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January 23, 2014

Just when I thought my life couldn't get anymore awkward...

     I have a big French test today, so last night I met with my French tutor. He also lives in my dorm, so we always meet in the lobby. About 10 minutes into tutoring, a few police officers and all of the RAs entered the lobby and started talking about a fire alarm. Before waiting for them to set it off (because I HATE the sound of fire alarms), my tutor and I headed out the door and towards the library, which is luckily only two buildings away.

     But as we started walking there, I noticed that my feet were feeling the gravel that we were walking on a bit more then normal. In the dark I looked down... and saw that I was still wearing my FUZZY PINK SLIPPERS. And since I live on the third floor of the building, there was no time for me to go back at get shoes!

     Now mind you, had these been cute fuzzy pink slippers, like maybe ones with little bunnies or another small animal on them, it would have seemed almost cute. Like yes, maybe a little weird that a normally dressed girl is pairing her outfit with slippers, but at least the slippers would have seemed "normal." Or mocassin slippers would have been okay as well. But folks, of course I was not blessed enough to have chosen a normal pair of slippers last night... here's what I was sporting:

     On my feet, these things kind of look like old men's socks that are 12 sizes too big that happen to be pale pink. I've had them for so long that they also kind of fall off my feet as I walk in them. They're basically slippers that never leave my room... just bringing them down to the lobby for tutoring tonight was a big step!

     Anyways, we arrived in the library only to see that it was pretty full. Our school's coffee shop is attached the the library, and there's a few study rooms in there. We saw that one of them was open, so we headed towards it. But to get there from the library you have to go down this long walkway that dumps open right smack in the middle of the coffee shop.

    Let me first say that I have not had much like with guys since being at my new school. The guy/girl ratio here is very off, (70% girls y'all), so there aren't that many men to choose from. None that I have met so far have really been anyone that I would be interested in dating. But of course, tonight, as I enter the coffee shop in my hideous, half-falling-off slippers.... there's like at least eight attractive guys all standing right by the hallway and they all look at my feet! And no, I'm not just saying they looked at my feet for comedic affect... like, they actually did. (Eight hot guys in one place doesn't happen much at my school.) I must have turned redder then the fire alarm.

      I had to repeat this whole thing when I left the study room about a half an hour later. Next time that I go for tutoring in the lobby, I'm wearing SHOES.

      And speaking of guy attention, I was hit on in Target a couple nights ago. While browsing the bathing suits (Which by the way- Target has some super cute suits out!! Go stop by before your size sells out!), I felt a tap on my leg, and I heard a voice say "You're beautitful!" I look down, and there's a boy standing there... who couldn't have been older then four years old. Hey, it still made my night. ;-)

     Welcome to my awkward life, y'all.

     xoxo Miss ALK

     P.S. Favorite Things Thursday will return next Thursday after an unintended long break!


  1. One time I left for class in college and didn't notice until I was on the bus that I was still wearing my slippers (slip on purple ones with fuzz on the inside). Needless to say I was mortified and hoped that no one noticed :) That little boy in Target sounds adorable!

  2. I absolutely HATE fire alarms too! I will go out of my way to avoid them.

    Little boys always make me smile! You are beautiful, don't forget it!

    Hope today is a little less awkward for you, but if not, at least it makes for a great story!

    XX, SS |

  3. I am not going to lie. I have had a rough start to my first day of school today, and this just made me smile. So thank you for sharing I really appreciate it!


  4. This is totally something that would happen to me and I also would have been mortified! But looking back you can get a good laugh out of it and life goes on :) So cute about the little boy, awe!

  5. Haha! Girl, I have been there and done that!! Once wore a white shirt and completely forgot I had a bright green bra on until a cute guy commented. He probably thought I was hoping for time those guys see you they will be extra impressed with your cute footwear ;)

  6. Ohmygoodness Annaliese...this is just hilarious. Those slippers.
    And that little boy in Target? Too cute.

  7. Haha love this!! AWWW that is so sweet about the little boy!!


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