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February 18, 2019

Edgy Lilly Pulitzer Look for NYFW.

    The color black and the brand Lilly Pulitzer probably aren't two things that you associate together, right? When I hear "Lilly Pulitzer," I immediately think of palm trees, flamingos, and the brightest hues- and I especially think of varying shades of pink! But surprise surprise, the Lilly Pulitzer brand is always mixing things up a little bit, and after today's blog post you might positively associate the color black with Lilly as well!

     Gentry and I were so happy to team up with Pink Colony, a Lilly Pulitzer specialty boutique in Stowe, VT. I first connected with store owner Jessica and the Pink Colony team when I lived in Vermont! (You might remember this blog post that I did with the store!) I've loved following along with the growth of the store in the months following, and it was so much fun to partner with Pink Colony for Fashion Week. Kind of like how the color black isn't usually associated with Lilly, NYFW probably isn't either! But Gentry and I are both huge Lilly girls, and we wanted to change that. 😉 If you truly love your Lilly Pulitzer, I guarantee you can find a Lilly clothing item to work for any type of fashion situation!

    You'll notice in today's photos that I have two different hairstyles- we took photos both before and after our hair appointments at Palms Salon! (Side note: I highly recommend Palms Salon for a blow out or other hairstyle if you're in NYC!)

     Today's post is in collaboration with The Pink Colony. Today's post also contains affiliate links. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Southern Belle in Training!

     A black romper is a closet staple 100%! (You might remember that I've styled them in the past as well.) I didn't have any black rompers in my closet currently, and I knew that needed to change. Imagine my surprise when I realized that Lilly Pulitzer could be the place to find one! In addition to their classic shift dresses, Elsa tops, and other traditional "Lilly" styles, the brand has lately been experimenting with some select colors and styles that are a little out of their comfort zone. Almost "fast fashion" designs if you will? (But with all of the high quality that you expect from the Lilly brand!) Some of their trendier new pieces are exactly what I had in mind for wearing at NYFW, so as soon as I saw this romper I knew I needed it! 

     I'm wearing a size S and it fit me perfectly. (I'm currently a size 4 in numeric Lilly sizing). I think my favorite thing about this romper is the fact there is small snap closure on the front of it, which helps to control cleavage! One of my biggest pet peeves with most v-cut rompers is that they're so low-cut and kind of impossible to secure! The fact that Lilly thought of the snap closure made me so happy- this romper is still a little flirty and sexy, but not inappropriate like other ones!

    I winterized this romper for NY by pairing it with tights and black booties! I love how the full look came together. An edgy, all black outfit is definitely out of my fashion comfort zone, but I think NYFW has to be the best place to wear something that you wouldn't normally! And the fact this black look contained Lilly Pulitzer did make me happy. 😊

    Again- a huge thank you to the Pink Colony team for sending both Gentry and I such fun Lilly looks for New York! If you live in or are traveling to Vermont- you have to stop by their store in Stowe! And if you're not near New England, they ship! They often have Lilly pieces still in stock that have sold out on the regular Lilly Pulitzer website- definitely a specialty store perk! Gentry is sharing her first Pink Colony look on her blog today also- check it out and show her some love! 

     As far as future NYFW blog posts to come- I'll be doing a mix of just outfits like today's blog post, detailed recaps of each of our days in NY, one more NY travel focused post, and also some other blog posts about NYFW in general! Tomorrow I'm so excited to be sharing how I got show and event invites as a "smaller" blogger- it was easier than you might think!

      God Bless,

      xoxo Annaliese 



  1. You worked that romper (and those curls!) all over Fashion Week! Looking fabulous!!

  2. What a gorgeous look! You rocked it, girl! It is the perfect chic NYFW look. I usually don't think of Lilly as dark colors, but their clothing is always sooooo gorgeous. I hope you had a blast.

  3. I love this outfit on you! I hope to see you in September at Fashion Week!

  4. Definitely a change up from the colorful fashion of Lily Pulitzer!

  5. This is such a cute look! I don't typically wear a lot of Lily Pulitzer, but I could totally picture myself in this. Also, can't wait to read more about your NYFW experience!

  6. This is such a cute dress. I had no idea they made anything other than the typical colourful look!

  7. Such a smart look for NYFW! I’m looking forward to the rest of your posts about this experience.

  8. I love this look and would never have guessed it was Lily Pulitzer! You look amazing and styled this perfectly.


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