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May 5, 2013

The Last Hurrah // Spring Formal 2013!

     Well, I've officially survived my first college formal! Last night was so much fun and a wonderful way to spend some time with friends before finals. Yesterday I blogged about my make-up inspiration for the dance. I wanted to try and create the Mila Kunis smoky eye, and I used this video tutorial. I asked my friend Mel to take a couple pictures of me following the tutorial for this post... but after I uploaded everything to my computer it appears that she took a mini video instead. :-)

Here's the finished look! Mel curled my hair for me and I accessorized with a Charming Charlie headband. Mila Kunis is a fan of the nude lip so I finished off the look with some sparkly nude lipgloss. 

      And here's my eyes after the night was done- I think the make-up lasted pretty well! I'd definitely reccomend this make-up tutorial to anyone looking for a beautiful smoky eye for a special night out. I didn't use the exact same products as in the video, but instead I found things I already owned that were in similar shades.

     Now for some outfit pictures! My dress is from a Canadian store called Le Chateau, which is similar to the US store Bebe. I had gotten it on a trip that my mom and I took to Montreal in summer 2011. Le Chateau has some adorable dresses and I'd highly reccomend paying them a visit if you're ever in Canada! I finished everything off with my favorite Forever 21 blazer and some patent black pumps. Every girl needs a pair of patent black pumps- they're one of my favorite pairs of heels!

     And lastly here's a couple pictures of two of my sweet friends! First up is Mel. She curled my hair for formal and then I did her hair. I think it turned out pretty good! We had so much fun getting ready together.

     And here's me and my bestie K! Isn't her hair amazing?! It's natrually curly like that.

     After these pictures Mel, K, K's boyfriend and K's roommate and I headed to a restaurant for a pre-formal meal, then we were off to the dance! I had way more fun at formal than I did at my proms. I feel like in college there is so much less pressure to dance or act a certain way, and you can just cut loose and have a good time! I even got asked to dance by a couple of guys. :-) My only complaint of the night was the music. They played way too much rap (How do you even dance to that?!)... but hey, at least I got to hear Sexy and I Know It. I know I've blogged before about how that song is my jam.

     Finals week starts tomorrow, but I've been working on pre-writing some posts. Wish me luck on my exams, and more importantly, being able to pack up my whole room in less than a week! 

    xoxo Miss ALK


  1. You look gorgeous! That dress looks awesome on you! And I LOVE it paired with the blazer!

  2. You looked STUNNING! I am glad you had such a great time, I am with you on the rap music thing. NO THANKS!

  3. Sorry, if I repeat what the others siad, but you look absolutely amazing/stunning. Love your eyes. Hope you do well with your exams.


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