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May 13, 2013

Life as of late.

     After a long four days on the road and many rest-stops, my dad and I finally arrived home late yesterday afternoon! We drove all the way from school in NC to our home in Maine. My car was absolutely packed. Seriously, I really don't know how we were able to shut the doors and trunk, there was that much stuff. And that wasn't even everything- I had to leave some furniture items like a lamp and a nightstand at school because we just didn't have the room (luckily whatever we left behind will be donated to a charity yardsale)! The whole packing process was a reality check for me of how much "stuff" I own. One of my first goals for sophomore year is to spend this summer giving away a lot of the things that I really don't use/need, and to bring a lot less to school next year. It would be nice to see out of the backseat windows on the drive down in August... :-)

     For a bit of super awesome news, I found out last night that I ended my second semester of college with all A's again! That means that I made the Dean's List a second time, and I don't have to worry about losing any scholarship money at my new school (since I had such high grades first semester they gave me a little extra money). I am still in awe that I was able to do this since I missed two full weeks of school (and all of spring break) for being sick. I guess all the time that I spent on make-up work was worth it!

     The whole being sick experience taught me some things though. The first was that I realized that I needed to be taking better care of myself. First semester I had this belief that since I didn't drink alcohol or do drugs, I was perfectly healthy and had nothing to worry about. After getting sick I saw that while choosing not to party was a good decision, the fact that I was going to bed super-duper late at night was still not very good for my body! The make-up work process also taught me that while it's important to have a few hours of distraction-free schoolwork time, it's also important not to be too hard on yourself and take some time to do the things that you enjoy doing. I also started picking one time a week where I wouldn't do any homework or think about school. I chose Fridays after I got out of classes. For the past couple months Friday afternoons and evenings had been my time to nap, run errands, watch Netflix or go out to dinner with friends. Having this time set aside for myself helped me to feel much more refreshed and alert that weekend and in the coming week. And lastly, I learned that Netflix is the best study break ever. In a little over a month I've made it through season 1-6 of That 70s Show. I'm actually kinda sad that I only have two seasons left! Each episode was about 21-22 minutes long, perfect for a study break! I was able to balance getting some homework done and then taking a few minutes to myself to watch an episode, and it worked well for me!

     I also have a brief prayer request. Today was my first job interview. I think that the interview went fairly well but I don't see myself enjoying work at that business after finding out more information. Tomorrow I have another interview and I think that job would be a much better fit. I have some friends from high school that work there and it's much closer to my house. If y'all could pray that everything would go well with that job interview tomorrow I would be so appreciative!

     Finally, I want to know what's been up with all of you lately. Are you still in school or are you done for the summer? Do you have any fun things coming up? Or prayer requests? Do share in the comments! :-)

     I promise to have some better posts up this week! I'm currently in the works of setting up a fun little giveaway.

     xoxo Miss ALK


  1. Congrats on getting all As!
    Good luck with your job! I just had an interview with a company I did not like at all today, too. So frustrating! You get yourself all excited and then they are so weird.

  2. Praying for you on your job interview tomorrow!!

  3. Congrats on your As! That's awesome! I'll definitely be praying for your job interview. That's so exciting!

    xo Taylor

  4. I will be praying that your second job interview goes well friend! Congratulations on getting all A's as well :) I am getting ready to graduate college--so excited! I too will be searching for a summer job starting this week, I could definitely use some prayers! xoxo

  5. I admire you for your ability to stand out in college by not doing drugs/drinking. It takes much bravery to do this anywhere but especially in the college environment where peer pressure is constantly around. Continue to stand out because I am sure that God is pleased with your decision making. You never know--although someone may not always immediately tell you, you never know who you may be inspiring :) God bless you and your next years in college!...I will definitely be praying about your job interview...


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