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July 1, 2013

I've finally caught the Pinterest bug.

     I tried as long as I could to stay off of Pinterest. When it first became popular a couple years ago, I refused to make an account. When college came along and all of my college friends told me how much they loved it, I still managed to stay away. I always joked with friends and said I'd make an account when I got engaged someday, since Pinterest seemed like a useful tool for wedding planning.

     But then a few nights ago, I started thinking to myself What if I don't get engaged until 20 years from now? Or more? What if I never get engaged? Will I have been missing out on tons of Pinterest fun?! (Seriously, this is what I was thinking.) I happened to be more than a little bored that night, and sp before I knew it, a few computer clicks later lead me to a brand new Pinterest account waiting for me to explore.

     Well folks, it took about 30 seconds for me to be HOOKED. This is why I tried to stay off of it for so long! I knew that I would probably get addicted, and now I happily am. Luckily I have two summer jobs to keep me from being on it 24/7, but I've really enjoyed putting some boards together and following my friends and favorite bloggers over the past few days! I know that joining Pinterest will come in so handy for the Summer of Something New blog challenge, and in fact my "new thing" for this week comes from an idea that I pinned.

     I thought that I'd share with y'all a few of my favorite fashion pins that I've found so far! I especially can't wait to use the sorority recruitment style tips in a few months. :-)

      How cute are these outfits? I've already gotten so much outfit inspiration from Pinterest, and I can't wait to purchase some of the pieces that I've seen when I start my back-to-school shopping next month!  And the best part about Pinterest is that fashion is only the tip of the iceburg... I also have nail art and make-up boards, and boards for humor and faith. I haven't even gotten into recipes yet! One thing that I will try and hold off on though is a wedding board... ;-) I want to spend enough time on there that I don't need to start planning something that isn't happening for a looonnngggg time. I think I should work on meeting, dating and getting engaged my groom first, haha!

     I've followed many of my favorite bloggers on Pinterest already, but if you're on there and I haven't followed you yet, follow me and I'll probably follow back! I've added a Pinterest button to my social media icons, or you can just click here!

     Today marks the start of another busy work week for me. I have switched my schedule a little bit so I'm working mornings at camp, and nights at my retail job, which will give me a nice relaxing break everyday in the afternoons. Wonder what I'll spend today's break doing... Pinterest perhaps?

     Happy Monday!

     xoxo Miss ALK

     P.S. The winner of the Qoileez! giveaway is entry #6, Emma!


  1. ack don't even get me started on my love for Pinterest. Total trouble. I got married before Pinterest so I really missed out on using it for planning (although I have seen some of our wedding pictures floating around! kinda weird lol), but I love it for crafts, recipes, style, and home design!!!

  2. welcome to the pinterest addiction :) its permanent and your life is now forever changed! haha, but seriously though. Pinterest has really cute sorority stuff too like you mentioned, its fun! Pinterest has everrrrything basically. I am using something from there for my summer of something new challenge this week too! fun stuff.

  3. Ah yay PInterest!! It's so much fun--and so addicting sometimes! I've stayed away from the wedding boards, but I've basically found everything else on there: food, fashion, animals, humor, sorority stuff, and much, much more! I even use secret boards for blog inspiration and for design ideas for my internship. It's been a tool for work and for fun for me. I love it! It's such a great way to organize everything I find on the Internet too :)

    xo, gina

  4. Welcome to the pinterest world! It is so fun, but let me warn you that it can be very addictive. I owe the credit to how cute my dorm room was last year to no other than pinterest. It is great for so many things!

    Happy Monday!


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