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January 20, 2014

January via Instagram.

    I have the day off from school today, and I will be using part of today to prepare a few blog posts for this week! Also- get excited because I have a few wonderful giveaways coming up in the next few weeks! But until all of that, here's a peak into some things that I've done in the past couple weeks thanks to my Instagram account:

     A couple Fridays ago my big sister in my Alpha Delta Pi (Jess) and I went on a Big/Little date! I took her out to see my former college and she got to meet some of my friends there. Then we crossed the state line and ended the night with a stop to my favorite store, Charming Charlie!! It was raining during the whole time we were out and the CC that we went to is about an hour and a half from Charlotte, but that didn't stop me. ;-) My love for Charming Charlie is deep y'all! Anyways, both of us found some adorable things and it was a wonderful night. I am so happy that Jess and I are getting closer, she is a great big sister! (Taking a friend from my new school out to see my old school was also on my January goals!)

      Here are the things that I got at Charming Charlie during my trip with Jess! My favorite item is hiding in the back behind the earrings, it's a cute set of stacking rings! I honestly love all of these things though, and the best part is I got everything shown here for only $23! Charming Charlie has a great rewards program called Charm Club Rewards, and the coupons that they send are good. It's probably a good thing that CC isn't already in Charlotte (or Maine)... if they were my bank account would be GONE!

     I am finally the owner of a pair of Jack Rogers! I have wanted to buy some for a long time, but I just couldn't justify spending over $100 on a pair of sandals. (I could if they were Tory Burch, but those are way out of my budget!) I came close to buying a pair at Nordstrom on my birthday, but I decided that I would wait until I could find a deal on them. The thing is, since Jacks are so popular right now they don't usually go on clearance. But I made it happen! Here's how:
     For Christmas, one of my mom's best friends gave me a generous $50 gift card! It was one of those gift cards that you could use at either Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic or Piperlime. I am not a huge fan of any of those stores, so when I get gift cards like that I usually use them on Piperlime, which is a great online clothing and accessories website! Just for fun I decided to see if Piperlime sold Jack Rogers... and indeed they did! The gift card brought the price of the shoes down to $60 something, but I had a feeling that I could still get the price even lower then that. I started googling "Piperlime coupon codes" and eventually I found one that took 20% off my order! So I got my beautiful Jack Rogers for a grand total of $44 (shipping was free!). Now that is a price that I'm happy with. :-) Can't wait to break these in once the weather gets warmer!

     I mentioned this briefly in a recent post, but for those of you who don't know- my roommate had to leave school unexpectedly for this semester. I have missed her a lot, so I went to spend that night at her home in South Carolina this past Friday night! It was a great way to kick off the long weekend! You can see that my inner Mainer came out in this picture... yes, I still get really excited whenever I see a palm tree. :-) I'm surprised too that the palmetto trees can survive in winter temperatures... it was in the 40s I think when this picture was taken! Oh, and while I was there I found out that my roommate plans to come back to our school this summer! I can't wait until she's back on campus. I will share more pictures from my time in her city soon!

     Happy Monday! I hope that all of you are enjoying your day off, and if you didn't have the day off then I hope that your Monday is still wonderful! :-)

     xoxo Miss ALK


  1. I love Charming Charlies!

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  3. That’s great news about your roommate! I know how close you both were. Perhaps you will be able to request each other as roommates again for next year! Crossing fingers for you two. Either way, you will both be on the same campus again next year and able to see each other on frequent again – which is wonderful news.

    Your new shoes and Charming Charlie finds are super cute! I totally approve of bargain buys whenever they can be found. (My mom is going to want to go to Charming Charlie after hearing all about it, I’m predicting) Way to use your shopping smarts for finding a coupon code online! I wouldn’t have thought of that – I didn’t even know you could find coupons for use online. Adding that tidbit of knowledge to my shopping cap.

    Yay Big/Little dates! (And for checking another one off of the January goals list!) I’m plugging away at my goals, too. So far I’m really excited that they’re going well. We’re going to be very successful chica’s by the end of 2014, I can feel it! (In all aspects of our lives <3)

    So excited for you and all of the amazing things you are doing,


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