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March 20, 2020

BETTER than the NSale: The Best Picks from Nordstrom's Surprise Online Sale!

     While I do enjoy browsing and doing a little bit of shopping in the famous Nordstrom Anniversary Sale each summer, I'm pretty open about the fact that I do find it to overall by too hyped up by bloggers. Are there some decent deals to be found? Yes! But is the NSale life-changing or worth updating your entire wardrobe for? No.

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     Imagine my surprise when this week Nordstrom gave us a massive online surprise sale, following the announcement that they were temporarily closing all retail stores in light of the Coronavirus. Their surprise sale this week is featuring almost everything on at 25% off!!!

    While a lot of discounts in the annual NSale are more like 30-50% off items, NSale merchandise is very select things. A lot of the items are manufactured exclusively for the NSale, and super popular styles from best-selling Nordstrom brands aren't always included (like Tory Burch Miller sandals for example- those are never in the NSale). For the past two days and hopefully into this weekend as well, Nordstrom is giving us 25% off almost everything on their website! There are exclusions on luxury designer items and a few other things, but for the most part the entire website is marked down.

     I don't like to devote a lot of blog posts entirely to sale updates (excluding Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sales 😉) - but this one seemed SO good that it's worth it to me to share with you today! And speaking of Lilly Pulitzer.... brand new Lilly Pulitzer styles that Nordstrom sells are included! Yes- brand new Spring Lilly is marked down. Unheard of!!

    Please don't feel any pressure to shop right now if you finances are tighter than normal in the midst of all the uncertainty going on! I have several things on my wishlist from Nordstrom, but in full honesty, I haven't made a decision yet on if I'm going to be buying anything or not. Just wanted to still share this info in case you do have the budget right now to treat yourself- because this is a good time to do so! I am not sure when the next time is we will see a Nordstrom Sale this good.

    Below is a mix of current Nordstrom finds that I own and love, and several wishlist picks!

     Are you planning to buy anything in this surprise sale? If I were to get anything... it's the new Lilly that's most tempting to me, no surprises there!

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese


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  1. This sale has been so good! I bought some Tory Burch Millers


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