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May 16, 2013

Next week...

     Except some better posts! I apologize for being a little absent this week. Life jumped right into full swing after I came home from school last Sunday. It's been a good first week back, but a very busy one! I'm not even half-way unpacked yet, hopefully I can work on that this weekend! I had three job interviews this week, spent a day out of state with my mom visiting some family, had an afternoon with my grandma, and caught up with my best high school friend J at the beach. I've also eaten out almost everyday... not a usual occurence but I guess that's just how it's worked out! Haha. And for a brief praise report, I found out that I got one of the jobs that I interviewed for! It's something that I think I'll really enjoy doing and I get to work very close to my house and the beach! I also have 3 friends from high school that work there so it'll be nice to know some coworkers right away. The only thing is that the job is mostly in the daytime and it's very part-time (15ish hours a week) so I'm still looking for an evening job, probably something restaurant related.

     But anyways, I have a little giveaway/product review coming up! I'm just waiting to receive what the company mailed me so I can review it, and then that post will be up. I also have at least one fashion post planned, and if y'all are interested I can share a yummy recipe that I made for dinner tonight? :-)

     In addition to unpacking I hope to really devote some time to reading some Christian literature and spending time in God's word. With the stress of school ending and then coming home I have put quiet time on the "back burner" a little bit. But a sweet post from my new (and super awesome) blogging friend Jessica made me realize I need to regroup my priorities. Faith is and should always be #1!

     Have a most beautiful weekend friends! Talk to you next week,

     xoxo Miss ALK


     P.S. What do you guys think about my new font for post and gadget headings? I thought it was a fun little change and this font reflects my personality better than the standard blogger text. :-)



  1. Aw, so sweet! This made my night, friend! I am so happy that I was able to encourage you. I am so thankful for new blogging friends such as your lovely self! I hope you get a job, that is awesome you already had 3 interviews, you go girl! I'm on a mission to find one as well. I'll be praying for you!!

  2. you have a really nice blog ;)


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