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July 31, 2013

Vlog #2: fashion and college advice + more!

     3 disclaimers for you to read before watching this:

  • I know I said this when I recorded my first vlog, but I'll say it again for all of the new followers: my voice is not as nasal in person as it sounds in this! My computer's recording program makes me sound like I have a bad cold or something. I'm self concious about my voice sometimes (which may be ironic since I want to be a DJ for a living), so I just had to clear that up. ;-)
  • I made a geography mistake in this! It kills me that I did that, since geography is something I really enjoy. But anyways, in this vlog I list all of the states in New England, and I forgot Masschusetts! Whoops! Mass is probably my favorite state in New England to visit, so I feel horrible for forgetting to list it. Yes, I'm a New England native and yes, I'm aware New England has 6 states and not 5, haha. 
  • And something un-vlog related but very exciting (to me at least): I now have 125 GFC followers on this blog! 25 is my lucky number, so 125 is exciting for me. :-) Can't wait to keep growing my blog and see where it will lead in the coming years! 

     And now, the vlog!

     xoxo Miss ALK


  1. I think you have the perfect radio voice!! I like living in the city too ;)

  2. Hey girl! This was such an awesome vlog--I had so much fun watching it and hearing what you said! I think what you said about remembering the small moments during college is so true! It's the same for me, and I haven't really realized it. It's the little moments that count. I love that advice :)

    xo, gina


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