I decided that if I took my time and wasn't afraid of mistakes then I would attempt it!

     It took me over two months (and packing all the supplies midway through the bring them home in my suitcase), but I finally finished my frame last night! I am very pleased with how it came out!!

     And here is the link to the pin with the tutorial: I found the tutorial to be very easy to follow, even for someone like me who is definitely not an artist!

     Now that I have officially completed a Pinterest craft I am just dying to get started on another! I think that my next big craft project though will be to make a scrapbook for my freshman year of college (last year). Scrapbooking was a passion of mine in high school, and I definitely still have enough supplies to get back into it!

     Have any of you completed any Pinterest crafts lately?

     xoxo Miss ALK



  1. I miss scrapbooking, but man I am SO behind!!!

  2. I LOVE this so, so much! Look at you being so artistic and crafty! It looks so good :) I just did DIY sharpie mugs around Christmas time. It was a lot of fun!

    xo, gina

  3. Girl, you did an AMAZING job on this!!! I just may have to try it out myself! I love how yours turned out :)

  4. This turned out really well, love it!!

  5. This is adorable! So impressed with the way it turned out. It is one of my goals to eventually paint a Lilly print.



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