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May 28, 2013

Web Wish List {4}

     I love all types of jewelry, but I'm especially crazy about statement necklaces! They are such a simple and fun way to jazz up an outfit. They can turn a boring dress into a beautiful evening ensemble, and a t-shirt and jeans into a chic day outfit! Here are some of my favorite statement necklaces that are in stores now!

Web Wish List {3}

1. Color Collage Statement Necklace by J.Crew I pretty much adore all of J. Crew's statement necklaces. They're all so beautiful and detailed! But I especially liked this necklace because of the color combintation of the white and black against the bright colors. It makes this necklace versatile to match everything from an elegant black dress to a simple cardigan! This necklace is a bit on the pricy side though, it's currently listed at $165.00.
2. Newport Beach Beaded Necklace by Francesca's I just love the bold blue colors of this fun statement necklace! They're the perfect blues for summer, and I also like how this necklace is a bit chunky. It's priced at just $24.00, so what's not to love?!
3. Anna & Ava Beaded Starfish Statement Necklace from Dillard's Any type of necklace that has some sort of sea creature on it is a perfect summer staple, especially anything with a starfish! I already own at least a few starfish necklaces, and they're great to wear for nights out with friends in my beautiful coastal hometown. I like how the starfish on this necklace is positioned off to the side a bit, it gives this necklace a bit of uniqueness. It's priced at $50.00.
4. Shell Multi Strand Necklace - Multicolor from Target I have a few multistrand necklaces similar to this one and they're such a fun and easy way to add some color and shine to an outfit! Multicolor is a wonderful option because one of the colors in your necklace is bound to match or coordinate with at least one color of your outfit! This necklace is only $15.00 which makes it hard to pass up!

     Are you into the statement necklace trend? What are some of your favorite stores to find statement necklaces at? In addition to these stores, I have found some of my favorites at Belk, Kohl's, and of course my favorite jewelry store, Charming Charlie!

     xoxo Miss ALK


  1. love that red starfish necklace the most!! how cute :) I think you'll love the giveaway on my blog!

  2. I love the color collage necklace! I definitely need more statement necklaces. However, I tend to rotate through only three as it is - my monogrammed necklace, the one the bf gave me for Christmas, and my pearls. The struggle.

    xo, Taylor

  3. love the J crew one!! I love statement necklaces too but I rarely wear them. Not sure why...maybe I'll start now :)


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