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November 4, 2013

I was featured!

     Good morning, friends! I hope that you all had a restful and happy weekend. This week is already looking to be a bit stressful for me since I have two tests and a speech to give, but I'm trying to think positively and make it a good week. :-)

     I wrote a little bit about Delight in my last post, but basically Delight is an awesome network for Christian teen gals that I've been involved with for about seven months. There is a private Facebook page where we call communicate, and the posts there always encourage me and brighten my day! I've made so many wonderful online friendships from Delight, and even a real-life one. Everyone in the Delight group is involved with the creative arts somehow. Many of the girls are photographers, but I represent one of the blog writers. I was asked recently to write a guest post for the Delight blog about how I got into blogging and how to start a blog, and my post went up on Saturday! You can read it by clicking here.

     I was also today's featured guest poster for author Ashley Mays's blog! Ashley used to write for the Christian teen magazine Brio that was published by Focus on the Family until 2009. I had a subscription to Brio during my middle school years, and Ashley's articles were always my favorite! Once I got into the blogging world in high school I was so excited to see that Ashley had a blog. We have communicated online since then, and I have learned that Ashley's alma mater is the school that I went to last year, which I think is pretty cool! I was so honored when Ashley asked me to guest post on the topic of faith during the college years. You can read that post by clicking here!

     I'm so thankful for these two guest post opportunities! Please feel free to read both the posts and let me know what you think! :-)

      xoxo Miss ALK

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