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February 28, 2019

Monticello Wine Trail: Grace Estate

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     It's been a few months since I've shared a Monticello Wine Trail winery review, so I'm excited to be back today! I have still been going to local wineries fairly recently this winter (visiting one or two each month), so I've definitely been a little behind with updating y'all about all the ones I've visited. Hopefully once the warmer weather is here and I'll be going to even more, I'll do a better job updating sooner after I've visited! Anyways, my sorority sister Perrin visited me in Charlottesville last month, and I took her to two wineries, Grace Estate and King Family. King Family has become my absolute favorite winery that I've been to so far- but I'm planning to do a more in-depth winery review for that one later this year! Today I'm excited to tell y'all all about Grace Estate.

     Grace Estate is located in White Hall, which is a rural area in between Charlottesville and the town of Crozet. It is within 15-20 minutes from some of the larger Crozet and Afton area wineries, like King Family and Veritas, and it's just a few minutes away from other White Hall wineries like Stinson and Knights Gambit (two that I have been to but haven't written reviews about yet!). So Grace Estate is an easy stop for a full day of winery visits and tastings! It's also a beautiful drive to get there.

     The tasting room, which you can see pictured above, is absolutely stunning. It's full of natural light, and there is also a beautiful fireplace! They also have outdoor seating on their patio, which would be great to enjoy in nice weather. There was definitely a cozy vibe with the tasting experience at Grace, which was ideal since the day Perrin and I visited was not warm!

    One thing I liked about how they did their wine tastings was that they offer three different options: a white tasting, a red tasting, and a combined sampler with each type of wine. Despite trying to expose myself to all types of local wines since moving to VA (red and white), I'm still not really a red wine drinker. So this made me excited to try the white wine focused tasting! Perrin likes a variety of wines, so she did the combined one. 

    Although I did like the tasting options at Grace Estate, I have to give y'all an honest review and say that their wines were not my favorite. I found them all to be very dry, and that it was hard to differentiate taste wise what set each of the white wines apart. I've found in tastings at other local wineries that I can really tell the difference between a viognier and a chardonnay for example, but at Grace Estate I thought they were all very similar. Because of that, this wouldn't be my favorite winery to go back to for wine itself, but I did love the location and ambience of Grace Estate, especially for one to visit in the winter. 

     If you've been to Charlottesville wineries and Grace Estate before, I'd love to hear your thoughts on these wines, and if you liked it or disliked it! I'm excited to be bringing you more consistent Virginia winery content in the upcoming months- there's nothing like a leisurely day at a winery when the weather is nice out.

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese 



  1. oy my goodness what an AMAZING time- first of all the landscaping is stunning and i LOVE all the wine tasting you got to try- looks such a blast!

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  3. It looks like you had a great time which may make up for not being so fond of the tastes. I always find when I go to a winery atmosphere is 75% of the experience.

  4. What a fun girls day! Can't wait to hit up my local winery once the weather warms up.

  5. I am more red than white, but if I drink white I amn't that fond of dry either. Looks like a really lovely building and setting, and a great place for a girlie day.

    Lynda H of Saitama With Kids

  6. You look gorgeous and this sounded like a lovely spot! I want to visit.


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