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February 26, 2019

What I Wore to Work: February 2019

       February was a fun month with work outfits! After I got back from Fashion Week, I was really inspired to start dressing in outfits that truly reflect my style and personality for work. Earlier this winter, I feel like I got a little too into the fact that I work in a casual environment, and got into a boring habit of wearing jeans, a sweater, and boots every single day. This month I wanted to change that! I love more business casual or dressy type work outfits, and I started incorporating those a few days a week, which has made my heart so happy! With warmer weather coming next month, I can't wait to pull out some favorite dresses again. 

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Top fashion items of February 2019:

     Thanks so much for reading! Hope that this might provide some inspiration to you for your work (or school) outfits. 

     God Bless,

    xoxo Annaliese 



  1. I love love love that blazer in the top photo!

  2. Hey girl and CONGRATS on making it into the Influenceher voting - I saw you were apart of it! I LOVE that the show really inspired you to step your game up, I've been feeling the same to be honest... I've fallen into a slump with my wardrobe and I've noticed that just by trying a little harder to piece together outfits I love, I honesltly feel better! I'm definitely going to copy a few of your outfits! Thanks for sharing girly! xoxo

  3. I love love love all these outfits especially the pink blazer and the striped skirt!

  4. There are some really great outfits here! I especially like the pink tweed blazer! Could you share where it is from?

    1. Hey girl! Most of the outfits that I wear to work are older items from my closet- which is why I don't like them specifically here. For future posts I can definitely link similar items!! :) Here is a similar blazer from the same retailer:

      xoxo A

  5. How cute are you?! I love all of these work looks. I needed to see this because i've been so uninspired lately. Luckily my office is pretty casual.

  6. I am so ready for spring! Lately, my outfits have consisted mostly of tshirts and mostly jeans. Spring means cute dresses and jean jackets! So ready!!!!

  7. You are so adorable! I currently have a job with a uniform which is certainly easy, but I AM looking forward to the day I can put time and effort into a super cute outfit every morning 🙌

  8. There are so many favorites. I love the shawl in the second photo and the bright pink shirt. There are so many good picks!

  9. I LOVE all of these, but especially love the first and last! I love the blazer in the first one! So cute!

  10. Interesting picks. The 11th is the best!


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