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August 15, 2017

Radio 101: What Does a Radio Personality Wear To Work?

     Bringing back my Radio 101 post series today... and combining it with one of my favorite things, fashion! A lot of the outfits that I've been wearing on my blog this summer are not things that I would wear to work, so I thought it would be fun to share an outfit post specifically styled to the types of looks that I have been wearing to work this summer!

Photography by Melissa Lynn Studios

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     Different career paths in broadcasting have different dress codes. TV news personalities wear chic business casual looks normally, with female reporters wearing classy dress ensembles, and male reporters sporting suits. Radio on the other hand is a bit different! My company doesn't have a dress code for on-air personalities, and I would say most radio companies fall along those lines. If you're looking for an example of this- when I had my morning radio internship in Charlotte last winter, I frequently saw on-air personalities in that building walking around in sweatpants, no joke!

      I don't bum down quite that much for work, but at the same time it doesn't make sense for me to dress up either. The majority of my days are spent alone in a windowless studio. During my first couple weeks at my job, I tried to wear some business casual looks with heels, but I quickly realized that just wasn't practical for my job (or Vermont-ha!). The outfit in today's post is a great example of the types of outfits that I've been wearing to work this something! Something very casual, but still put together. I am allowed to wear shorts to work, and have done so on a few very warm days. Generally speaking though this summer, I've been wearing jeans or casual dresses with flat sandals to work on weekdays. Back in Charlotte I used to wear cardigans and blazers to school and my retail job frequently, but now jean jackets and the kimono that I'm wearing in these pictures are my best friends! Saturdays are actually my longest workday of the week- I'm usually at work for 8-9 hours. I reward myself for having such long Saturdays on-air by wearing no makeup and athleisure clothes (and sometimes doing the same on Fridays also 😊).

     One difference between how I dress actually for work and how I got ready for these photos is that while I almost always have curled hair for the blog, I actually rarely curl my hair for work. My whole day is spent sliding headphones up and down my head, and if my hair is curled I find it tangles so much more easily. I normally wear my hair in a braid for work, and sometimes a bun or down and straightened.

     The only time I don't have freedom in what to wear to work is for radio events. We have a company policy that we have to wear t-shirts or polos (depending on the event), that have the station logos on them. That way people attending the events can easily identify us as on-air staff, and it looks professional when attending an event as well.

      Sometimes I do wish I had a job where I had to dress up more for work, but overall I really do like putting together cute and casual outfits for working in radio! I think that what I really wish for is having more excuses to dress up outside of work... but I'm working on that! 😉

      How do you dress for your career? Does your industry have a more formal, business-like dress code? Or do you also work in a casual work environment?

      I hope that y'all enjoyed today's Radio 101 post! I'm thinking for next month's to share a "Day in the Life" type schedule post for what my average workday looks like, and to talk more about some of the smaller tasks in my daily routine at work!

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese (or Charlotte XO on-air!)


  1. I have a super lax dress code at work and sometimes it's hard to figure out what to wear! I almost always tend to be on the more formal side of things, which just means that I look like I'm planning on doing something later haha! Loved getting to know more about your job!

  2. I'm all about the lax dresscode! I love the kimono! I hope you share more about how you're finding ways to dress up outside of work ;-)

  3. This outfit is so cute! The work from home dress code is pretty lax as well haha.

  4. I love that Kimono, it's so fun! I wish I could wear jeans to work!

  5. I'm so jealous that you get to wear this to work! I have to be business casual everyday which isn't that bad but I miss the freedom I use to have

  6. Those sunnies are to die for!

    xx, Tomi

  7. Such a cute outfit! It's so odd to me to go back to business professional clothes. I feel like there is a lot of scrutiny in my clothing choices since I'm one of just a few millennials on staff, so I try extra hard to stick to business professional.

  8. Your outfit is so cute! I'm in love with your kimono!

    Lauren //

  9. This outfit is so cute! I love your kimono

    - xo, Azanique |

  10. Absolutely love your kimono — perfect for summer!

    Tori || Victori Media

  11. Kimonos are my jam! I worked in radio for two years, so fun!

  12. Loving your style in this shoot... especially your Kimono!! xx

  13. Ahhh, in teaching we pretty have to dress up every single day and while I like it most days-sometimes I start to get in a rut of wearing the same type of outfit every single day (like in the winter-time, I want to wear skinny jeans, some type of plain shirt, and a cardigan) and I hate being in an outfit-repeating rut!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern and Style

  14. Your outfit is cute! I always thought radio personalities could be very casual because no actual sees them! Lol. But I have a relaxed dress code and I love it

  15. Love the kimono! Ah, I also wish I could dress up for work. I am a nurse, so scrubs for me! I try and have a nice simple hair-do or headband, though, to "dress up" my scrubs. ;-)

  16. I am loving this dress code! It's just my style!

  17. I worked in construction this summer so it was jeans, tshirts, and sneakers every day! I liked it because it was easy for me to roll out of bed and be ready for work in 10-15 minutes. As a grad student and SLP though, I'll have to wear more business casual clothes!

    Kayla |


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