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October 29, 2020

Why Sending Cards Means So Much To Me.

      I am excited to be partnering with Hallmark today to share with you why the act of sending a greeting card in the mail means so much to me! I am a huge card enthusiast (and basically have been since I was old enough to write), so this partnership is truly a dream. 

     Maybe it sounds a little over-the-top for me to say this, but I really think there is magic in sending mail, like a Hallmark card. Taking the time to find a card with a lovely design and fitting sentiment and adding in some thoughts of your own to make it personal is just so special. With so many things being digital these days, I feel like that makes me appreciate sending and receiving cards even more than I did growing up, although I've always been a fan of sending cards!

    Cards have become especially important to me as an adult, because I have lived far away from my hometown since college. I'm a Maine girl who has made North Carolina, Vermont and now Virginia home over the last eight years. I have saved every single card that someone has given me for any occasion: (birthday, Christmas, graduation, thank-you, congratulations, etc) since my first semester of college! They are all so precious to me and mean the world that a loved one who didn't live near me at the time would take the time to share some kind words and a beautiful message. 

     You also don't need one of the usual annual occasions to send a card- sending one at a random time to surprise someone to show them you care is an equally great reason. Hallmark cards are perfect to brighten someone's day for whatever reason you choose! Maybe it's to cheer up a friend who had a rough week, or tell an out of town family member that you love them and are thinking of them. The options are endless, and I guarantee this small gesture will mean a lot.

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese 



  1. I have always loved sending snail mail! My mom instilled the power of a thank you card in me from an early age. But, just this week a friend of mine sent us a card out of the blue and it literally made my week! Made me want to send more cards!

    1. Oh I love that!! Sending cards really is the best!


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