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March 16, 2020

The $20 Spring Dress I Would've Worn on Vacation.

     This Monday is a very different one than I was expecting- and I'm sure I'm not alone in having a major change of plans! I ended up taking Thursday and Friday off from sharing new blog posts with all of the crazy news last week (it was a weird few days at work and blogging wasn't really my focus), but I'm ready to be back full force with new posts this week! 😊 It won't be the vacation content I was expecting to give you, but I'm doing the next best thing today: still styling a dress that I was going to wear on vacation!

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     My dad and I were supposed to be leaving today for somewhere warm and sunny. His 60th birthday was last Monday, and we wanted to do our first dad/daughter trip in several years to celebrate together. (Longtime SBIT readers might remember the epic spring break trips my dad and I would do every year when I was in college!) As of a week ago, my dad still felt optimistic and we were still planning to do the trip. But as of Thursday, so much had changed with the news, and we made the decision to postpone. 😓It does give me some comfort to know we definitely weren't alone in our decision- most friends I know who had March or April travel plans have also postponed or cancelled at this point, too.

     Vacation might be cancelled- but blog content will not be! After taking a few days off last week to process all the news, I'm planning to be back full force with 3-4 new blog posts a week for as long as we all are dealing with these uncertain times. I know all of you have had disruptions to your daily life and schedules at this point, so I'm guessing more people will be spending time reading blogs over the next few weeks than they have in awhile. So lots more content to come here!

     Anyways- I wanted to kick off this week by sharing a dress that I had been planning to where on our vacation this week! How pretty is this floral dress? The fabric is well lined and the long sleeves make it perfect for spring I think. It might be a little warm to wear this dress in the heat of summer here in Virginia, but early spring is the ideal time for it. Y'all know that I can never resist a cute floral dress and this one is no exception. Can you believe it's $20?!

    Thanks so much for reading! I hope that this week's blog posts will be enjoyable to read and bring a little bit of normalcy to a very odd time for all of us.

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese



  1. This dress is gorgeous on you! I'm so sorry you had to cancel your trip. I'm hoping this virus passes quickly...I have a trip planned for the end of April.

  2. I'm so sorry your trip got cancelled! So very disappointing. Maybe you'll get to do it eventually when all the dust settles!

  3. Aww I'm so sorry you had to cancel your trip :-( I hope you guys can make it up in the future. I do love your dress though! It's gorgeous!


  4. Gorgeous dress and photos. I especially love the photo of you laughing. I’m so sorry about your trip :( This is such a scary time, you did the right thing. I’m excited to see your new content :)


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