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October 31, 2020

Easy DIY Halloween Costume: Genie in a Bottle!

     "If you wanna be with me, Baby there's a price to pay, I'm a Genie in a Bottle..." There's been a lot of things cancelled in 2020, but Halloween costumes didn't have to be! I'm excited to share the couples' costume that I did this week with my radio co-host Marc: Genie in a (2020 Corona) Bottle

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{Everything I'm wearing is old from my closet- similar items linked}: Crop top // Joggers // Shoes // 

      Fun fact: I think couples' Halloween costumes are adorable. Although I haven't had the chance to do a couples' costume with a significant other in my life yet, the great thing about having a radio co-host is that they can fill in the role of S/O for certain things- like coordinating Halloween costumes! Marc was already planning to do a family costume on the day of Halloween with his wife and son, but he gladly obliged doing one with me at work for our office costume contest as well.

    We started planning what we wanted to be this year months ago (I mean it is 2020- we needed something to look forward to!). We actually won our office costume contest last year, so I wanted this year's costume to be just as good. One of the ways that Marc and I first became friends at work before we were co-hosts of the same morning show was bonding over early 2000s music and pop culture! Marc is the biggest Britney Spears fan I've ever met, and I'm a fairly big fan too. 😉(You can see my DIY Baby One More Time costume from 2018 here!) I started brainstorming various early 2000s themed costume ideas we could do... and then the perfect idea hit me. 

    We could be the title of one of my very favorite 90s/2000s songs, Genie in a Bottle by Christina Aguilera, as our costume!! And even better, we could make it 2020 themed by making Marc a bottle of Corona!

     So the costume that Marc ended up ordering looks similar to a Corona bottle, but is a bit off brand. We kept joking that he was the version of Corona- haha! But even though the beer label on his costume said "Tocado," most people understood the costume. I put together my genie outfit completely with things from my closet! (Also I had a sweater on over the crop top during most of my work day- I'm not keen on wearing crop tops to work normally- ha!)

     Now that I've done a Britney costume before and this year Christina... I kinda want to stick with the early 2000s theme for putting together a Halloween costume for next year, whether for work or a party with friends! Gosh, I really hope things will be safe enough with COVID in 2021 to have gatherings at friends' houses again. I went to a very fun local Halloween house party in 2018, and my roommate and I hosted one of our own last year, so this year it does feel a little weird to only celebrate at work. But I'm thankful I at least got to do that! 

     I leave you with the inspiration for our costume:

     Have a happy and safe Halloween! What are you dressing up as this year?

     God Bless,

      xoxo Annaliese 


  1. Ahh these are the cutest costumes! When I saw your costume I immediately heard the Christina Aguilera in a Bottle song. Also, the Corona costume is perfect for this year.


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