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February 12, 2019

NYFW 2019: My New York Fashion Week VLOG!

     I'M BACK FROM NYFW!!! Caps lock totally needed, because what a weekend!

{Preview of a special blog collaboration with Pink Colony!! More to come soon} 

     Keeping today's blog post extremely short and sweet... because I'm sharing my Fashion Week vlog! I worked on this all weekend, and I'm so excited with how it came together. I'm definitely not a Youtuber by any means, and video editing isn't a strength of mine- this was all shot on my iPhone and put together in iMovie! But I really do enjoy making travel vlogs, and I think this is my favorite one that I've done yet. It gives a nice little preview of everything NYFW related and tourist fun related that Gentry and I did while in NYC.

     I have a lot more NYFW coverage coming to the blog in the next two weeks, but I'd love to hear specifically from you what you'd like to see! What content would you enjoy the most: recaps of what I wore, behind-the-scenes NYFW details for bloggers, show recaps,  NY travel guide things... a mix of all of that? Please let me know in the comments on this post! I'm planning to spend a good chunk of time this coming weekend getting NYFW blog posts ready.

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese



  1. eek! loving this my friend and so glad you had such a great time- i love vlogging and seeing what others have experienced bc it gives us more a feel rather than just still pictures! wohoo!

  2. EEEK!!!! The Vlog turned out PERFECT! You totally captured our time in the city! I had so much fun with you and can't wait to share all our adventures!

  3. Your vlog is wonderful! Glad you had a great trip! I’m looking forward to seeing more.

  4. This looks like the adventure of a lifetime! Thanks for sharing so the rest of us could live vicariously through you. :-)

  5. Since I follow you on IG, I loved seeing all the fun you had at NYFW. I hope to go one day.

  6. I love NYFW, especially when Project Runaway shows up. Did any of past or present fashion designers show any pieces?

  7. So, so fun!!! I'm hoping to go in the fall this year!

  8. Congrats on going to your first NYFW!!! I had such a great time watching all the stories on IG from everyone who went!!! You video is awesome!

  9. I attended NYFW too! So much running around but so worth it!

    Allie of


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