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October 28, 2013

Diamond Days!

     Last week was initiation week, or Diamond Days, for Alpha Delta Pi. I'm pleased to announce that I am officially a full-fledged member now! My Alpha (what ADPi calls new members) period went by so quickly, and it's exciting to think of what's to come.  

     One of the highlights of Diamond Days was an event called My Wish For You. That is where the big sisters present the littles with gifts and crafts relating to the sorority! Here's a picture of me receiving my gifts from my Big, whose name is Jess. :-)

     Saturday night was our first official sorority social event, the Mallard Ball! This is an event that ADPi chapters across the country hold. Everyone dresses up in hunting camo and neon orange, and you basically just hang out outside for a few hours at night with your sisters, their dates, and a DJ dressed like hunters!

     I had never worn camo before Mallard, and I didn't want to spend a ton of money on an outfit since I knew that I wouldn't re-wear it anytime soon. So what I ended up doing is purchasing a camo long sleeved shirt for under $20 at Bass Pro Shops (I got it extra big so I could layer under it), and buying orange accessories that I could wear again! I purchased orange hair bows for myself and my roommate (who was my date!) and an orange bubble necklace, and I made a ducktape diamond for the back of my shirt! I finished off the look with skinny jeans and my cowboy boots.

The back of my shirt!
My Big and I!

The best roommate date ever :-)

     One thing that I like about Alpha Delta Pi's events is that they're pretty strict about alcohol. There was a cash bar for those 21 and over, but those who were drinking kept it classy. If any sister (or their date) showed up drunk they would have been kicked out. I like the fact that my sorority prides itself on responsible alcohol behavior, it's not at all like the stereotypical Greek parties that you see in the movies! And I of course did not drink, but I still had a nice time. :-)

     But after all of the ADPi events of the past week it will be nice to have some time to relax this week. In addition to what I blogged about we also had regular chapter meetings, a philanthropy even at the Ronald McDonald house, another Diamond Days event and then the actual initiation night... whew! Sorority life is keeping me busy!

     xoxo Miss ALK



  1. So glad you enjoyed your new member period!!!! Being in a sorority truly is life changing!

  2. Congrats on being a full member! Its looks like you had a lot of fun!

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