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July 22, 2013

A fresh new look.

     What do y'all think of my fabulous new blog design?! :-) I am so happy to finally have a professional and unique design up on my blog! In the past I always made my headers and other blog things myself. While I think I did okay considering that graphic design isn't my thing at all, my I think that my blog's new look just blows the old look out of the water! Some of my new pages such as "Faith" and "Travels" are still under construction, but everything should be all set before I leave for school soon!

     My blog designer was Meg from Yammering Yankee. Her rates are extremely affordable and she's currently charging only $20 for a complete blog design. Yes, just $20! Be sure to contact her if you're interested in having your blog get a little make-over as well. :-)

     I titled this blog post "A fresh new look" for more reasons than just the fact that my blog had a makeover! As the countdown until sophomore year is now at about three weeks (EEEEEKKK!!!) I'm already starting to think about packing for school. I've done a good deal of packing for the "household" items like my towels, school supplies and some room decorations, but clothes and shoes will be coming next. Last year I definitely way overpacked for school, and I brought a ton of outfits and shoes that I never wore and still don't really wear. It was a lot of stuff from my high school days that I'd felt I'd outgrown; either literally or by changing personal styles!

     My goal is to cut the amount of stuff that I'm bringing to school in half this year, or at least by like 25%. That means that I'll be bringing less clothes and shoes, so I want the ones that I do bring to be ones that I love wearing! I ain't got room for anything that doesn't make me feel my best. ;-) I'm going on a big back-to-school shopping trip with my mom tomorrow, and while I look forward to getting some new things for sophomore year, I've also had to clean a lot out of my closet to make room for new things. I did a big Goodwill run a few weeks ago, and gosh did that feel freeing! Since I love fashion it is always a little hard for me to part with items in my closet, but I convinced myself to give away things that didn't flatter me anymore. Hopefully those pieces will all be in good new homes!

     Anyways, something that the Lord has recently been convicting me of is the importance of modesty. This is always a word that I had issue with in my high school years. The word "modest" for me was the way that some women react to the word "submit" in terms of their marriages (y'all know what I mean). I hope to write a longer blog post soon about my thoughts on modesty, but for now I'll say that my new goal for the fashion components of this blog are to bring to you OOTD posts that are fashionable, trendy AND modest! I think there's a terrible stereotype that in order to be modest you have to wear super long skirts all the time and no make-up. That couldn't be further from the truth! I want to share with girls that you can wear tank-tops and lipstick and high heels and skinny jeans, etc etc, but you can choose certain pieces that are age appropriate and cover what needs to be covered without being skin tight. I think that for the most part my past OOTD posts on this blog have been pretty modest, but as part of my closet clean-out this summer I'm getting rid of all of my shirts and dresses that were too low cut or too tight, and a couple body-con skirts that were too short. I wore these things in high school to try and get attention from guys, and what did that get me? Absolutely nothing! I also recently wrote about my changing convictions on swimwear, and I'm pleased to report that I recently found a super cute and trendy one piece bathing suit! I'll feature it in an upcoming fashion post.


     Lastly, a quick praise report. Since I found out that I'd gotten into the school I'm transferring to, I'd started praying for my future roommate. I lived in a single room last year, and while I'm super excited to have a roomie, I knew that a lot of times roommates don't work out and I was terrified of going through a bad situation. So I prayed all this summer about it. The time that I'd do this was most nights before I fell asleep. I'd pray that my roommate and I would be a good fit, and that she'd be having a great summer.

     I got my first roommate assignement last week, and from the get-go I had a bad feeling about it. The girl never contacted me back, and when I looked up her Facebook it showed that (ironically) she went to my former college, and showed nothing about the school I'm transferring to! I kept praying that things would work out.

     ...And they did! I got a different and correct roommate assignment a couple nights ago, and finally got to talk to my roomie tonight on Facebook for a little bit. She's from the South, and also a transfer student! She seems like a sweetheart and I've already found out that we have a lot in common- from big things like similar majors to small things like a love of nail polish (almost more important right?). I'm super excited to talk to her more and get to meet her in a few weeks!

     The moral of this though is that God totally answered my prayer!! I mean, technically there is a chance that when we get to school we won't be a good fit, but like I said I'm just feeling so good about this right now, and I don't get these types of feelings a lot! All I could think to myself is "If this is the result that I get for praying about my housing situation, imagine what will happen for all of my prayers for my future husband!" ;-)

     I know that the Lord doesn't always answer prayers in the way that we want or expect, but gosh, I am mighty glad that He was right on point in this situation!

     Happy Monday!

     xoxo Miss ALK


  1. Yay for talking to your roommate!! So excited that it seems to be going well :) Nail polish was something my hall freshman year always bonded over haha. I hope you have fun with the back to school shopping trip! I totally agree about modesty and I think I've learned that a lot in college. Modesty is such a good policy :)

    xo, gina

  2. I love the new design. So simple and pretty! Have a happy Monday and be sure to check out my newest dress!

  3. looks great!! also glad your roommate situation worked out. I had some that were great and others not so much...but all in all I loved each roommate I had and we're all still friends :)


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