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May 22, 2013

Continue to be dazzled by ShoeDazzle!

     Remember my post last week that was sponsored by ShoeDazzle? Well, I found out yesterday some more great news regarding them! If you make a purchase within the first two days of joining ShoeDazzle, then you get 25% off your first item as well as free shipping! So be sure to check out ShoeDazzle to find the perfect pair of shoes for you, and to get a great discount!

     xoxo Miss ALK


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  1. saaaay WHAAAAT?! Woohoo! :). Thank you so much for sharing this bit of information, friend! I am in need of some cute new shoes to go along with the graduation dress that I just ordered. I am going to check out Shoe Dazzle for sure. I hope you are having a good day girl! I hope the job hunt is going well! xo


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