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January 14, 2014

UK Trip: Two days in Scotland.

A statue symbolizing marriage. Found at the Englis/Scottish border near an old blacksmith's shop that used to be a popular spot for weddings a couple hundred years ago! This was also Christmas Day by the way!

My Australian friends and I on the tour bus!

Amazing sunrise.

So these last two pictures were taken on a bus tour of the city of Edinburgh. I was soooo tired that morning that I fell asleep right after this picture was taken and stayed asleep for the rest of the hour! Ooops!

Tea shop!

Edinburgh was beautiful.

This street reminded me of the old part of Quebec City in Canada.

Coolest clock ever!

My parents and I with our bus driver!

Bagpipes at a traditional Scottish dinner served to our tour group.

The city as seen from Edinburgh castle!

Edinburg castle selfie!

Amazing stained glass in the Edinburgh castle chapel.

Leaving Scotland we had a small glimpse of the ocean!

     We arrived in Scotland after dark on Christmas Day. Christmas was ironically our longest day of bus travel! Our bus took the "scenic route" through the mountains and lakes region of Northern England, so I think that we were in the bus for over six hours. And since it was Christmas, all of the rest stop facilities that we stopped at were half desserted! Oh well- Edinburgh was beautiful and it was worth the long day of travel to get there.

     I think that with this part of the trip my pictures really just speak for themselves! Edinburgh is a wonderful city filled with lots and lots of beautiful old architecture. There was so much to see, and we barely had time to see half of the things that we wanted to. But we did make time to visit a lovely little UK tea shop, tour Edinburgh castle with our group (although it was freezing that day!), have a traditional Scottish dinner with our group at an old inn, and take in the craziness of Boxing Day. I'm still not really sure what Boxing Day actually celebrates, but it's the day after Christmas, and it's essentially the UK version of Black Friday. (We stopped to browse in Topshop for a few minutes on Boxing Day and the amount of people in there was insane!! I didn't even think the sales were all that great haha.)

    One thing that was very interesting to me was the process of crossing the England/Scotland border. I assumed it would be like going from Maine to Canada... a full-on border patrol, passport inspection, and possible searches. But there was none of that! Since both England and Scotland are part of the United Kingdom, crossing from one country to the other was just like switching states here in the US. There was a sign that said "Scotland" or something like that, and that was it! I'm definitely glad that we didn't have to stop and unload the whole bus. ;-)

     xoxo Miss ALK


  1. That tea shop. I just want to live in Edinburgh castle and get all of my tea from there. :P

  2. Love that statue symbolizing marriage!! Love the roads that they drive on. You look so cute in the telephone booth!! That outfit looks great on you!

  3. Thank you so much for these blog posts! We leave on Sunday to go over there...still not quite sure where we are going, but I think your posts helped us decide! (:

    Thank you! (:


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