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January 28, 2014

OOTD: Greek Pride (collaboration with Adam Block Design!)

      Goodness- between this post and the giveaway that I'm hosting with A-List Greek Designs, I should have just dubbed this week "Greek Week" here on the blog! :-) 

     I am just *in love* with the items featured in this post from Greek apparel company Adam Block Design! When I first talked with the company about doing a collaboration on my blog, they didn't tell me what they'd be sending, so it was a total surprise to me to receive this adorable t-shirt and the beautiful bag! This t-shirt is so comfy, and I know that it will get a lot of use! I especially can't wait to wear it around formal recruitment next September! This t-shirt would be especially perfect for a Pi-Chi (Not sure if that's what all schools call them, but I'm referring to the sorority women that disaffilliate from their sororities during the rush process to help the new members go through recruitment!) since they can't reveal which sorority they're in during recruitment.

      And the tote bag... oh my goodness. I wish Blogger would let me insert that little iPhone emoji that is the smiley face with hearts for eyes, because that's how I feel about this bag! The aztec-like pattern is so cute, and the colors featured in it are all of my favorite colors! This bag is so roomy, and it will make th perfect beach bag this summer. But since I love it so much I will definitely be using it way before beach season starts! :-)

      But my favorite thing about working with Adam Block Design was how personal they were. I loved receiving this sweet note with my package!

     This note will be joining a note from Michelle of Pink Bubbly jewelry up on one of the walls of my dorm! I hang encouraging cards and notes that friends and family send to me while I'm at school, and I love throwing blogging related cards up there too! 

     I would encourage all sororities that are looking at ordering t-shirts (which is pretty much every chapter of every sorority) to check out Adam Block Design! They can do custom designs, and they also offer some of their own pre-made awesome designs. They are officially licensed to sell Greek products, so they should be able to make products for all 26 of the NPC sororities! 

     It seems very fitting that my blog is suddenly doing all of these Greek related posts, because over the past weekend my chapter of Alpha Delta Pi had officer transitions! This means that I'm officially the chaplain of our chapter now. The fact that ADPi had a leadership position created for Christian leadership was one of the reasons that I fell in love with that sorority in the first place, and I can't wait to see what I will accomplish as chaplain in 2014! I am taking over the position from Lauren, one of my sweet sisters and also a sister who I am blessed to have apart of my own Diamond Family! Here's a picture of Lauren and I at an event at our college a couple of months ago:

      I can't wait to see what adventures and experiences being apart of ADPi will bring for me in 2014!!

     xoxo Miss ALK


  1. That tribal print bag is so cute! Congratulations on receiving the chaplain position! I always thought being chaplain would be such a fun position, especially with gaining an even deeper understanding of the sorority's ritual!

  2. I LOVE the bag! I may have to order one of those for the newest member of my Greek family. So excited for you as you begin your journey as chaplain.

    XX, SS |


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