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February 20, 2019

Midweek Ramblings.

{Celebrated Galentine's over the weekend with the sweetest Charlottesville friends! Follow me on social media @miss_alk} 

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  • Cable/internet negotiation: In last week's Midweek Ramblings post, I shared how I was planning to visit the local Comcast Xfinity store this past week to try and negotiate my cable/internet bundle package. I ended up spending Friday afternoon not only visiting the local store, but also on a lengthy phone call with the 1-800 number. I was able to lower my monthly bill a little bit, but not as much as I was hoping. The conclusion that I came to is that cable and internet prices vary a lot in different cities and states, and Charlottesville's happen to be high. (I looked into internet prices for one of Xfinity's competitors as well and it was comparable). I feel like I need to keep digging more into this in months to come though- it seems like cable and internet providers can really screw everyone over! 
  • Marie Kondo in my kitchen: Last month, I decided to Marie Kondo my closet after watching episodes of the popular Netflix special. While it was great to determine the clothes and accessories that bring me joy... more places in my apartment needed that special treatment too! On Saturday, I spent a few hours cleaning my kitchen and then completely re-organizing my pantry. Before it was super disorganized and it would stress me out to have to find food items in there. Now I have a much better organization system! I still have to Marie Kondo the bathroom at some point soon- I'm putting that off but I know it'll feel great after it's done. 
  • Migraines: In college, I suffered terribly from migraines. I'd get them several times a week and sometimes they'd keep me from getting work done or going to certain social activities. Thankfully in the last couple years, they've really subsided! Although since I don't get them regularly anymore, they feel more intense when I do get one. Yesterday I woke up with one, and had to deal with it during the whole morning show. I actually ended up wearing sunglasses in the radio studio while we were on-air to help- haha! Thankfully it's gone now, but man that was no fun! Any tips for dealing with surprise migraines while at work?

Weekend recaps: 

  • Last weekend: Saturday I went to the gym for a killer barre workout in the morning! I then spent the rest of the day cleaning, and went to a small concert at a local coffee shop with friends that night. On Sunday I taught Sunday school, went to the later service at church, and then celebrated Galentine's Day with my friends! We went to a local winery and had a great time.
  • This weekend: Saturday I don't have any plans yet, and on Sunday after church I'll be meeting up with a new blogging friend for the first time, which I'm looking forward to!

Purchases: After doing a good bit of shopping in NYC, I didn't make any fun purchases this week! I have another weekend trip coming up in a couple weeks, so I might just save up this week too so that I can do some shopping then.


  • I wore a hot pink jumpsuit for my birthday/blogiversary photos last year... is it bad I kind of want to wear this adorable purple jumpsuit for this year's? 
  • If you're going on any warm weather vacations or spring break- this striped sundress is so cute!
  • How darling is this bow cardigan? I had one kind of like this back in high school, so I love seeing this preppy style come back. 
  • Look at these bold but beautiful statement earrings for spring. 
  • My favorite tan trench coat is a couple years old now, and sadly it's getting a little too tight. I want to save up for a nicer coat to replace it, and I have my eyes on this one!  

Recipe of the week: One Pot Italian Sausage Shells and Cheese from Whitney Bond. I made this for dinner a couple nights ago, and it was so easy! I think that the leftovers that I've been eating for lunch have actually tasted even better. This is a great weeknight recipe.

Song of the week: Swan Song by Dua Lipa. This song is from the soundtrack of the new movie Alita: Battle Angel. While I don't intend to see the movie, this is a great song from Dua Lipa! I hope that it does well on Top 40 radio.

Favorite blog posts this week:

  • Summer Wind: Sydney shared her best tips for making homemade pizza, and I need to try them!
  • Bess Harrington Carter: Bess always has the best fitness content, and I plan to do the new ab workout she shared this week.



  1. This is so fun to keep up with you. I need to Marie Kondo my closet this weekend. We live in an older home and I don’t have room for everything. I did this to my kitchen before moving and it helped sooo much. I am so sorry you’ve had migraines. I get them too some. They’re no fun. Ahh I need everything on your wishlist. I love your style.

  2. I still need to hop on the Marie Kondo train! I've started spring cleaning, so it's the perfect time!

  3. I still need to watch Marie Kondo. I have to much that I need to get rid of. Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. Ugh migraines are THE WORST! I always drink a bunch of water and take pain killers. LOVE that bow cardigan, seriously so cute!

  5. I’m all about tidying up! That purple jumpsuit is amazing and you should absolutely get it. 💜


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