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February 13, 2019

Midweek Ramblings.

{Airport picture before heading off to NYFW last week! Follow me on Instagram at miss_alk!}

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     (Other than the above photo, I'm not talking a lot about NYFW in today's post!! Pretty much the rest of my blog content for February is dedicated to Fashion Week- so today will be a little break from that for those of you not as interested in NYFW 😆)

  • Galentine's is coming: No romantic valentine for me this year (January was an... interesting month with dating. I'm planning to do a Relationship Monday post about that once my NYFW blog posts are done!), but as always I'm so excited for Galentine's! Technically Galentines Day is today (February 13th), but this year I'm celebrating a bit belated. On Sunday after church, I'll be headed to a winery with some of my favorite girlfriends. Of course I'll be wearing pink and red! (Last year I also had fun plans- check out this blog post here to read about the cookie swap I hosted!)
  • Hilarious Virginia satire: Obviously the state of Virginia hasn't been portrayed in the best light by the media in recent weeks due to all of the political turmoil (*sigh*), but here's something Virginia related that brought a smile to my face and gave me a much needed laugh! The Peedmont is a Virginia focused satire website, and they recently shared this piece, "Virginia's Major Interstates Ranked by Sexiness." OH MY GOSH- I don't think I've ever read such a funny satire article in my entire life!! This is a must read whether you're in VA or not.
  • Cutting a cable (box): I'm writing this out here on the blog so I can hold myself accountable. THIS WEEKEND it's happening... and by "it," I mean bringing one of my TV cable boxes back to the cable company! Yes, I'm one of those old fashioned people who still has cable (and uses it), but for the past few months I've been really fed up with the fact that I'm getting charged extra per month to have a second TV and cable box in my bedroom. Since my work schedule switched, I never use my bedroom TV anymore, so it seems like I'm paying more for absolutely nothing. This week I plan to put that TV away, and then bring the cable box back. Anything to save a few extra bucks a month!

Weekend recaps:
  • Last weekend: I was in New York City for NYFW!! I have a ton of blog content to share all about the trip over the next couple weeks, but in the meantime check out my vlog if you haven't seen it. 
  • This weekend: Looking forward to a very chill weekend! Nothing better than a relaxing Saturday and Sunday after a weekend being out-of-town. On Friday night I'm planning to catch up on all of the TV shows that I missed last week. I'm also looking forward to Saturday AM barre class, followed by brunch with some coworkers! On Sunday I'm teaching Sunday school, and then will be celebrating Galentines Day after. 

  • I love Michael Kors shoes- I think they're all such classic styles and that they last very well. I couldn't pass up the chance to snag some nude sandals for 75% off at Dillard's a couple weekends ago! What a deal. 
  • Found the cutest bralette for under $15 while in NYC! I think it looks similar to the much more expensive Free People ones. 
  • I desperately need some new pajamas for spring/summer, and I was super excited to find this adorable sleep romper for under $20!
  • These are some of the cutest hoop earrings I've ever seen (seriously) and I about died when I saw they were under $10!
  • I also made a big splurge purchase in NYC... some of you might remember my saga from last month of trying to track down Tory Burch Miller sandals at the Richmond Nordstrom (which was a fail). I ended up waiting to buy them at a Tory store in New York, and I'm so glad it worked out that way! Such a special purchase that I've waited for! (I bought these as a belated gift to myself for being promoted to morning show host.)

  • Kate Spade's new purses for spring are gorgeous. I saw this one in a store in NYC- if only it had been in my budget for an impulse buy! 
  • Absolutely dying over the new limited edition Lilly Pulitzer coffee table book! I checked it out in-person this weekend. I personally can't justify spending almost $100 for a book (😦) especially since I rarely read the coffee table books that I already own... but it sure is beautiful- I can dream!
  • Here's a super fun top for spring that's under $20!

Recipe of the week: Didn't try any new recipes last week as I was prepping for my trip, but I have two new ones to try this week- so I should have more to share in the next Midweek Ramblings post!

Song of the week: Lost in the Fire by Gesaffelstein ft. The Weeknd.  Heads up that the original version of this is very explicit- so I'm linking the clean version for you! With that said- I think (musically) this might be my favorite song from The Weeknd ever- I am obsessed with the beat. 

Favorite blog posts of the week:
  • Lauren Kay Sims - Lauren shared her tips for traveling/flying with a baby on her blog this week! While I am still years away from even considering having kids, I thought this was such an interesting read, and I saved this post on Blog Lovin' in case it'll ever help me in a far away someday, or maybe a friend of mine!
  • Emma's Edition - Emma's blog is a newer one that I've gotten into reading. I loved her round-up of the most Instagrammable spots in Seattle- I feel like it inspired me while in NYC to be more aware of photo-worthy spots!
  • Design Darling - Does anyone else love Mackenzie's weekly Friday Q&As? Makes me want to do them more on my own blog. 

On the blog this week:

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese 


  1. i am a lilly pulitzer gal too. i hope you have a happy galentines day at the winery. it sounds like a great setting conducive to girl talk and quality bonding.

  2. I love that you celebrate Galentine's Day! I'd like to do that in the future. Right now my friends and I are in a crazy session of our lives, with multiple part time jobs, studies, and extra curricular activities, but when we have more steady schedules, I would definitely like to make sure a good catch up is never too far away from the last! I hope you have a great day with your friends ☺️

  3. It looked like you had so much at fashion week! I'm planning on going in September!


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