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October 16, 2013

My BFF is headed SOUTH!

     .....This type of excitement is in my near future!! The girl in the polka dot dress making the disturbing face is yours truly, and the girl on the right is my best friend from high school, Jules. This picture is the best description of our friendship!! The photo was taken at my high school friend T's graduation party. About midway through the party someone plugged in their iPhone to the speakers and a dance party ensued. This pictureas taken while Sexy and I Know It played, which is our "friendship song." (Surprised?) :-)

     Anyways, in 24 hours Jules will be leaving our home state of Maine and boarding a plane bound for North Carolina!! She is flying down to keep me company over my Fall Break. At her college in Maine she doesn't have school on Fridays, so every weekend is a long weekend for her (I'm super jealous!!).

      Jules and I have been friends since the fall of my junior year/her sophomore year of high school. We met in metalsmithing I, which was an art elective offered at my high school. Metalsmithing is a pretty intense name for a class that was 90% jewelry making. ;-) Anyways, one day Jules came up to me and asked to borrow a tool I was using. I didn't know her since she wasn't in my grade, but she was so warm and friendly in the way that she introduced herself that we kept talking! Unfortunately, the semester that I met Jules was my worst semester in all of high school, and it's when I started to become depressed. For the following semester I dropped all of my classes at my high school and switched to dual enrollment at the local community college. Jules was one of the few who tried to keep in touch with me during this time in my life, and that meant a lot (This is also the time when I started my first blog!).

"Sexy" faces before Homecoming 2011 at our high school!

     Some events in Jules's personal and family life, as well as a ton of drama in our friend group prevented us from being the bestest of friends in high school. (At this point I was back in my high school for two classes along with dual enrollment.) We always were friends, and hung out quite a bit during my senior year, but she just had a lot going on and the drama in our group lasted for most of the year. The good news though is that we were both in the same chemistry class, so we always saw each other there. I ended up meeting some of my favorite people from my high school in that chem class. I was terrible at chemistry, but I have such fond memories of the people in the class! The best memory was that on the seniors' last day of school in June 2012 (we got out two weeks before everyone else), my chem teacher played Sexy and I Know It and Jules and I danced to it... even though no one else wanted to join us! ;-)

My Fall Break from college in October 2012... Jules and I had a "Chem class reunion" at  Chinese restaurant with some of the other gals from our old chemistry class!

     But it was last year, when I was living in North Carolina and at my previous college that I realized Jules was truly my best friend from home. Jules is an amazing cupcake baker, and on my 18th birthday she mailed some delicious homemade cupcakes to NC! She always made an effort to see me when I was home on breaks, even during Spring Break when I was at home in bed and very sick. She was also the one person (besides my mom and dad) who was really there for me when I was going through the transferring process! And the thing that really solidified the BFF status was when I got a text from her back in August saying that she was booking a flight to visit me for Fall Break.

This is when Jules came to visit me when I was home sick over Spring Break this past March. (Note: this is one of the only days that I got out of my pajamas over break!)

     I cannot wait to spend the weekend with one of my favorite Maine gals. Jules has never been to the South before so I can't wait to show her around Charlotte and the surrounding areas! And the main thing on our agenda is eating as much Bojangles as we possibly can in a weekend. :-)

     This is the girl who I danced with more at senior prom then I did with my own date. This is the girl who is my favorite shopping buddy when I have a Victoria's Secret coupon (Jules gets really excited about cute undergarments, it's hilarious!). This is the girl who tells me all the time "So I've started planning your big Southern wedding!" (Even though I remind her that I'm still single and failing to mingle, she is convinced I'll meet my dream guy soon ;-)). This is the girl who always laughs at my jokes, and who never ceases to crack me up with hers! This is the girl who is an inspiration to me after she handled everything that happened to her during her high school years. This is the girl who is my best friend from high school. And I can't WAIT to spend Fall Break with her!

Prom 2012!

     xoxo Miss ALK


  1. Yeah for BFFs!!! She seems like an awesome friend, so hold her close. But I am sure you will ;)

  2. Great picture of you guys! :)
    x Hannah

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