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February 14, 2019

Happy Valentine's Day! Here Are My Favorite Relationship Posts...

     Happy Valentine's Day, friends! Whether you're single, dating, engaged, married, or even getting over a recent heartbreak... I still hope that today is a great day for you. Eat something sweet, and wear something pink and red and/or with hearts!! Tell someone that you love them- even if that's a friend or family member!

     I feel really lucky that 2018 (shortly after moving to Virginia) was around the time that I got into the most positive mindset of my life about being single. I stopped playing the comparison game against friends who were dating, engaged, or married, and have instead tried to make a genuine effort to have a heart of thankfulness for my current state of life each and every day. With that said- that hasn't not always been the case for me! In college, I struggled so much with being single, and I had a few rough Valentine's Days in those years. In college (I think especially if you live on campus like I did), it sometimes feels like a world of its own, and it can start to seem like everyone around you is doing something that you're not. For me,  it always seemed like everyone else on my small campus had a Valentine or was in a relationship. (Obviously this wasn't the case- but I'd throw these giant pity parties where it would seem that way!) Basically, I really struggled with contentment in singleness in my college years, and I so wish that 24 year old me could have said something to 18 or 19 year old me about finding joy during that season of life, even without a boyfriend!

     Anyways- here on the blog I enjoy writing about dating and singleness with my ongoing Relationship Monday blog series. I don't have a certain Monday of each month that I post these... I just kind of share them when I feel inspired! I wasn't able to get up any new relationship content for today on the blog, so I thought that instead I'd share a round-up of five of my favorite relationship related blog posts from years past!!

     1. Relationship Monday: How I Fell in Love With... Being Single! (August 2018) This past summer was really around the time that I started to find confidence and contentment in being a single woman, and this was the first time that I really shared a lot about that on the blog!

     2. Relationship Monday: An Open Letter to the Boy Who Broke My Heart (May 2017) One of my highest trafficked posts for that year- I was so glad that y'all enjoyed something so dear to my heart. ALSO an update about this: when I wrote this post, I was very careful not to give too much away about the guy that this post was written about (not really into calling people out by specific name on the internet- haha!). He wasn't in my life anymore at the time I wrote this, so I never thought he'd see it, I just assumed he didn't read my blog anymore.
     Little did I know- he was actually still reading my blog during the year we didn't talk! He did indeed read this post at the time it published and knew it was about him. 😂 He and I got back in touch (just as friends) after I moved to Virginia, and he mentioned that he'd read this. Boy was that an awkward moment! Thankfully- he didn't hate the post, and said if anything it made him realize that he hadn't handled things with me very well! So long story short- I'm still glad I published this!

     3. Relationship Monday: Finding Joy in Singleness During Engagement Season (December 2017) One of my absolute favorite posts that I've written about singleness. I wrote this one 100% for me, but it was great to see that many of you were encouraged by it as well! I feel like as the years ago by, this might be one that I re-read to myself at the holidays.

     4. Relationship Monday: Valentine's Prayers for my Future Husband (February 2018) Another favorite! I've been praying daily for my future husband for at least 10 years now, and I shared a bit more about my thought process behind that last year for Valentine's. I hope to tell a special guy someday that I've been praying about him for years!

     5. While I'm Waiting (February 2013) This blog post is now six (!!!) years old- mainly sharing it because it feels nostalgic. 😊 Freshman year of college, when this was written, was definitely a time when I was struggling with singleness and comparing myself to friends in relationships. I wrote this post to try and encourage myself to be thankful for the blessings I did have in my life, and stay busy with school! It's like I was trying to teach myself the mindset about singleness that I wouldn't actually believe until I was 23/24, haha- if only I'd listened to myself then!

     I'd love to know if you have any other blog posts (not just from my blog!) or anything else- whether books, podcasts, etc, that have encouraged you as a single on Valentine's Day! Feel free to share anything in the comments.

     I'll talk to you Monday- and I'll be diving into FASHION WEEK content!

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese




  1. I hope you have the sweetest Valentine's Day friend! Glad we got to chat all about relationships this weekend and hope you find encouragement to have joy in the waiting :) XOXO

  2. What a great format for a Valentine's Day post! Looking forward to reading a few of your past adventures!

  3. What a unique take on Valentine's Day! I can't wait to read these posts! And I can't wait for your nyfw footage - so happy to meet you and Gentry in person!


  4. Such a nice recap and great idea to look back on past posts! You look gorgeous in your pink and red vday outfit!

    xx, mel

  5. This combination is so beautiful

  6. these sound like great posts, can't wait to get started reading!

  7. Super cute outfit. I'll have to check out these other posts.

  8. I hope you had an amazing Valentine's Day! You look fabulous in that photo. I love your perspective and cannot wait to read more of these posts. You're amazing.


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