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October 31, 2013

Identity Girls.

     *This is not a sponsored post, simply a blogger promoting a book that I think you all should know about! :-)   

     I'm not sure how much I've posted about this before, but for about the past six-seven months I've been apart of an online group of awesome Christian ladies called Delight. In short, Delight is a place for Christian teen girls and young women to come together who all have a love for their faith and the creative arts. Delight has been a huge blessing in my life this year, and it's how I got to meet my friend Shara (We first met online and have since hung out in person a couple times!). Many of the Delight girls are interested in photography, but other creative disciplines are represented as well! I'm one of the bloggers of the group, and there are also artists, dancers and actresseses! One of the actresses is who I'd like to talk about today.

     Meet Rachael Lee Stroud! I am so blessed to have met her through the Delight group. She is an actress in Hollywood who is using her faith to make a positive difference in the industry. In addition to her acting career, she has a wonderful blog! Rachael is currently engaged to a fellow actor and her relationship is a perfect example of what dating God's way can accomplish.

     Lately Rachael has been expanding her writing outside of her blog, and she recently published an e-book called Identity Girls that I'd like to talk to y'all about today! It is a 30 day devotional that is designed to help young women define themselves as the women that God wants them to be. Rachael has seen firsthand how the entertainment industry can make girls feel terribly about themselves, and cause girls to have an "identity crisis." Rachael wants to help girls find their true identities in Christ through her e-devotional!

     Currently Identity Girls is priced at only $3.99 for download on Kindle. What an amazing deal! Even though it has only been out for two days there are already some excellent reviews on Amazon! Here's what readers are saying:

      "This is an incredible devotional that truly helps young women understand who God says they are versus the worlds definitions. The messages are powerful and life changing and are communicated so beautifully by Rachael Lee...she has a fun and authentic way of delivering powerful messages!"

     "Young women today are surrounded by pressuring voices trying to convince them that their worth lies in their looks, their possessions, or their popularity. This book offers a very different voice, a deeply-needed voice of compassion, wisdom, and love that speaks truth into the lives of young women, helping them to find their identity in the love of the personal, creative God who delights in them. Give this to the young women in your life and they will find relief, compassion, and healing for their hearts. Cannot recommend this highly enough."

     One thing that I forgot to mention is that I am pleased to announce that I will be guest posting on Rachael's blog once a month!! I shared my first post earlier this month which was basically an introduction to me and my blog. I just love Rachael and her heart, and I'm so honored to be posting for her! I hope that someday I'm able to meet this wonderful lady in person. :-)

     And on a total side note, Happy Halloween! Are any of you celebrating? I haven't gotten too into Halloween in the past few years, so I will not be. But my sorority sister P's grandparents are taking me and her for dinner off-campus tonight, so that should be fun! And P is also taking me to Hobby Lobby for the first time... I've heard it's an amazing craft store so hopefully it wont' dissapoint! 

     xoxo Miss ALK



  1. I have seen some wonderful reviews about Identity on Instagram it's on my Christmas list, but i don't know if I can hold off that long. Delight sounds amazing! I will be checking it out for sure, I just finished participating in an online Bible study and now that's over I really miss having those daily interactions with other girls who are exploring their faith. Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. I just went to Hobby Lobby for the first time during fall break... it's pretty great (though I still prefer Michaels)!

  3. Thanks for sharing about Delight. I hadn't heard of it!


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