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May 27, 2013

HEALTHY chocolate chip cookie cake.

     Oh yes, you read that right. Today I am sharing one of the most genius recipes that I've ever come across. Below are two pictures of my results! (Sorry that the picture quality is a little low. My camera decided to go missing so I had to use my iPhone).

     Looks amazing right?! But if I had seen this pictures without knowing the recipe, I'd think that it was a big gooey mess of saturated fat, and a heart attack waiting to happen. The good news is that couldn't be further from the truth! This chocolate chip cookie cake has no eggs, butter, or white flour! Come to think of it, there's no flour of any type! 

     The recipe comes from an awesome healthy dessert blog called Chocolate Covered Katie. Click here for the amazing recipe! I was thrilled by how my cookie cake turned out (very moist and extremely delicious) and I hope to try more recipes from Katie's blog in the future!

     Hope this makes your Monday a little bit sweeter! I'll be enjoying my last piece of this cookie cake after I come home from my first day for the season at one of my summer jobs. I'm so excited to be working again!

     xoxo Miss ALK


  1. My mouth just watered. That looks amazing.

  2. It was so good!! Actually just finished the last piece 😊

  3. oh my gosh yummmm! I am so going to start baking some healthy treats on this site! LOVVEEEE! <3


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